I Got Invited To The Met Gala

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I share my behind the scenes experience of what it was like to get prepared for the Met Gala! Thank you so much to Anna Wintour, Vogue, HRpost & Alexander Wang for having me on this very special night. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Whyhate Me
Whyhate Me Prije 4 sati
liv ur life boy
Simply Maki
Simply Maki Prije 22 sati
this came out on my birthday
kshitij malik
kshitij malik Prije 23 sati
I feel so bad for Rosie for putting her with the HRpostrs. I honestly wouldn’t have gone in her place
wave verlin
wave verlin Prije dan
I search met gala nipples and this pop out💀💀💀
Z Shah
Z Shah Prije dan
13:45 LILLY giving James a pep talk was much needed AFTER THE gala when people wrongfully attacked him
Hasan Hasan
Hasan Hasan Prije dan
Honestly how many sisters do you have ??!!
Jen C
Jen C Prije dan
Ok, but the smokey eye is amazing.... the whole makeup look is amazing!!!
Farheen Wardah
Farheen Wardah Prije 2 dana
I think James should have wore a dress at the met gala
ROSE VAMI Prije 4 dana
james: I just wanna look good!!!! me:that's my mind every single day at school-
Madi D
Madi D Prije 4 dana
You're fantastic, talented and a wonderful human being; keep working hard, turn your head from those who try to tear you down, and you won't believe where you''ll go -Sister Mads
Batoul Ghazzawi
Batoul Ghazzawi Prije 4 dana
When quarantine make you watch this after 1818282828 time from watching it
Fernando Malave
Fernando Malave Prije 4 dana
What in the world you have in youre nose looks so weird.
Elite Odb
Elite Odb Prije 4 dana
Who is watching this for the 10th time in 2020
Jawad Haidari
Jawad Haidari Prije 4 dana
Is was 1 years ago 😂😂😂
Ioana Delia
Ioana Delia Prije 5 dana
Hollllly Fuck that is Madeline Petsch I love you girl
Dolly Rupani
Dolly Rupani Prije 6 dana
I just love how James and Lilly are such great friends!
Jack Ames Filming & Editing
Jack Ames Filming & Editing Prije 6 dana
James is gonna look so good at the next met he has really stepped up his fashion game
Jack Ames Filming & Editing
Jack Ames Filming & Editing Prije 6 dana
omg I never saw these other looks this is ICONIC
• I T Z R E M I •
• I T Z R E M I • Prije 6 dana
I honestly wished that James wore his own outfit. His outfits are amazing
Addison Godes
Addison Godes Prije 6 dana
It is strange to see so many people with out masks
Rajni pp
Rajni pp Prije 8 dana
I like him
Rafaiel Games
Rafaiel Games Prije 8 dana
Hey look Susan wojisiki 25:40
Tamaramorgem Morgen
Tamaramorgem Morgen Prije 8 dana
Habiba Aktar
Habiba Aktar Prije 8 dana
he is with lily singh.... she is indian .much loveeeeeeeeeee
lilmar TV
lilmar TV Prije 10 dana
Worst look
Fashion con Mina Ashido
Fashion con Mina Ashido Prije 10 dana
Kelli Hawkins
Kelli Hawkins Prije 10 dana
I love your shoes sister! Your makeup looks so great,
teaa teaaa
teaa teaaa Prije 11 dana
I'm so happy for him honestly
Claire Margaret
Claire Margaret Prije 11 dana
Its lowkey so satisfying to see the hate comments that were correcting him for saying 16millions.....and now he's at 24 million💜💖
Claire Margaret
Claire Margaret Prije 11 dana
We know if James was doing his own look he would've killed this
thunder cloud
thunder cloud Prije 11 dana
Love you James 😘♥️♥️😊♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
K Jimenez
K Jimenez Prije 12 dana
I love your confidence and security with your self you are amazing and brave and I love that about you in all your videos and achievements...I wish I was lucky enough to have a lil bit of your overall confidence and security with your self and your looks and your style...I love you and support you all the way and ...I thank you...for been such a great influence in me... hopefully I can move my self to do me with confidence 😉🥰 I love you again ...thank you so so much..
mehr pednekar
mehr pednekar Prije 12 dana
Now you are a star
Kritvee Modi
Kritvee Modi Prije 12 dana
Liza and lily being in this video just made it a 1000000 times better. I live for james and liza. ❤❤
Collins William Key
Collins William Key Prije 13 dana
I'm so so so so sooooooo proud of him.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ He literally deserved it.♥️♥️♥️
zandi chounyane
zandi chounyane Prije 14 dana
Madison Williams
Madison Williams Prije 14 dana
Ellen Johannes
Ellen Johannes Prije 14 dana
what is the music that is in the video?
