Doing My Makeup In Alphabetical Order

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James Charles

Prije godine

HI SISTERS! Today I wrote out my makeup routine and rearranged it into alphabetical order, all while going through our Sister Dictionary with all of my favorite good and fresh words! This was one of the most fun makeup challenges I've ever done, and I hope you enjoy!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

James Charles
James Charles Prije godine
What words/phrases would YOU put in the Sister Dictionary? 🤣🤣
Lexie Andrews
Lexie Andrews Prije mjesec
p Prije 2 mjeseci
giselle gonzalez
giselle gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
sister scared , sister spooky , sister james , sister spray , sister spooked , sister snail , sister SNATCHED
Úna Keating
Úna Keating Prije 6 mjeseci
Erin Soygul
Erin Soygul Prije 6 mjeseci
Carly Hildebrand
Carly Hildebrand Prije 3 sati
J is for jjames palet
Annette Aguilar
Annette Aguilar Prije 3 sati
you should do a OhMyGod video of ALL the times you have said OMG
Lallu Shanu2912
Lallu Shanu2912 Prije 3 sati
Hey sista 😃
gabbyrock Prije 5 sati
X is for x morphe
Hazel Uppal
Hazel Uppal Prije 7 sati
James you on letter E so with eyeshadow You put setting spray and that starts with S
False Equinox
False Equinox Prije 8 sati
Brailey Humphrey
Brailey Humphrey Prije 8 sati
POV:you came in the comments while in the middle of the video to see if it looked good.
Stephanie Pimentel
Stephanie Pimentel Prije 9 sati
it’s crazy that this is just a year old, but james is so different in his videos now. he seems so much more confident on screen & even more himself. in these videos it seems a little more scripted. it’s awesome to see him blossom. love it 👏🏽👏🏽
Victoria Duran
Victoria Duran Prije 12 sati
If James says sister first before he says the real word this is how he will say some things: Can you pass me a sister bowl. And Omg that sister cat is so cute can I hold it? I am not hating it’s just funny Xd
jayla b
jayla b Prije 14 sati
my makeup order: done✔️
Samuel LockW
Samuel LockW Prije 16 sati
M should’ve been Makeup
Samuel LockW
Samuel LockW Prije 16 sati
Thx for welcoming me I’m new but I’m a boy who likes doing makeup and I feel like that makes u my idol thank u for inspiring me to help me open up about it
Savanni Prije 16 sati
For me when I just do it at home I do Primer Foundation Concealer Contour Blush Setting powder Highlight Mascara Eyeshadow(if i want to) Gloss/lipstick
Leen Panesar
Leen Panesar Prije 17 sati
I am just a 13 year old from India watching James Charles . He is literally awesome . Love from India dude ! . I hope I get a like or reply from James Charles 💗
Artsy Nimrat
Artsy Nimrat Prije 19 sati
james catchphrase be like ABSOLUTELY NOT !!
alja zuzek
alja zuzek Prije 20 sati
he can change anything in good make- up
CarlytheQueenofChaos Prije dan
James Charles:I think u know that i Love Escape Rooms because its stimulating y brain and Makes me think Out of the Box. Me:Okay Go Play Portal.
CarlytheQueenofChaos Prije dan
Top Ten Most Cursed Videos in the whole Internet. This whole Challenge is Cursed.
I love harry potter
I love harry potter Prije dan
I remember her
Mikhaila Leo
Mikhaila Leo Prije dan
Serious shade to Tana... lol 😂😂😂😂😂 I feel sorry for her
Kedriana Baird
Kedriana Baird Prije dan
The fact that he can make something we think is going to be a disaster a masterpiece wow what a inner artist sister
daniel rosenberg
daniel rosenberg Prije dan
At least he still gotta do setting spray last.
Brandy Nicole
Brandy Nicole Prije dan
Can you do a makeup tutorial for me Bc I am still learning how to do makeup
Tornado Johnson
Tornado Johnson Prije dan
x could be morphe X James charles pallet
Noft - way
Noft - way Prije dan
this was perfect for me! I am new so learning about all these fancy sayings was so good for me!
