Pinkity Drinkity Makeup + Pupdate!

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James Charles

Prije godine

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to do a Starbucks Pink Drink inspired makeup look! Enjoy this chat chat get ready with me where we talk about my Puppy & reveal his name, Mario Kart Tour, Tik Tok, and a whole lot more!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Creative Tiktok art
Creative Tiktok art Prije 11 sati
I was camping and there was a starbucks and i said pinkity drinkity and she looked and was like alright sis and i was so embarrassed i was with all my friends and they were like what did you just say and i was like oops james charles says that
Urte Radiulyte
Urte Radiulyte Prije 17 sati
When waching this I randomly started smelling straberrys idk if this is a sigh?
Dulce Foster
Dulce Foster Prije dan
HI Sister
『Imouto』 Prije dan
is the pink drink in canda?
Hilda Griffith
Hilda Griffith Prije 3 dana
When he says “ it looks ok” My heart💔💔💔💔 THAT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO OMG YOUR AMAZING BTW this is supposed to be complementing James’s amazing work!
Emme Hanington
Emme Hanington Prije 3 dana
James Charles is the best
exxtinctt Prije 4 dana
This looks amazing james
Janel Zeynalova
Janel Zeynalova Prije 5 dana
so. James when I was making pinky drinkity by your recipe, I accidentally put two glasses of flour into a bowl. So after I forgot about I put two glasses of flour and when it was ready it was like dough. It was sooooo funny LOL
Iasmina ꧁꧂
Iasmina ꧁꧂ Prije 5 dana
London Briggs
London Briggs Prije 6 dana
i like your james charles did you dided you hair
Letícia Augusto
Letícia Augusto Prije 6 dana
yeah, its DEFINITVE!! Im going to cross my entire country ONLY to go to starbucks and get a pinkity drinkity. Im new as a sister! :))
Mari Aranda
Mari Aranda Prije 7 dana
Hiii sisterssss
April Newman
April Newman Prije 8 dana
April Newman
April Newman Prije 8 dana
April Newman
April Newman Prije 8 dana
Wow I like how you do your makeup
Sketchy Art Times with Skye
Sketchy Art Times with Skye Prije 8 dana
U should do the bleached hair again, u look so good
Frenchie Froodles
Frenchie Froodles Prije 10 dana
I’m watching this drinking my pinkity drinkity
Josephine Chan
Josephine Chan Prije 11 dana
your makeup skills are ImMaCuLAtE
Benyamin johan
Benyamin johan Prije 11 dana
1:10 a perfect profile picture
Dayemiyea Williams
Dayemiyea Williams Prije 12 dana
8:50 i thought they were already done................I-
J U S T P A I G E Prije 12 dana
The strawberry looks so real😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊
Shrignold the Butterfly
Shrignold the Butterfly Prije 12 dana
2:27 o my god 😳 trump dat u? (this a joke)
Yamileth Rosario
Yamileth Rosario Prije 12 dana
Hiiiiiiiiii love your videos
NEVAEH MABLE Prije 12 dana
Hi sister you’re so amazing
Lie-ie Prije 15 dana
I'm glad you had a good week! You deserve it!
Nirmala Seecharan
Nirmala Seecharan Prije 16 dana
you should do a makeup where you show how you thinks siri looks like
Elektra Escobar
Elektra Escobar Prije 17 dana
Hi James Charles, I love your pink drink nails they're so pretty❤💖💅
donya Reese
donya Reese Prije 18 dana
His makeup is so good dialog to watch his videos
sunny babe
sunny babe Prije 19 dana
who is watching this in 2020 🥳
📺 M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e.s. W.o.r.l.d 🎞
📺 M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e.s. W.o.r.l.d 🎞 Prije 19 dana
𝙷𝚒 𝚜𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜. 𝙻𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚊𝚝 𝚖𝚢 𝚟𝚒𝚍𝚜 𝚙𝚕𝚜
Ali S.
Ali S. Prije 20 dana
James: “I going to use C4 from the Anastasia Beverly Hills pallet for some dimension” Me: Buying making crayons from the dollar section
Lucy Pellek
Lucy Pellek Prije 20 dana
Watching James in new Jersey on vacation. Hello! Haha love it. Pink is my favorite color. Love this so much. .
