The $50,000 WINNING Makeup Look ft. Ashley Strong

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! SPOILER ALERT! In today's video, I sit down with Ashley Strong, the WINNER of #InstantInfluencer season 1!! Ashley slayed the entire competition so she wanted to put her Mega Makeup Moment look on me while we talk about the show, behind the scenes tea, her win, and the future of her channel! Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Zoe Burrell
Zoe Burrell Prije 18 sati
this was a bigger mess than jame's drunk makup tutorial
Mirakle Hardaway
Mirakle Hardaway Prije 23 sati
Bruh ik its dumb ❤❤❤but.......have not finished the show yet and has been spoiled (but yet i had a hunch see would win, ❤❤❤NO SERIOUSLY). Also'am snapped.❤❤ I wanna meet u, teach me your ways. Your make up we just tooo great for the human eye PeRiOd❤❤❤
Vanessa Dos Santos
Vanessa Dos Santos Prije dan
i knew that Ashley had to win the challenge
Sonal Pradhananga
Sonal Pradhananga Prije 2 dana
i really love her confidence
ishihara mami
ishihara mami Prije 2 dana
it was so fun to watch!!! james you are so amazing we need season 2
Isabella Merkel
Isabella Merkel Prije 2 dana
They have so much chemistry. I want to see Kailin and James colab
S J Prije 2 dana
Congrats Ashley... Everyone else was too dramatic and had attitude. Ashely is mature and respectful. Bye sisters and Bunnies
Claire Margaret
Claire Margaret Prije 2 dana
Most of the comments are about benny n not her amazing makeup
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth Prije 3 dana
She is sooo beautiful
Jahnavi B
Jahnavi B Prije 3 dana
Stop spreading hate against Benny Guys!! It's not fair at all. Please don't start off with the, "No hate towards Benny but....." Benny was the youngest of contestants and he did great! He will keep growing! Just don't spread hate against him. I personally feel that a person must be very brave to step out into the limelight of the public. Especially, someone so young... Instead, be mature enough to wish him luck!
Katie Klahn
Katie Klahn Prije 16 sati
uh he wasnt THAT young
꧁༒Meiky Kirai༒꧂
꧁༒Meiky Kirai༒꧂ Prije 3 dana
Quisiera entender lo que dicen
Cam'Rynn Matthews
Cam'Rynn Matthews Prije 3 dana
She really said “I am bursting with ✨excitement✨.” 😐
Froggy Boyo
Froggy Boyo Prije 3 dana
Omg I rooted for her from the beginning
Just Josie
Just Josie Prije 3 dana
Yes, girl you get it!!!
HAJRAH FARHAN Prije 4 dana
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Prije 4 dana
I did watch all of them
Cheesecake squad Gaming
Cheesecake squad Gaming Prije 4 dana
When Ashley won Benny looked disgusted like this: *claps* 😒🤮
Macee Evans
Macee Evans Prije 4 dana
I was dying for ash to win I love her so much such a bad girl as soon as I saw her I was cheering like “cmon ash don’t give up” my sister actually asked me who’s ash while I was watching it
Toca Sky
Toca Sky Prije 4 dana
I feel soo bad for benny he really tried his best to win his trying to hard
I cared for kailin and Ashley Friendship the best on episode 4 I was thrilled with experience
I really need it in school and actually my Phone is HTC And we don't have enough money to buy a new phone so i hope James Charles that you'll see my message cause i really need it😢😷 I hope you'll give me a phone its ok if it's used already🙏🙏
Nirmala sunitha
Nirmala sunitha Prije 5 dana
🐰Benny *the bunny*is on fire 🔥
Nirmala sunitha
Nirmala sunitha Prije 5 dana
*no hate I actually like his look but Ashley deserves this tho*
Sophia Hernandez
Sophia Hernandez Prije 5 dana
I watched all 4 of the episodes!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzz do a season two!!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Sophia Hernandez
Sophia Hernandez Prije 5 dana
Congrats ash 🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️
Joanne Burns
Joanne Burns Prije 5 dana
james blinks alot lol
Thelastuzamaki L
Thelastuzamaki L Prije 5 dana
Ashley really said 🤨
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez Prije 5 dana
“I am bersting with excitement”
Sese E
Sese E Prije 5 dana
my favorite episode was the collab her and Nikita became besties in a snap. and benny's look was just no. no. what in the world was he thinking. kailin- don't do it. Ashley- don't do it- James- don't do it. benny- ima do it any way- moral of the story, when every one including the judge tells you to not do it, don't do it
Shooketh cat :D
Shooketh cat :D Prije 6 dana
*Loving and living for Ashley’s hairstyle and her earrings!*
Yoongi’s Coffee addiction
Yoongi’s Coffee addiction Prije 6 dana