Tutan Dey
Tutan Dey Prije 15 dana
So fast speak. Good
Nazneen Afshana
Nazneen Afshana Prije 15 dana
You are soo beautiful...I really like the way you do your makeup..I wish I could do that to...😊
jass Prije 15 dana
James: this is a black swan moment Me: _Do YouR ThiNG dO yOUr ThING WiTH mE nOw_ 💜
fradelou despoina
fradelou despoina Prije 16 dana
plz sister james do a collab with millie bobby brow
Youtube Shorts
Youtube Shorts Prije 16 dana
James don't worry about who doesn't care for you. You rock!!!
Christina Bukowski
Christina Bukowski Prije 16 dana
Ugh I wish I watched this earlier! I just got into binging your videos and omg you are such an amazing person! Your so right about what people say about you reflects them as a person
Christina Bukowski
Christina Bukowski Prije 16 dana
Haha okay sooo random and you most likely won’t see this buttt I really think if u do happen to go to another met gala you gotta go ALLLLL OUTTT LIKE YOUR FREAKIN JAMES CHARLES this outfit is fire for a red carpet but notttt for met gala like ownnn it fully and just do something absolutely insane
marie rosa
marie rosa Prije 16 dana
I thought the outfit was stunning but the person I don't know his name but he should of have james more options
Talat Azra Shabnam
Talat Azra Shabnam Prije 17 dana
I think we not hate him it's his first time.
Shelby Unsicker
Shelby Unsicker Prije 17 dana
i am so happy for you and im so proud of you we love you!😙
Tora Y
Tora Y Prije 17 dana
OMG Lilly Singh is in the video
Tora Y
Tora Y Prije 17 dana
That is like so cute
Tora Y
Tora Y Prije 17 dana
That chain shirt is an amazing look James Charles
Saira Thani
Saira Thani Prije 17 dana
Me now realising James' top is made completely out of safety pins......
Saira Thani
Saira Thani Prije 17 dana
Liza is my other half I swear cus I mean.....I crazy and...if u watch her channel u would know that she's very outgoing and fun, and I'm kinda like that except probably waaayyy crazier. I would SO love to meet her!
The cool Girls
The cool Girls Prije 18 dana
This really goes to show what youtube can do and how far it can go! I’m really proud of James for being able to push through everything that has happened. (Even though this was literally last year)
Beatrice Bouquet
Beatrice Bouquet Prije 18 dana
You look amazing!!! 😍🥳🤩
Kathleen Martinez
Kathleen Martinez Prije 19 dana
You looked amazing!!!! I am so happy for you. So cool to meet Harry Styles, Shawn, Lady Gaga, Miley, wow. I'm to old but I'd love to be a part of that in my youth. Their was no you tube in my era. I do make-up. I also paint. I just turned 46 on November 1st. I am old I know. Lol. I love you James. Girl, success brings haters. It also means you're making your place in this world and your dream's are coming true. Success is the best revenge. Lol. I had to add that. You're truly deserving of this and so much more. You've got a long life ahead of you and I wish you the best my sweet sister. 9 nine West in New York where I live, called me to do a virtual online interview to become an actress. I told Kim I will call her soon. I told her my age and everything. She's fine with it. We shall see. She called my hubby also. We filled out online applications. I could've been a model when I was much younger. Ok, God keep you safe always sister James Charles! Remember, the bigger you get the bigger the haters look at you like a huge target but, always remember on the other side that you have true people that care authentically about you and are proud of you like I am. You inspire my daughter's especially my 14 yr.old and I!! Keep being great!! Much love & respect. XOXO
Eloise Michele
Eloise Michele Prije 20 dana
When James gets 4.7M more followers in a year ✨☁️ amazing
Ismi Rosiana
Ismi Rosiana Prije 20 dana
His lips look like denitslava's lips.
Kadie Lou
Kadie Lou Prije 21 dan
James I love this video and u looked so gorgeous. And girl u got to meet Harry Styles and Kylie. And now u do make up looks with her ily xxxxx😌💗❤
Nia Turquoise
Nia Turquoise Prije 21 dan
omg your outfit are so embarrassing!
Sakura Ichiko
Sakura Ichiko Prije 21 dan
I actually loved the look!!
