2019 Carpool Karaoke ft. My Favorite YouTubers

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James Charles

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS SISTERS! 2019 has been quite the roller coaster, so I wanted to end it off with some of favorite HRpostrs & best friends that made my year special. ❤️Colleen Ballinger, Joey Graceffa, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Larray, my a cappella friends, & best friends all drive around with me and sing Christmas songs! Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Nitin shivalkkar T
Nitin shivalkkar T Prije 6 sati
Umm this year blended a little roufffff
lookitzmiikeyy Prije 8 sati
Thank u for having me live for Mary did you know.. before watching this I had no idea about that song .. and now I know
Andrea Cianci
Andrea Cianci Prije 15 sati
Joey your physic person is wrong 2020 SUCKS
sara amir x1dx
sara amir x1dx Prije 17 sati
9:32 LOL i'm sad for him omg hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah
Stella Blest
Stella Blest Prije 17 sati
I love Larray’s “I Do” after I don’t want a lot for Christmas lol
matilde sofia benozzo
matilde sofia benozzo Prije dan
Well this didn’t age well...
Arpit Walia
Arpit Walia Prije dan
Xd he said his best year 2020 sir u didint knew what was gonna hppn
Phoebe Baldwin
Phoebe Baldwin Prije dan
(btw im watching this in 2020) but larray . honey . no . there will be enough tears to fill the ocean......... AND MORE
Macarena Rey Luna
Macarena Rey Luna Prije 2 dana
9:24 that didn't age well
Jiminshii Prije 2 dana
Will you do it again this year🙂, do it with your tiktok friend.
Too Famous
Too Famous Prije 2 dana
Hi I’m here this Christmas 🎄 and I bet they did not expect this
Wil Anderton
Wil Anderton Prije 2 dana
Hmm this didn’t age well 🤣
Wil Anderton
Wil Anderton Prije 2 dana
@Ace kexilion all the 2020 comments
Ace kexilion
Ace kexilion Prije 2 dana
Why ?
dani dise
dani dise Prije 2 dana
joey: "I'm looking forward to 2020" me literally watching HRpost instead of doing virtual homework
faith luna
faith luna Prije 3 dana
Nikita during this video was a whole mood lol
LivPlaysRoblox Prije 3 dana
Who is here near the end of 2020 and proving all of them wrong lmao
Mary Ann Shurilla
Mary Ann Shurilla Prije 3 dana
please i am begging you to make a full video with your friends just arranging and singing in harmony because it is STUNNING and i love hearing it
The Arsty
The Arsty Prije 3 dana
15:54 where did Nikita get a dog! Lol... The dog got sister shook!
Keke S .
Keke S . Prije 4 dana
two words: love filled.
Squishy Memerkins
Squishy Memerkins Prije 4 dana
they all be saying 2020 is the best but ................... i dont think so
Imad Soussi
Imad Soussi Prije 5 dana
James is such a gemini omg We literally have the sam mindset Love u bae
Haidar Aziz
Haidar Aziz Prije 5 dana
9:24 hows 2020 joey
Absolute Nonsense
Absolute Nonsense Prije 5 dana
LARRY: In 2020 I want to cry less. You gained 4 million more subs, got a HUGE viewing boost and SO MUCH MORE. You deserve to not cry, and I hope don't anymore. *claps*
Alexis Hill
Alexis Hill Prije 5 dana
The editing in this video is amazing
Isabelle Chevalier
Isabelle Chevalier Prije 5 dana
lmao joey sweetie...
ceola joseph
ceola joseph Prije 5 dana
Little did Larri know
Carlsonn •
Carlsonn • Prije 5 dana
So are u gonna do this on December?