Bunny of The Night
Bunny of The Night Prije dan
Sis, No♡
Claire Montano
Claire Montano Prije dan
N for Nikki
Andrea Bruckner
Andrea Bruckner Prije dan
Evan when you had just started you looked AWESOME🥰🥰
cloudyoongs Prije dan
b stands for blend but don’t blend in
Emily Rufener
Emily Rufener Prije dan
S for sister sell out... BC the palette is ALWAYS sold out :)
Elly Meldrum
Elly Meldrum Prije dan
you'er vids are super inspiring
*Moon_drago N*
*Moon_drago N* Prije dan
I barely know anything about makeup so I got confused about ‘baking’ when I first heard that I throught that like ‘why the hell would you bake your face??!’
Keelyn Strange
Keelyn Strange Prije dan
Don't everrrrrrrrrrrrrr haha
Amanda Byusa
Amanda Byusa Prije dan
James I think T should be “Thank God”
Midnight playz
Midnight playz Prije dan
S is for sister
Rea Haradinaj
Rea Haradinaj Prije dan
james you killed this if some bronser would be there this would be perfect
Isabella Smaldone
Isabella Smaldone Prije dan
Love you
Halle's World
Halle's World Prije dan
Easy really
Makayla Smith
Makayla Smith Prije 2 dana
W is for werk 👮‍♀️👷‍♀️💂‍♀️🕵️👩‍⚕️👩‍🌾👩‍🏫💄💋💄💋💄💋💄💋👄👄👄👄👄👄
Amira Rafik
Amira Rafik Prije 2 dana
beautiful my friend
Aiyanna Dehaven
Aiyanna Dehaven Prije 2 dana
B- bring me a little waaaaawttaa sylvieeee
Toast AJ
Toast AJ Prije 2 dana
Here’s my makeup routine!! It takes around.... 4 hours🙃 Face moisturizer Lip balm And done! 💗
Sadie Mytty
Sadie Mytty Prije 2 dana
i is way to long like if you think so o
Kyra Hawkins
Kyra Hawkins Prije 2 dana
I shall call it 10%. off James 10% off JAMES 10%OFF!!!!! JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyra Hawkins
Kyra Hawkins Prije 2 dana
I’m just gonna use some 10% off next using code James😂
Trinlee Setser
Trinlee Setser Prije 2 dana
Deaf people watching this like “is he ok” 👁👄👁
Strawberry_Milk Prije 2 dana
'Sister, sister sister sister.' Meaning: 'Sister, sister sister sister' Lol idk
toe head
toe head Prije 2 dana
my routine: mascara lip balm fix eyebrow hair touch up *stuff* with foundation only if needed yes i know its messed up
Austin Shots
Austin Shots Prije 2 dana
B stands for BoOM BoOM BoOM yEAhhhhh
Madeline Mccloskey
Madeline Mccloskey Prije 2 dana
at 5:53 flashback mary ✨vibes✨
ilovebnha0075 Prije 2 dana
dude puzzle rooms are the best i love to do them
Varunpreet Sidhu
Varunpreet Sidhu Prije 2 dana
Love you James
Hijab Asif
Hijab Asif Prije 2 dana
James stop complaining you look fine!!!
シRoBloXxx Prije 2 dana
21:57 :O
Sophia Owens
Sophia Owens Prije 2 dana
Cool sister 😯☺🐕🐢
Fia bee
Fia bee Prije 2 dana
Sister shoo
abby henry
abby henry Prije 3 dana
you forgot shore right know it my favorite sisters quote
猫Ashleyyy Prije 3 dana
This is my makeup routine Powder Mascara Blush Lip gloss
RoseFlower •Gaming
RoseFlower •Gaming Prije 3 dana
This is how sisters do there abcs
Camila Marquez
Camila Marquez Prije 3 dana
it's the awhh for me lol
Ruyiou Reizei
Ruyiou Reizei Prije 3 dana
at the beginning he was saying 'lets learn the ABCs' but to me, it sounded like 'AVC's' ._.
•Sunsetmoon• Prije 3 dana
R also stands for: Rude Idk I just heard him say "Rude" and i wanted to say that dont judge meh
Amy Bloss
Amy Bloss Prije 3 dana
D stands for don’t everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Edit: omg thx for the likes
jessiez galaxy gaming
jessiez galaxy gaming Prije 3 dana
When he did the concealer I thought of flashback Mary😂
Mia Wardle
Mia Wardle Prije 3 dana
1:03 James: looks to the left Plain white wall: 👁👄👁
V E L L I C H 3 R R Y
V E L L I C H 3 R R Y Prije 3 dana
S for scary because that thumbnail XD no hate!!!
