Makeup Relay Race ft. My Best Friends

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James Charles

Prije godine

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I invited over all of my best friends to play Makeup Roulette. Each friend
has 5 minutes to do part of my makeup routine without helping each other and in the end we see if they can create a finished look!
LAURA » lauramellado
JESUS » jesssusgomez
ELDON » itseldon
VICTOR » victootall
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Charlie Gallardo
Charlie Gallardo Prije sat
I need more of the Kitty Ghurls
Anna Del Fade
Anna Del Fade Prije dan
Exactly how many best friends does James have ?
Melissa Lozano
Melissa Lozano Prije 24 dana
Is it weird that Jesus kinda looks like zac Efron at the beginning on his turn LOL
Lana Maria Hopwood
Lana Maria Hopwood Prije mjesec
And now he od best friends with tiktokers
VI Luv
VI Luv Prije mjesec
I loooooooooooove absolutely looooooooovvveeeeeee drew omg
Samantha F
Samantha F Prije mjesec
Me wondering were TF Larry is
Sreenidhi Kartha
Sreenidhi Kartha Prije mjesec
Cassie looks like Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph for sone reason 😂
Marquis de Lafayette
Marquis de Lafayette Prije 2 mjeseci
21:47 The guy on the left wearing yellow is so sweet. Great video lol.
Jul’s Makeup
Jul’s Makeup Prije 2 mjeseci
his friends seem so kind and positive! love these friendships! drew seems so kind and fun!
Alexandria Wiedner
Alexandria Wiedner Prije 2 mjeseci
victor and his relationship is so sweet!!!
NICK MOORE Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey James my name is nicholas Moore my Instagram La.Onik_ i would more than grateful to be ome of the winners of the 100k giveaway what i would do with 20k i would pay off my grandmother insurance and with the rest of the money i would follow my dream to be a makeup artist and HRpostr influencer just like you amd and beauty Guru i promise too you i woud do everything that I'm saying with the money i i swear to you. You gonna be proud of me in the future when i be just like you
Skylar State
Skylar State Prije 2 mjeseci
This was fun
Maggie Teal
Maggie Teal Prije 3 mjeseci
The one with the white hair is gorgeousssss!!! PERIODTT
Sara D'Agnese
Sara D'Agnese Prije 3 mjeseci
Omg quello li con i capelli bianchi e il gemello di James Charles (non so come scrive vero)
Account Prije 3 mjeseci
jesus' face looks different
kimis hr
kimis hr Prije 3 mjeseci
Why is nalgas boutique on there wiyh out louie
elisaa mdz
elisaa mdz Prije 3 mjeseci
The KittyGurls are the ONLY Squad that hasn't fallen apart,we love that 💌😘
periodt sis
periodt sis Prije 3 mjeseci
👇 this is how many times James Charles said 'hi sisters'' in 2020
periodt sis
periodt sis Prije 3 mjeseci
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez Prije 3 mjeseci
All i could think about is powdering him up bc he's so shiny 😂
jess Prije 3 mjeseci
idk if drew felt awkward but it seemed a little awkward
Nina Pulido
Nina Pulido Prije 3 mjeseci
Just Trash
Just Trash Prije 3 mjeseci
My anxiety when they talk instead of doing the makeup: 📈 📈📈📈📈
ii_CloudyBearsii - Roblox
ii_CloudyBearsii - Roblox Prije 4 mjeseci
James doing his makeup: Me: maybe I should try do my makeup like James Also me a second later: yeah nah
Emily smith Beauty blog
Emily smith Beauty blog Prije 4 mjeseci
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia Prije 4 mjeseci
The way victor was being so gentle😂😭
Ulises Hernandez
Ulises Hernandez Prije 4 mjeseci
0:48 James Charles farted.
Nidhia athaya
Nidhia athaya Prije 2 mjeseci
No its drew
Matt V
Matt V Prije 4 mjeseci
2:10 im weak
R Sh
R Sh Prije 4 mjeseci
I low key am living for Drew’s personality!
Bridgette Butler
Bridgette Butler Prije 4 mjeseci
You guys are so cute
angelica schuyler
angelica schuyler Prije 4 mjeseci
drew is such a mood
Linda Jones
Linda Jones Prije 4 mjeseci
I feel like James liked that number 1 touching his face
Liz Binor
Liz Binor Prije 4 mjeseci
is it just me or does drew look a little like Jennifer Lawrence... like his eyes and his attitude..??