I dare you to count how many times has James blinked at this video....I am waiting
Shania Kuzondidini
Shania Kuzondidini Prije 6 dana
I am so happy she won. Like and comment if u wanted her to win too.😁😁
Heather Brunston
Heather Brunston Prije 7 dana
Gwen Styles xo
Gwen Styles xo Prije 7 dana
Ashley and James looks like they've been friends for years their bond is so cute
Chloe Carr (STUDENT)
Chloe Carr (STUDENT) Prije 7 dana
I was so happy when Ashley won
Amanda Valesquez
Amanda Valesquez Prije 8 dana
I'm actually going to stop right here at five minutes in because she keeps stopping and talking and not doing his makeup and he has already mentioned to her several times for her to talk and do makeup at the same time. I wanted to see the look not hear her talk. Someone spoil it for me! Is it good or not for whoever watched it to the end? and no. I'm not going to skip to the end because I don't want to hear her talking anymore
Coco S
Coco S Prije 8 dana
This is how many people hate Benny ⬇️
Naresh Daiya
Naresh Daiya Prije 9 dana
Gurl that look on James tbh is so bad 😂
celina estrada
celina estrada Prije 9 dana
Charlene Mae Refuerzo
Charlene Mae Refuerzo Prije 9 dana
James Charles is so beautiful 😍😍😍💖💖💖
flxwer_ gxrden
flxwer_ gxrden Prije 9 dana
Did anyone else kinda see that James was way more professional in the instant influencer but in this video James is acting like himself lol love ya sisterrr❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eva Vitzthum
Eva Vitzthum Prije 9 dana
Omg Ashley is BEUTIFUL
Nicole Tang
Nicole Tang Prije 10 dana
idk but I kinda feel bad for Benny y'all are all coming for him :(
Sydney Higgins
Sydney Higgins Prije 10 dana
I hope you make a new season so excited
It’s_bellaaa Prije 10 dana
Idk if it’s just me but I feel like instant influencer is one of the few competition shows that ACTUALLY help the contestants with their career
Kahlan Gwinn
Kahlan Gwinn Prije 10 dana
Ashley “I am bursting with excitement.” Her face “😐”
ツユ Prije 11 dana
She still looks moody
taylor mcbath
taylor mcbath Prije 11 dana
good job ashely i have watched the series u are a realy good makup artist
Gaja Novak
Gaja Novak Prije 11 dana
RetroMatt 22
RetroMatt 22 Prije 12 dana
It really sucks that Benny made such a bad look at the end, I really felt he had the potential to make something amazing and definitely could’ve won
Lauren Harvey
Lauren Harvey Prije 12 dana
She is just an angel!
Arealle Mitchell
Arealle Mitchell Prije 12 dana
i love how she won QUEEEN
Jennifer Voilet
Jennifer Voilet Prije 12 dana
This should have been Kailins look video.
Lilee McWilliams
Lilee McWilliams Prije 13 dana
This was filmed the day after my birthday and the day before my moms birthday
Roach Roach
Roach Roach Prije 13 dana
am i the only one who didn’t want her to win-
Roach Roach
Roach Roach Prije 12 dana
@Karen Callurmanager yeah😕
Karen Callurmanager
Karen Callurmanager Prije 12 dana
Honestly tho the boy who has been homeless was so much of a better artist but oh well
Judi Nunez
Judi Nunez Prije 14 dana
Love the editing ❤️
Jewel McCann
Jewel McCann Prije 14 dana
I was watching instant influencer but I watched it late n I didn’t finish yet n HRpost decided to put this on my recommended before I finished the show 😭 so thanks youtube 🥲
Warisha_ Azrin
Warisha_ Azrin Prije 14 dana
I wanted kailen to win she was perfect I just hated benny from the beginning he sucks and Ashley is alright she is so strong like she is a MOTHER Plz subscribe to my channel
Karen Andrade
Karen Andrade Prije 14 dana
Ashley is just a whole mood I love her 😔🤟🏽💖
Ezza Singh
Ezza Singh Prije 14 dana
Why u sad bastard
Khamyaa Sushil
Khamyaa Sushil Prije 15 dana
In 5 months he's gained 4.8 million subscribers ! Anyway not surprised.... he's awesome ❤️
Raining StopMotions
Raining StopMotions Prije 15 dana
Benny has disliked- honestly Benny was too sure he was gonna win like he was too confident and honestly his look was not original or trendy swell at least not to me
Raining StopMotions
Raining StopMotions Prije 15 dana
sidxneyy Prije 16 dana
im bursting with excitement for this 😐 (no hate like this is an iconic line from Ashley thats all❤️)
Denise Rios
Denise Rios Prije 16 dana
The only reason why she won is becuse she is a professional
foxoxo4 Prije 16 dana
how do they have such perfect profiles,,
Megan megan
Megan megan Prije 16 dana
James Love you soooo much 😘🤗😘🥰🥰
Jungkook Ag
Jungkook Ag Prije 17 dana
Omg I love how James just keeps listening to her and he really pays attention when she’s talking about her private life
Remo Rulloda
Remo Rulloda Prije 17 dana
Definitely getting INTJ from her
Savannah asmr !