Bts biased
Bts biased Prije 22 dana
22:18 he was literally like ohhhhh my god aaaaaahhhrhrodjrnrb but that's probably how anyone would react if they will get invited to met Gala.
Riona Corcoran
Riona Corcoran Prije 22 dana
Why u down here and not watching the video?
Friendsyeet And meyeet
Friendsyeet And meyeet Prije 23 dana
Bruh James can do what he wants don’t boss him around lol your just jealous XD James DONT let them get to you
jasmincyra antonio
jasmincyra antonio Prije 23 dana
one things why does he wear makeup
RISHYA MAKKAR Prije 24 dana
Games is like an Angel , I dunno why ppl fuckin hate him , he's so damn great with his attitude and dazzling personality , WHY PPL HATE DIS ANGEL
Sanu's kitchen
Sanu's kitchen Prije 24 dana
I just love watching u lot's of love from India
Jayne of Liz
Jayne of Liz Prije 25 dana
단신은 놀랍고나은당신을 너무살랑아미 다❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vishakha K
Vishakha K Prije 25 dana
I don't get why people hated him so much , he looks like a sweet and honest person both on and off camera :)
Rachel Sumendap
Rachel Sumendap Prije 26 dana
but why?
Khushi Dahiya
Khushi Dahiya Prije 26 dana
He says that he doesn't have time to dress up for a night that is a month away. Bruh I dress up like an hour away from event. Not to mention get ready when the events already finished-_-
Alina Scotsman
Alina Scotsman Prije 26 dana
omg i just realized james is the one singing his intro
ej Prije 26 dana
am i the only person who liked this video
Maheema Rajapakse
Maheema Rajapakse Prije 26 dana
You are sooo real! ❤️
Amy Davies
Amy Davies Prije 27 dana
Why have Liza, Lily and Rosie all got hoop earrings in!?!? Lol I just realized. :):):):)
23 23
23 23 Prije 29 dana
nice dress,nice outlook....james love u from Northeast India..love your personality🥰🥰🥰
Mister Miles
Mister Miles Prije 29 dana
Yes you
wwe facts wrestling
wwe facts wrestling Prije 29 dana
you are beatiful
Majed Talal Salem 2001
Majed Talal Salem 2001 Prije mjesec
the makeup it is so beautiful so sexy
kitikyut Prije mjesec
honestly this is the third time of me watching james charl's video lol.
simran panchani
simran panchani Prije mjesec
Sucha cutie 😳❤😚
Jaiden's World
Jaiden's World Prije mjesec
he looks so scared but sister rocked all of those outfits
Remi Renthlei
Remi Renthlei Prije mjesec
I love ur makeup
oyuka Oyumaa
oyuka Oyumaa Prije mjesec
Love you
Sandra Baumgardner
Sandra Baumgardner Prije mjesec
Do you have merch
Melissa Tracy
Melissa Tracy Prije mjesec
He should do a challenge to see if he could talk without using his hands to talk lol
My Name
My Name Prije mjesec
The top was really cool, I think it was the pants and the bandana that just made it look too casual
Wareesha Prije mjesec
Louis Vuitton was probably busy with Emma Chamberlain
THE ART IN ACTION Prije mjesec
If you are reading this I hope you are a future millionaire 🙏 😀
QUEEN WISH Prije mjesec
Is he a girl ?? Ohh i mean is she
Brenda Rasmussen
Brenda Rasmussen Prije 25 dana
He's a boy
priya rauniyar
priya rauniyar Prije mjesec
not a fan but I feel that James nailed this look
Mary J
Mary J Prije mjesec
Bye sisters
Sarai Devyn
Sarai Devyn Prije mjesec
I LOVE LOVE YOUR makeup and I'm 9 if your concussed because some people use their kids profile but yeah I'm 9 in a half my bday is in November 12
Ayushi Choudhary
Ayushi Choudhary Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who actually liked the outfit..he looked so good
Sonu R
Sonu R Prije mjesec
You are Handsome without makeup and beautiful with makeup ❤
Nayan Bora
Nayan Bora Prije mjesec
You look so beautiful 😍😍😍😍❤❤😘😘👍👍👍👌👌👌
Eleanor Prije mjesec
I hope you had a awesome time please know that everyone's going through some anxiety. from all notice you were the one who makes me want to stand up in the make indestrey
Arlene Leiva
Arlene Leiva Prije mjesec
james charls:doing make-up* me:BOIIII u look bEaUtIfUl UnU
Priyanjali Singh
Priyanjali Singh Prije mjesec
He is sooooo talketive 😂
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