A Mega Makeup Moment: The Finale - Instant Influencer

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James Charles

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In the season finale of Instant Influencer, the remaining artists are challenged to create the next makeup trend that could take over the industry. Mario Dedivanovic, makeup legend and trendsetter, joins us to give his expert advice. Which artist will win $50,000 and become the world's first Instant Influencer?!
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2:53 Elimination Challenge
20:27 The Judging Room
38:16 Sign Off

James Charles
James Charles Prije 6 mjeseci
THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN THE COMMENTS! Pinning this so y'all don't see while watching 👀
Ayshath Azrar
Ayshath Azrar Prije 3 dana
Omg love this
Tanisha Promoth
Tanisha Promoth Prije 6 dana
Anneliese Prije 18 dana
Hey girl
Karyme Ramirez
Karyme Ramirez Prije 27 dana
benny really said “confidence” as if it helped 🤔
Marvin Osejo
Marvin Osejo Prije mjesec
Hola ojala pudiera participar soy buna maquilladora :]
Kristina Dimitrova
Kristina Dimitrova Prije 3 minuta
Come on type
Kiki DaToxic
Kiki DaToxic Prije 31 minute
How many likes I get on this comment are as many people that want another season
mandy loong
mandy loong Prije 3 sati
benny's work looks like Arianna grande's rabbit ears
Alexia Mac
Alexia Mac Prije 5 sati
Mhar Joe Pulmano
Mhar Joe Pulmano Prije 5 sati
Aurora Breau
Aurora Breau Prije 6 sati
kailin and Ashleys look moved me they were beautiful but for some reason benny didn't pull his weight and I didn't like his look
Julia Fragala
Julia Fragala Prije 8 sati
yall in the comments are being to hard on Benny i think they all did great.
-o- y tho
-o- y tho Prije 10 sati
*Benny,* no luv....
Diya Pradeep
Diya Pradeep Prije 10 sati
ok... i love kailins look tho and i love ashleys too. but benny umm... 1 jealousy and 2 litteraly dangerous women as a 5 min craft :|
Harlow Egland
Harlow Egland Prije 11 sati
Honestly Benny is like me, and a James is my teacher James: Whats the concept behind it Benny: uhhhh… I don’t know…
Taelyr Prije 12 sati
Julia Curry
Julia Curry Prije 13 sati
I think Kaylee you should’ve won
Julia Curry
Julia Curry Prije 13 sati
I think if Kaylan did symbols instead of words then she could’ve won because it’s easier to create
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Prije 13 sati
I love how James backed all of them up and saw what they were trying to portray and make the other judges try and see it too
TheMoon Wolf
TheMoon Wolf Prije 13 sati
Omg I bet Ashley will win she so kewl
María Ramos
María Ramos Prije 13 sati
"To much nieve" I'm crying JAJAJAJAJAJA This girl is amazing
Sofia Guerrero
Sofia Guerrero Prije 14 sati
❗️❗️SPOLIER WARNING❗️❗️ Tbh, I knew Ashley was going to win PERIODTT QUEEN😭✨🌈😍
AYAN ABDI Prije 15 sati
James Charles: Instant Influencers Me: Instant Ramen Noodles :)
Maria Dizon
Maria Dizon Prije 15 sati
I hate it when benny said all they are doing is writing on their face mine has technic honey they are writing with eyeliner that's talent and technic you your just put cotton on your face wow technic
Maria Dizon
Maria Dizon Prije 15 sati
I hate benny so much when he said james said my look isn't original because I didn't tell him what it means like the look doesn't change if the look is original it is exactly like ariana but with fluff on your face
Rosario Star
Rosario Star Prije 15 sati
Watching Kailin grow was like watching character development. I love the new found confidence!! ❤️❤️. Also congrats Ashley!!!
Vaishu Vijay
Vaishu Vijay Prije 17 sati
Who just HAD to watch instant influencer AGAIN?
Jordin Leventhal
Jordin Leventhal Prije 17 sati
i cannot believe that benny said,”this will only be complete if i win” INFRONT of everyone- like WHAT?! sis got some balls to say that and that is just way to selfish ✋
Dancee W Me
Dancee W Me Prije 22 sati
Idk why, I hated benny the entire time 👁👄👁
OGThug X
OGThug X Prije 23 sati
Not to be rude or anything but Benny looks like a fool
Nerea Mendez Prada
Nerea Mendez Prada Prije dan
Okey so i know that Indigo is not here but, i love his eyes, they are so pretty :3
Daniel atid
Daniel atid Prije dan
I like Ashley and I like her art but she seems kind of annoying and like a personality people don’t want to get to know
Gourab Mukherjee
Gourab Mukherjee Prije dan
James: "happy to see you grow as person" EXCUSE ME!! you mean Degrade as a person
Gourab Mukherjee
Gourab Mukherjee Prije dan
Ashley: you are going to regret that... ( obviously as his hair will come off with the ductape) Benny: I WiLl bE fInE wItH mY 5o0o0 dOlLaRs! *IS THAT NOT TOXIC!?!?*
Jadashanholtz 15
Jadashanholtz 15 Prije dan
I think kailin should’ve won
alyssa Prije dan
If I were those judges I probably wouldn’t be able to hold back laughter after seeing Benny’s look
Marblellous Prije dan
Ok but James makeup 💄🤗😍😱
Marblellous Prije dan
Mario is so judgmental and picky Yes I know he is a judge But come on tho
Marblellous Prije dan
I which Ashley the best in her mom career
Lana's Life
Lana's Life Prije dan
This is my new gavel show I love these episodes and this is so creative
Marija Pujic
Marija Pujic Prije dan
Congrats on 24 mil
Laughlut Prije dan
No offense to Ashley, but I really wanted Kailin to win. Idk why I just think Kailin was more entertaining and had more personality.