Savannah asmr ! Prije 17 dana
I fell bad for Ben when
Art creation
Art creation Prije 18 dana
She seems to have gone from looking 22 to 15
gacha life makes deku vids
gacha life makes deku vids Prije 18 dana
I see all of the Seasons😆😆😆😆😆
Angelina Perdomo
Angelina Perdomo Prije 18 dana
i’m so glad she won she deserved it so much and i’m so glad that kailin was so supportive them two were literally my favorite
Susan Alger
Susan Alger Prije 18 dana
Hey James did u know you posted this video on my 11th birthday!
Frida She ra Princess of power
Frida She ra Princess of power Prije 19 dana
Is there gonna be a season two of instant influencers
•- chloe maharaj -•
•- chloe maharaj -• Prije 19 dana
the fact that he had *50,000$* dollars to give away-
Eostredite Prije 19 dana
ThatGamerWinton Prije 20 dana
when she looked at the camera talking about moms i thought she was talking about our moms for a sec
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Prije 20 dana
😂 I’m sorry but if season 2 isn’t free I might just jump off my roof…seriously
Vedika Navani
Vedika Navani Prije 21 dan
can we talk about kailin tho, she KILLED the last challenge and she was so happy for ashlyn SHE IS A QUEEN
Isaiah Dillard
Isaiah Dillard Prije 21 dan
This video has me screaming
Loc doc
Loc doc Prije 21 dan
My intuition was on the mark when I thought “Gabriel or Ashley”
Kolbey Kliewer
Kolbey Kliewer Prije 21 dan
I am bursting with excitement to watch this video.
Amerie's World
Amerie's World Prije 21 dan
I just finished that episode
Abbii Brown
Abbii Brown Prije 21 dan
She’s so beautiful
Nigar Guliyeva
Nigar Guliyeva Prije 22 dana
That “Don’t be shy” part freaked the sheesh out of me BUAHAHAH
sophie Prije 22 dana
i’m sorry but kailin should’ve won
Felicitas Colli
Felicitas Colli Prije 22 dana
3:52 why james corrected her, when he does the same thing that she was doing but with other celebrities 💀
celia monroe
celia monroe Prije 22 dana
omg so amazing
Savannah Bethea Music
Savannah Bethea Music Prije 22 dana
But it’s just words written on someone’s face
AvacadoPlayz RBLX
AvacadoPlayz RBLX Prije 22 dana
I appreciate everything u have done for all the influences u should be so proud of urself bc u are the best I love u so much and that u have made the episodes free is AMAZING I love u so much James I am so proud of u 😝🥰
Kavya P
Kavya P Prije 23 dana
I just saw the first episode of that show. Then I see this :')
Abigiya Meshesha
Abigiya Meshesha Prije 23 dana
Nooo I only watched one ep and you spoiled it, I wanted to see the winner by my self
Kev Z
Kev Z Prije 23 dana
James said Kailin came second, knew Benny would be last. No hate
Molebogeng Makgabo
Molebogeng Makgabo Prije 24 dana
Gonzalez family
Gonzalez family Prije 24 dana
Thanks James I really look up to your makeup ways I love that there are people being themselves and following there dreams encourages me to follow my mine😀
Zain Ferhan
Zain Ferhan Prije 25 dana
From 100k subs to a collab with James charles to a collab with morphe
Hodo Ibrahim
Hodo Ibrahim Prije 25 dana
james you shoud do top ten makeup stars makeps
Isa G
Isa G Prije 25 dana
I like how she won and now she’s apart of his team and they friends
Chloe Curtis
Chloe Curtis Prije 25 dana
i half expected benny to break through the walls and be like THIS COLAB SHOULDVE BEEN MINEEEEE and then hopped out
Andrada Badea
Andrada Badea Prije 25 dana
p4sm4ter Prije 26 dana
All of his videos have absurd number of long ads. Super annoying.
precious marcial
precious marcial Prije 26 dana
I knew she was gonna win when she first got there
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