Rebeca Isabel Cazares
Rebeca Isabel Cazares Prije 5 mjeseci
I get so triggered hearing that alarm
cassthedancer Prije 5 mjeseci
hype house? no. sister house? YASSSSSSSSSSS
Mattie Mae
Mattie Mae Prije 5 mjeseci
Should have done it were james didn’t know who got the number and got surprised
Sagittarius December
Sagittarius December Prije 5 mjeseci
Awesome video. I love it ❤
Blake Smith
Blake Smith Prije 5 mjeseci
Drew is so funny😂😂😚
Claire_Ross 20261073
Claire_Ross 20261073 Prije 5 mjeseci
I liked Drew’s look the best
rihanna ilyas
rihanna ilyas Prije 5 mjeseci
Kennedy Harshaw
Kennedy Harshaw Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m genuinely confused about all of the comments talking about how he looked uncomfortable. He is literally one of James’ best friends. I’m sure he is just camera shy because he is like that I’m Cassies videos too.
Treemarie Prije 3 mjeseci
Exactly! And Eldon is rather talkative when it's his turn for make-up... Like what's the fuss 🤷‍♀️
hanna. Prije 5 mjeseci
the lip-
iamskyy Prije 5 mjeseci
The theme song is so catchy,we luv a sister jingle.
Emily Li
Emily Li Prije 5 mjeseci
I can’t watch this video enough, it’s sooo good
Jennifer Gamez
Jennifer Gamez Prije 5 mjeseci
Keep people like this around you James. BUT LIKE why is Jesus the only one I can focus on 😍
Cosmo Rao
Cosmo Rao Prije 5 mjeseci
I love the kitty squad
mehdi aouedi
mehdi aouedi Prije 5 mjeseci
james u should do this with the tiktokers like the hype house
mehdi aouedi
mehdi aouedi Prije 5 mjeseci
literally cassie is the best i luv her friendship with them such a good real friendships
Caitlin Macneil
Caitlin Macneil Prije 5 mjeseci
anyone else watching this in 2020
Katie Rift
Katie Rift Prije 5 mjeseci
I love drew he makes the best comments
Philippe Soublière
Philippe Soublière Prije 5 mjeseci
Omg i kept yelling at them to KEEP GOING 😂
Apurva Mukherjee
Apurva Mukherjee Prije 5 mjeseci
is it just me or does anybody else think that eldon looks like rico rodriguez?
stacey wraight
stacey wraight Prije 5 mjeseci
I feel the love for you from this bunch of beautiful people James, it’s so nice to see such a strong TEAM of friends I love it :) and I love Drew and lonefox too 🥰
Rae Ja' Allen
Rae Ja' Allen Prije 5 mjeseci
Make a reality show with your best friends please!? I just love you guys!🥰❤️
killugon Prije 5 mjeseci
Drew is so fuckin funny omfg
killugon Prije 5 mjeseci
I need more Drew and James 👁👄👁
killugon Prije 5 mjeseci
I remember was this video came out I was freaking out haha
killugon Prije 5 mjeseci
Drew looks so uncomfortable haha
Boey H.
Boey H. Prije 5 mjeseci
Anyone here 'cuz of Covid19? And if you are. AND if you're a true sister. Put this video on 1.75x the speed, and ONLY if you're a true sister. You'll be able to understand James.
Sadya S
Sadya S Prije 5 mjeseci
so good love the look
Tara Ziegler
Tara Ziegler Prije 6 mjeseci
Don’t understand and never will why this had 16k dislikes? People are such haters, it’s annoying and redundant.
sophie !
sophie ! Prije 6 mjeseci
i need to see them all together again 🥺
It’s Nikegirl!!
It’s Nikegirl!! Prije 6 mjeseci
Brenda Ramirez
Brenda Ramirez Prije 6 mjeseci
I love how Jesus lost weight 💕
Soulxjohn Prije 6 mjeseci
I came back here on this video just to say this!!! Makeup Relay with the season 1 Instant Influencer contestant to create a mega look!!! if that shit ever happens, the beauty community will be shaken. I hope you notice and see this lol
Mirrin Mcteir
Mirrin Mcteir Prije 6 mjeseci
kinda wanna see drew do a full makeup look on u that would be so fun
Clarissa Yanez Del Angel
Clarissa Yanez Del Angel Prije 6 mjeseci
I finally got my James pallet 🥺❤️❤️
cullen h
cullen h Prije 6 mjeseci
drew is really all of my emotions
Holly Easton-Lankester
Holly Easton-Lankester Prije 6 mjeseci
Violet Priamo
Violet Priamo Prije 6 mjeseci
Am I the only one who gets a little scared when people stop doing the makeup and just talk
Anupama Haridas
Anupama Haridas Prije 3 mjeseci
I get a panic attack and start shouting inside my head😂
Rida Fathima
Rida Fathima Prije 4 mjeseci
@Violet Priamo ohh thnx for replying
R Sh
R Sh Prije 4 mjeseci
Violet Priamo same
R Sh
R Sh Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah! Me too
Violet Priamo
Violet Priamo Prije 4 mjeseci
Rida Fathima I get scared/stressed because they aren’t using all of their time to do the makeup and the fact that some people can’t do multiple things at once stresses me out
Ruby Solis
Ruby Solis Prije 7 mjeseci
Ok but who is James friend named Lewis?