talia nicole
talia nicole Prije dan
Wtf is bennys look 😭😭
olivia Pereda
olivia Pereda Prije dan
James is so caring he would be a great parent
levi_cleaning god
levi_cleaning god Prije dan
Benny just made a complete fool of himself.
aesthetically correct
aesthetically correct Prije dan
James: dont do it. Ashley: dont do it. Benny: omGGGG if you REALLY want me to do it, jUst saY SO!
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown Prije dan
Ringtones everyone's been working hard and I just want to tell you James Charles and that everyone's trying to call you here but it's only one winner so I feel
Chleavhein Kian
Chleavhein Kian Prije dan
I actually got spoiled not in the comments but in the recommended video. Which is your video entitled “The 50,000 Make Up Look Ft. Ashley”
Sarah Chan
Sarah Chan Prije dan
I wanted Kailin to win! Ashley reminds me of a robot...
c h e r r y c o l a
c h e r r y c o l a Prije dan
Not everyone wants to be happy and bubbly all the time tho...and that doesn’t mean ur “like a robot”
Sammy Blake
Sammy Blake Prije dan
Kailin's look was on 🔥🔥😍
Annie-Playz Prije dan
I love how benny is very confident
iiCowq Prije 2 dana
tbh, benny was being SO rude through this whole thing! he was being jealous, ungrateful and rude to kailin and ashley in front of their noses- can't he have some manners?
Liitle_ Lya
Liitle_ Lya Prije 2 dana
Being honest I hate kailyn.
stxlk. s a t u r n
stxlk. s a t u r n Prije 2 dana
I think Kailin's was the most original. But Ashley's is really good to and she has won the most times
Livia Laporte
Livia Laporte Prije 2 dana
Bennys a furry.
Agnes Nyquist
Agnes Nyquist Prije 2 dana
Benny the bunny
Samer Nehlawi
Samer Nehlawi Prije 2 dana
bennys makeup is just the worst
Am Lily
Am Lily Prije 2 dana
Kailin should have won bc her look was customizable for everyone that did it, whereas Ashleys would be the same for everyone who tried the trend, she didn't deserve to win as much as Kailin did
Jennifer Voilet
Jennifer Voilet Prije 2 dana
Jennifer Voilet
Jennifer Voilet Prije 2 dana
@Am Lily right? She deserved to be the winner.
Am Lily
Am Lily Prije 2 dana
For sure
Jennifer Voilet
Jennifer Voilet Prije 2 dana
Kaelin deserved to win with that look, Ashley's look didn't hold a message as strong as Kaelins.
• Galaxy•Rose •
• Galaxy•Rose • Prije 2 dana
I was sister-sorting my socks when my best friend VIDEO CALLED me while i was watching this. And let me tell you one thing- She was sister SCREAMING for her life once i told her she interrupted me.
Matt Verzuela
Matt Verzuela Prije 2 dana
It so hard to decide what concept that you put instantly
MrBAK34 Prije 2 dana
Benny here not giving a care in the world that the most famous amazing beauty guru said that he is un original and I agree with James cus benny glued paper on his face and then added some black an white Also Benny kinda swears too much
Strwbry Prije 2 dana
Benny is just too much.....😑
Emily Gay
Emily Gay Prije 2 dana
*who agrees Benny is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?* 🐺-🐑
Hanna Zelalem
Hanna Zelalem Prije 2 dana
The thumbnail made me this ashly lost I was so sad
Eliza Ham
Eliza Ham Prije 2 dana
When you scroll down and see James collab video with the winner before you finish the series: 👁👄👁
Maddie Prije 2 dana
People really need to stop hating on Benny, he was confident and he put so much dedication to his look. (Not that the others did it bad they were also awesome and Kailin also put a lot of personality into her look)
Jenna Reggio
Jenna Reggio Prije 3 dana
Benny literally annoyed me throughout this whole season he said how Ashley and Kailin are “just words” but they have meaning to it. Meanwhile James asked him what the meaning behind his look was and it was literally him copying Ariana grande like stop Benny
IZZY GAMING Prije 3 dana
IZZY GAMING Prije 3 dana
IZZY GAMING Prije 3 dana
Emily A
Emily A Prije 3 dana
Till this day I don’t like how Benny was so selfish throughout this whole season...