Emma Lascor
Emma Lascor Prije 3 dana
ok i know im late but YOU MISSED LITTERALY you litteraly say say that like every vid
Gabby Potter
Gabby Potter Prije 3 dana
Josy Robles
Josy Robles Prije 3 dana
I think he should off say "T sand for "Thank GOD!" " Because he uses those word in the video A LOT!
Chrisitian GarciaguirreMonjaras
Chrisitian GarciaguirreMonjaras Prije 3 dana
that was cool
Patience Chinyere
Patience Chinyere Prije 3 dana
"I" made my ears loose weight from running on a thread mill
Marie Gaardsted
Marie Gaardsted Prije 3 dana
I lovvvvve him!!!!
Lacey Latessa
Lacey Latessa Prije 3 dana
Saheb Dhindsa
Saheb Dhindsa Prije 3 dana
"You have to have a bf first" 22:10 lol haha
Devi Thanmaya
Devi Thanmaya Prije 4 dana
It would be good if you put your each makeup an own name
Harley Valenzuela
Harley Valenzuela Prije 4 dana
G for good and fresh
Kaelynn VLOGS
Kaelynn VLOGS Prije 4 dana
sooo.... its: Beefy, Chic, Don't Evvveeerrr, Escape Room, Flash Back Marry, Good & Fresh, HI SISTERS!.... I?!?!? I Is For WUHHHH??? OK thenJ... James, Kitty Girl, Love that, Morphe, Not w/ that aditude, OMG/Oh My GOD!, Pressed Pigment, Quakeing, Real One, AND THEN S< SISTER...NO, it's Shore..., The House, Unleesh Your Inner Artist,
RobloxYouTuber Prije 4 dana
4:06 Donald Trump who
Mariana Piva
Mariana Piva Prije 4 dana
D: “don’t be shy, put some more” L: literally S: shore
Mariana Piva
Mariana Piva Prije 4 dana
He looks so different
•Random stuff with Hailey•
•Random stuff with Hailey• Prije 4 dana
S for shore instead of sure because he says that litterly 24/7 lmao
Shivani N V-A
Shivani N V-A Prije 4 dana
Soooooooooooooooooo much make-up
Wolf With A Brush
Wolf With A Brush Prije 4 dana
J should be for *James Charles is absolutely gorgeous!*
c_mochi Prije 4 dana
U for “use code James for 10% off”
Arlyn Michael
Arlyn Michael Prije 4 dana
h is also for hi sisters James Charles here
Avneet Kaur
Avneet Kaur Prije 4 dana
you crazy
Gladis Carballo
Gladis Carballo Prije 4 dana
Omg call your escape room "escaping the sisters"
Xavier Draws
Xavier Draws Prije 4 dana
Ya Ya
Ya Ya Prije 4 dana
Omg escape rooms are so brain exhausting 😫 after I do them I don’t feel like thinking for the rest of the day 😂 but love you James💖
Flutter Shy
Flutter Shy Prije 4 dana
Chic is Arabic i say it evertime
Itz_Hazel Drawing?
Itz_Hazel Drawing? Prije 4 dana
James: I know this looks crazy so dont comment about it Me😏: *about to comment about it*
Grant Vlogs
Grant Vlogs Prije 4 dana
I swear in all of his challenge videos he always has to go out to dinner after so hes like this better be perfect. Like what? haha
bby grill
bby grill Prije 4 dana
I really wanna see james clean his brushes.
Ayaan Cabdi
Ayaan Cabdi Prije 4 dana
S should be fir sister shook
shazia World
shazia World Prije 4 dana
I IS a g dcdgdmbbb bnby a jb
Fluffy Fox30
Fluffy Fox30 Prije 5 dana
It makes me feel so good to hear someone who isn’t afraid to be them self and when u get pushed down u get right back And don’t let it get to u stand out don’t fit in ❤️
Peyton D
Peyton D Prije 5 dana
I feel bad when James says that if you about the word he says then you are a true sister but I am new to watching James and my mom doesn't allow me to use social media so I have no Idea about somethings he says that I don't know.
Wylde styLe
Wylde styLe Prije 5 dana
i’m 13 and i watch ur vids ur cool :3
Kaila Sidabalok
Kaila Sidabalok Prije 5 dana
James routine : blush,primer,foundation,eyesshadow, etc etc. my routine : eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, done
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