alina kouzouian
alina kouzouian Prije 6 dana
It’s just Gaby
It’s just Gaby Prije 6 dana
Omg I feel bad Larry said to cry less but this world/year is not what he asked for
Czar Martinez
Czar Martinez Prije 6 dana
Them: 2020 is gonna be the best Us watching in 2020: 👁👄👁
Renee Guinn
Renee Guinn Prije 7 dana
anyone else watching this in 2020 lol
selah brooke
selah brooke Prije 7 dana
um... so sorry to break it to them, but 2020 shut down 😂
Marley Ro
Marley Ro Prije 7 dana
Who watching this in 2020 an like 👁👄👁
Vitor Soares
Vitor Soares Prije 7 dana
this video did not age well hahahaha
•ivey blake•
•ivey blake• Prije 7 dana
larray is a mood
Angela Bikimane
Angela Bikimane Prije 8 dana
Who ever knew 2020 would be this horrible Hoping 2021 will be better 😭😭
Andrea Villa
Andrea Villa Prije 8 dana
Joey Graceffa thinks 2020 Is going to be the best Me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA
kendallazull !
kendallazull ! Prije 8 dana
The fact that Larray said he hopes to cry less in 2020.....
Amarleen Bal
Amarleen Bal Prije 8 dana
all i want for christmasss is ........MONEY
Jordyn Boone
Jordyn Boone Prije 8 dana
james:what are u looking forward to in 2020 larray:to cry less me:😂😂😂
Hayden Korf
Hayden Korf Prije 9 dana
I'm watching this in 2020 and their goals for the new year seem hilarious now lol
Addy Prije 9 dana
Everyone in the car:2020 is going to be the best year yet. me in 2020:you thought wrong bitches
Bailey Contrades
Bailey Contrades Prije 9 dana
Everything Nakita did in the video is mf mood 😌🤚🏽
AJ GAMING Prije 10 dana
Larray earned 4 million subscribers in 10 months
jk slime
jk slime Prije 10 dana
Nikita killed me
Aaliyah Reid
Aaliyah Reid Prije 10 dana
...but where did Nikita get the dog???
jk slime
jk slime Prije 10 dana
I know right
Joana Moran-Nunez
Joana Moran-Nunez Prije 10 dana
15:22 I’m deaddd😭💀
Willy A. Ri.
Willy A. Ri. Prije 10 dana
if they knew
Astro I
Astro I Prije 10 dana
singing isn't for jamers charles but makeup is .
Jillian Johnpier
Jillian Johnpier Prije 10 dana
Who is here on Christmas 2020
sydniii Prije 10 dana
james at 3:07 LMAOOOOO
Jessica Enriquez
Jessica Enriquez Prije 10 dana
Cry less, lol! All I did in 2020 was cry!
Jaxky Plays
Jaxky Plays Prije 11 dana
Ok I'm watching this and it's almost the end of 2020
Rhea Lemons
Rhea Lemons Prije 11 dana
You know just play her whole Christmas album
Lauralee SHAE
Lauralee SHAE Prije 11 dana
James: what r u looking for to 2020 LARRY: to cry less Me: well it's not going to happen
Bruh Prije 11 dana
omg i luv nikitaaa soo muchhh periodt.