Julia Prije 3 dana
i’m sorry benny but that look is really.. interesting
Maddie Prije 2 dana
He did put a lot of dedication into the look tho
Mariela Mua
Mariela Mua Prije 3 dana
Kailin and Ashley really came out hella confident in this last challenge. And I just read a comment mentioning how at first Kailin was kinda doubting herself and wasn’t that confident but omggg look at her now it was amazing seeing them shine through 🤩🥰
XxbubblexX Prije 3 dana
Islynn Putnam
Islynn Putnam Prije 3 dana
do a kid influencer
Kassy Flowers
Kassy Flowers Prije 3 dana
James clocking Kailin misspelling naive lmaoo “That’s nieve which means snow in Spanish.” 💀💀
Kirsten Rose
Kirsten Rose Prije 2 dana
when was that lol
Lilliana Edward
Lilliana Edward Prije 3 dana
In episode 3 I fell like Benny did the worst and Gabriel did so much better just trying so much to be brentman and not him even at the end he said” be you be you” and his look in this episode he just went 5 minute crafts and he’s so ungrateful when Ashley won but katlyn was happy and nice not ungrateful and bratty
Sander Nijhof
Sander Nijhof Prije 3 dana
benny the bunny
Damien Ronda
Damien Ronda Prije 3 dana
benny looks like he got caked in the face! no offense tho...
Maddie Prije 2 dana
Why does everyone keep hating on him, he literally put duct-tape in his hair
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith Prije 3 dana
"NIEVE" -Kailin 2020
Halle's Wold
Halle's Wold Prije 3 dana
i was on bigo with benny last night
henry lane
henry lane Prije 3 dana
When James says euphoria my mind goes to jungkook❤️❤️❤️ lol
Khadijah Niazi
Khadijah Niazi Prije 3 dana
benny needed a ego check sorry..
Cool Dude
Cool Dude Prije 4 dana
I feel like Ashley was the better influencer but the other girl had a better look this episode and I think it would be cooler to do her trend not Ashley’s.
Shnoops Prije 4 dana
24:58 Benny doing the dolphin before it was even a thing
Sally Sally
Sally Sally Prije 4 dana
HAHA ikr!!!!!!!
Candy Destiny
Candy Destiny Prije 4 dana
Me in 2020 having the privaleg to use the 10 fast forward button👁️👄👁️
Ash .animations
Ash .animations Prije 4 dana
Jessica Ravioli
Jessica Ravioli Prije 4 dana
Hold on did Benny just say that the only way to feel that this competition was complete is _if he won?!_
Sally Sally
Sally Sally Prije 4 dana
Yes...yes he did
bug mochi
bug mochi Prije 4 dana
am i the one who thinks kailin shouldve won, she is so talented🥺
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Prije 4 dana
When James said that stuff to the winner I mean let’s gotta be the best thing you could ever hear! IM SOOO HAPPY
Zain army Jabbouli
Zain army Jabbouli Prije 4 dana
So so so Kailin and Ashley are sisters like seriously they mostly have each other’s back like wow
itsabbie Prije 4 dana
benny is so adorable :3 the girls are nicer tho-
Ellie Sanborn
Ellie Sanborn Prije 4 dana
James.right now.. Add. Well hello there 👁 👁 👃🏼 Me. 👄
Tiana Lopez
Tiana Lopez Prije 4 dana
Kailin looks like Tammy Hembrow
♡︎ˢᵉᵒᵏ ʲⁱⁿˢ ʳᵃᵐᵉⁿ♡︎
♡︎ˢᵉᵒᵏ ʲⁱⁿˢ ʳᵃᵐᵉⁿ♡︎ Prije 4 dana
benny is pulling the dEpPrEsSeD card-ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)
Cool Dude
Cool Dude Prije 4 dana
Benny: being here I learned to be humble 5 minutes earlier if I don’t win, this show will be incomplete Me: Just stop😑🖐
A random BLINK
A random BLINK Prije 4 dana
I want a season 2 so baddd
Sally Sally
Sally Sally Prije 4 dana
Me tooooo😫
SquiggyG Prije 4 dana
Benny gave me to much attitude and I didn’t like his losing vide he gave off
le puta si escobar
le puta si escobar Prije 4 dana
Reshuma Mainali
Reshuma Mainali Prije 4 dana
i loved ashleys look but i didnt get it like the ruler and the zip thing
Reshuma Mainali
Reshuma Mainali Prije 4 dana
im sorry but benny... girl you are NOT all that :)
Qalish Aqif
Qalish Aqif Prije 4 dana
I watched all episodes
Ellen Aarnio
Ellen Aarnio Prije 4 dana
kailin and ashleys looks: wow bennys: a 6 y olds thrash
Robert Wares
Robert Wares Prije 4 dana
I loved the show but my only issue is that it too short with too few contestants. A longer show would allow the contestants to reveal their story and development.
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