Elizabeth Porumb
Elizabeth Porumb Prije 7 mjeseci
Is the 2nd of July your birthday?
Odalys Diaz
Odalys Diaz Prije 7 mjeseci
Everything was going great until Laura started using highlight
Cool Kid Carl
Cool Kid Carl Prije 7 mjeseci
When James is talking while getting his face done: jhbdgjfdbgkdnbfhkbdgfjb Time goes off: Ok I'm ready for the next person! Me: What is he saying Drew is a pretty bomb person "I don't want to answer that one" and "LOOK I'M SO TALENTED!"
Jalapeño Poppers
Jalapeño Poppers Prije 7 mjeseci
We all wish we had a friend like Drew... let’s be honest
Cameron Simar
Cameron Simar Prije mjesec
@R Sh same sis same
rebecca Barroteran
rebecca Barroteran Prije 2 mjeseci
YES and cassie!!!
Melissa coviello
Melissa coviello Prije 3 mjeseci
Drew is the sweetest
Ginny Shelby
Ginny Shelby Prije 3 mjeseci
Fried Green Tomatoes yassss
R Sh
R Sh Prije 4 mjeseci
I am the friend like drew lol 😂😂
Amy Lopez
Amy Lopez Prije 7 mjeseci
No one could make James not beautiful. He’s beautiful inside and out❤️
Mustyprince Unique
Mustyprince Unique Prije 8 mjeseci
He Twerked 😂😂😂
Julia John
Julia John Prije 8 mjeseci
That’s the best answer I heard 😂💀💀💀💀 “ you guys are jus scared” 😂😂💀
Cherry Cokenight
Cherry Cokenight Prije 8 mjeseci
Haha the guy in yelow looks like "Domingo" from breaking bad and better call saul!!!
Kaylee Nair
Kaylee Nair Prije 8 mjeseci
no one: me: puts on my sisters hoodie and acts like i’m there
Angel_Ollie_44 Prije 9 mjeseci
Omg this is iconic
Patty Cruz
Patty Cruz Prije 9 mjeseci
LOVE you All♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Brooke Acker
Brooke Acker Prije 10 mjeseci
Someone is called Jesus ?
Daisy Ruiz
Daisy Ruiz Prije 10 mjeseci
Are they still all friends?!
Goldy Kohn
Goldy Kohn Prije 11 mjeseci
I think the girl with The blue shirt did the best make up and she is adorable
Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper Prije 11 mjeseci
I would love James to make another HRpost channel, where it’s not to make money, but to show all the stuff that’s not pg !! (I know Cassie does but it’s still not fully everything and I would love to see what’s they’re actually like)
Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper Prije 11 mjeseci
I would love to be James’ kid, if he did have one they would be the luckiest kid
Gold Lyrics
Gold Lyrics Prije 11 mjeseci
robyn Prije 11 mjeseci
James' and Drew's catchphrase: "omg I'm so talented"😂😂😂😂😂😍
Khyla Allison Diaz
Khyla Allison Diaz Prije 11 mjeseci
I friggin love the kitty girls so much compared to the previous sister squad with the twins and emma, you can just feel how much they love each other now 😊😊😊
Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia Prije godine
Víctor and eldon definitely did a really good job
Garcia Twins
Garcia Twins Prije godine
No one: NOT A SOUL: Me in December watching this, eating ramen:
Keren C
Keren C Prije godine
I love how Cassie's and Laura's husbands get along well with James, Jesus and Drew too... this just shows they are really family 🙂
Hritvi Acharya
Hritvi Acharya Prije godine
It warms my heart to see him surrounded by people who love him back so much. True sisters!
Brenda Boza
Brenda Boza Prije godine
Idc what you HAVE to have a crush on laura
Madi & Jadah
Madi & Jadah Prije godine
I love it how there’s more boys than girls
Albertino Grande
Albertino Grande Prije godine
Jenny Egge
Jenny Egge Prije godine
I would just like to say, that I think you’re an amazing artist and you really care about the people around you and your fans and I think that speaks a lot about who you really are as a person!
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Prije godine
1:58 my booking fee is low 21:48 ‼️ LOL 😂
Ummi K
Ummi K Prije godine
Jeffree star: “my BEST FRİENDS do my makeup” lol
tahalifedive Prije godine
he has friends
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