Ses Wang
Ses Wang Prije 12 dana
15:23 the best🤣
XVIIIBES ENT Prije 12 dana
World of Symphany
World of Symphany Prije 12 dana
Who ever told Joey 2020 was gonna be good need to be fired for lying 2 him😭
-RENNEA- Prije 12 dana
15:55 I was like we’re did this puppy come from. I’m confusion
Under the Impression
Under the Impression Prije 12 dana
me when the teacher calls on me in zoom: 14:40
Under the Impression
Under the Impression Prije 12 dana
13:11 M O O D
Adrina Chiappe
Adrina Chiappe Prije 12 dana
joey: ya like 2020 gonna be like the best year me watching this video in 2020: ummmm... who gonna tell him
unicorn lover
unicorn lover Prije 13 dana
James: What are you looking forward to in 2020? Me: Well, nothin because I am stuck in quarantine
Squeen B
Squeen B Prije 13 dana
Me watching this in 2020 like um... how disappointing
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Prije 13 dana
Emmett Fried
Emmett Fried Prije 13 dana
It’s about to get a lot worse
Alysia Costa
Alysia Costa Prije 13 dana
4:14 "what are you looking forward to in 2020"-james "uhm,to cry less"-larry HA BITCH I THINK THE FUCK NOT!-2020
Ava Bray
Ava Bray Prije 13 dana
"2020 is the year to not cry more" larry said but really 2020 is where everyone cries sweetie
nahlateddybear Prije 13 dana
This was so wholesome and made me feel so good to watch! Thank you all
Journey Hammonds
Journey Hammonds Prije 13 dana
Them : omg 2020 her we gooooo!!!!! Us: *cough* *achoo* 🤧
Carmen Hudson
Carmen Hudson Prije 14 dana
15:21 is by far the best moment out of all of your videos
Mathias Christensen
Mathias Christensen Prije 14 dana
Lewis snapped singing Ariana grandes Christmas song? Love ya guys♥️
Julia Szwabowski
Julia Szwabowski Prije 14 dana
what i want to know is where nikita got a dog in the car out of nowhere-
ryanM Prije 14 dana
9:23 Joey...... get a refund
Chloe Ofc
Chloe Ofc Prije 14 dana
Colleen is just vibing sooooo haaardddd
Ezee Jose
Ezee Jose Prije 15 dana
I need a next video like this ❤️❤️
Jason Hurley
Jason Hurley Prije 15 dana
James” When I’m literally like the unhappiest which has unfortunately been all of 2019...” me watching back: “wow get ready for 2020 then!”
Osorio Creative For You
Osorio Creative For You Prije 15 dana
Me watching this 2020 🥺💖💗💫
Rékendra Sargeant
Rékendra Sargeant Prije 15 dana
can james do this again this year but with his new friends and some old
Rékendra Sargeant
Rékendra Sargeant Prije 15 dana
when james was singing mary did you know nikita looked so tranced like are u still there
Andrea Mora
Andrea Mora Prije 15 dana
James is soo beautiful this make up is everything!
Victoria Ibikunle
Victoria Ibikunle Prije 15 dana
what joey said😬😬
ingrid rebollo lerstad
ingrid rebollo lerstad Prije 15 dana
not me watching this november 2020 knowing u all gonna be disapointed as hell
Annika Greff
Annika Greff Prije 15 dana
if only theyd knew what 2020 would be like...
Normal Donny
Normal Donny Prije 15 dana
Nikita said Ariana Grande on all I wasn’t for Christmas last note
morgan readel
morgan readel Prije 16 dana
little did they know they would be sitting home doing nothing in 2020
Alice Cree
Alice Cree Prije 16 dana
Where did Nikita pull the puppy from ??!!
Mariah Gregory
Mariah Gregory Prije 16 dana
larray said in 2020 we all gonna cry less but sis now we all crying together bby--
Melyssa Molina
Melyssa Molina Prije 16 dana
Me watching this in 2020
Jordan story
Jordan story Prije 16 dana
I am low key so excited that had pentatonix song to sing with
Katniss Everbean
Katniss Everbean Prije 16 dana
joeys psychic told him wrong
Corrin Saginario
Corrin Saginario Prije 16 dana
Me waching this is 2020 as they say 2020 will he the best.....😬😬 hun 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♀️
Corrin Saginario
Corrin Saginario Prije 16 dana
😬 ho ho ho 😂😂😂😬
FayeLee Covers
FayeLee Covers Prije 17 dana
Nikita just holding her dog...👁👄👁
kemi Prije 17 dana
if only past James knew what the world was in for in the future to come.
xXHxi_SistersXx Prije 17 dana
look at how 2020 is now
The Cozy Kitten
The Cozy Kitten Prije 17 dana
where did nikita's dog come from
The Cozy Kitten
The Cozy Kitten Prije 17 dana
James in and out is the best thing ever
Sebastian Ponce
Sebastian Ponce Prije 17 dana
Joey get your money back...... the sidekick was wrong
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