Anabelle Lobasso
Anabelle Lobasso Prije 23 dana
James: The strawberry looks...okay. Let’s move on. Me: THE STRAWBERRY IS PERFECT Passes out
Layla Morgan
Layla Morgan Prije 23 dana
Hey girl
Angelinaisacroissant _oof
Angelinaisacroissant _oof Prije 24 dana
Oh my gosh I hate you James Charles spaniel yellow hair I don’t hate you just your hair yellow hair I also drink pinky Drinkery
Brielle Zimmerman
Brielle Zimmerman Prije 27 dana
Awwwww he so cute
Annika Johnson
Annika Johnson Prije 27 dana
Taleya Sanchez
Taleya Sanchez Prije mjesec
I have a question about makeup for the first thing you do I think it’s foundation do you dab swipe,dab or swip
Mika Jorillo
Mika Jorillo Prije mjesec
I wanna see sister James do a pupvlog!
stxrglow Prije mjesec
Eyyyyyyy my drink is the pink drink!
kenzie and annie texting story Marrie
kenzie and annie texting story Marrie Prije mjesec
Breanna Payne
Breanna Payne Prije mjesec
Casper Lysgaard
Casper Lysgaard Prije mjesec
0:39 ??
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed Prije mjesec
is any one here in 2020
Kathryn Moffett
Kathryn Moffett Prije mjesec
If you go to Starbucks and use a code you get from TikTok then they will give you that beverage for free. *Cough* I've seen it. :)
ashley gardner
ashley gardner Prije mjesec
James: his name is Finn my head screaming: FINN WOLFHARD
insurance coordinator
insurance coordinator Prije mjesec
To the people who is saying that James should be more appreciative to his work Ok artists are never satisfied with their works
insurance coordinator
insurance coordinator Prije mjesec
Who wants James’s to become pinkity drinkity for Halloween
insurance coordinator
insurance coordinator Prije mjesec
Everyone: o my god he’s so good Me:*worried that he’s going to get his sweater dirty*
Tristan Ciccarone
Tristan Ciccarone Prije mjesec
Is pink your first favourite colour
The Hellcats
The Hellcats Prije mjesec
You must be good at drawing in general because if you can draw that good on your face imagine on normal paper
Gus Martin
Gus Martin Prije mjesec
Love it james
POP CORN Prije mjesec
Hello sisters
Itz Amber!
Itz Amber! Prije mjesec
Hi brothers/sisters OwU
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams Prije mjesec
You are really talented I love you James Charles ❤️💕
Lynn! Prije mjesec
how are u so B E A U T I F U L L? 🦋
dragon_lady !
dragon_lady ! Prije mjesec
James: he’s potty trained in two weeks! Me with with a four month old puppy that still isn’t potty trained *silently cries*
astronomical girl
astronomical girl Prije mjesec
This is the least popular video you have lmao
Eunice Wambura
Eunice Wambura Prije mjesec
who is watching this in 2020 during quarantine..... :)
kendra johnson
kendra johnson Prije mjesec
I love his videos when he's playing with makeup and doing fun and detailed looks a lot more than the others. Not saying I dont love his other videos, but I live for when he posts these ones.
Cora Riely
Cora Riely Prije mjesec
why is everyone bullying him for not having a perfect foundation match, like, finding the perfect foundation is HARD!!!!
Skyla’s World
Skyla’s World Prije mjesec
2020! Is now pink drink from Starbucks omg did anybody notice
MrCheeseBoi Prije mjesec
Let’s just give this man some applause for devoting his life to being a girl 👏👏👏 Great job James
Teaghan Mitchell
Teaghan Mitchell Prije mjesec
“Whoop all of your asses in the game” you can try with you in LA and me in Australia 🇦🇺 teehee
Taline Youssef
Taline Youssef Prije mjesec
I love the way you did that 🍓
Durga Amrutsagar
Durga Amrutsagar Prije mjesec
James charles your makeup is amazing👌👌👌
Valerie Davison
Valerie Davison Prije mjesec
James: ok guys I started to say shore instead of sure...for some my team started it Me: 👁👄👁 watches video My mom: want some chips? Me: sHoRe
jenkcrew Prije mjesec
I just have to point out that your eyebrows are always so perfect omg :)
Rocker Chick
Rocker Chick Prije mjesec
lol I love dis vid
Em Boehm
Em Boehm Prije mjesec
That strawberry looked so real OMG
•xReesexLiaGamesx• •
•xReesexLiaGamesx• • Prije mjesec
I’m watching this when they actually got their black lab puppy
supportful Directioner
supportful Directioner Prije 2 mjeseci
A fanpage of james on tik tok (its not me i don‘t even know them irl but they are so kind and sweet): jamliecharlie
Claire Ondrejko
Claire Ondrejko Prije 2 mjeseci
When James talks about brushes, this is what I hear: “m 28480393$362829”
loudv1olet Prije 2 mjeseci
0:01 it’s so funny
Phoebenetics Prije 2 mjeseci
One thing you NEVER say to a dog is Bad dog that is so rude and i bet it makes the dogs feel like they are worthless so dont say it
Nyalie Mireles
Nyalie Mireles Prije 2 mjeseci
Plss like if u like James Charles makeup ⬇️
Baylee Damant
Baylee Damant Prije 2 mjeseci
we just got a baby kitten and when i heard you named your puppy Finnagin i was like yassss that is what i need by kittens name to be and i definitely works for him. congrats and he is so so so cute!!!!!
Maddison Hutchings
Maddison Hutchings Prije 2 mjeseci
Finns a sister super star
Ishika Tanwar
Ishika Tanwar Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG my female lab name is Angel
Emma LaCrosse
Emma LaCrosse Prije 2 mjeseci
James when he does makeup in a white hoodie: not a single drop on it Me when I do makeup in a white hoodie: everything on the hoodie and not on my face
Brianna spears
Brianna spears Prije 2 mjeseci
James I love you so much I watch you ever day when somebody tells me they think your annoying I get really mad so thank you for getting me through all my tough time like the day my mom went to prison you got me through that day and I thank you so much. Btw, you are the best makeup artist ever
adrienne eshelman
adrienne eshelman Prije 2 mjeseci
This video is a year old! It’s been that long!!
Victoria Tison
Victoria Tison Prije 2 mjeseci
Brielle Noble
Brielle Noble Prije 2 mjeseci
That look is so cool
Victoria Tbilisi PLAYS
Victoria Tbilisi PLAYS Prije 2 mjeseci
Om so I am coming to your house for a yountube vid and I was thinking if you can make my makeup :)
Lindsay Neal
Lindsay Neal Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow, you go up .1 a day! how?!?!?!? 22.5 as of right now
Victoria Boyle
Victoria Boyle Prije 2 mjeseci
My husband and I went to Starbucks and I told him to get me a "pinkity drinkity" and he looked at me funny but ordered it exactly like that anyway and the lady laughed at him and said no problem sir 😂
Cinol Samson
Cinol Samson Prije 2 mjeseci
Your So Good
London Laws
London Laws Prije 2 mjeseci
21:00 a little bit of gloth so its nice and juicy
Pastel’s Slime Business
Pastel’s Slime Business Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m not an expert of makeup but I would rate that look a 0/10 wait I’m missing something 00/10 wait IM FORGETTING A 1! 100/10 ILYSM You are beautiful with and without makeup ✨🌟😊
SEA SQUAD Prije 2 mjeseci
Why are u so good at make up love u James 💜💙💚💛❤️❤️💛💚💜💜
Aves Food & Music & ASMR
Aves Food & Music & ASMR Prije 2 mjeseci
I love that song Kung fu fighting nice choice James haha 🤣 love the finished product on your face!
Zaray Villatoro
Zaray Villatoro Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi sisters😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😃
NWAL ; A Prije 2 mjeseci
انا تعبت من كثر ما تسولف😭😂ما تتعب قرقره
Brock Larsson
Brock Larsson Prije 2 mjeseci
i dont got pinkity drinkity money im sister struglin
trippy tabs
trippy tabs Prije 2 mjeseci
Awwww I love Finn!!!! 🐶
Dezyer Smith
Dezyer Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
im literly drink my prink drink aka pink lemonade
not._. tamara
not._. tamara Prije 2 mjeseci
Currently watching this while drinking a pink drink! 💕😍🍓ily james! ❤
Jordyn Gabriella Pillay
Jordyn Gabriella Pillay Prije 2 mjeseci
I once asked for a pinkity drinkity and I was like so embarrassed and then she giggled and ask if I watch James !!! And I was like yasssssss
sienna adams
sienna adams Prije 2 mjeseci
that foundation WOW!!
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