Zodiac Sign Makeup Challenge! 🔮♊️ (relationship TEA)

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! You guys have been requesting a Zodiac Sign Makeup Challenge for YEARS now. Only problem... I don't believe in astrology. YET. In today's video, we dig into my horoscope and create a Gemini inspired makeup look... and spill a LOT of tea. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Jerzi Montgomery
Jerzi Montgomery Prije 2 sati
James: nErvOus I hardly ever get nervous. Me:👁👄👁 rewind to his and Larray's collab and pranking the makup stores Flashback / James: I am getying so nervous like i was literally the child that could NOT DO A PRANK.
Saathana Thyagarajan
Saathana Thyagarajan Prije 5 sati
Im just waiting for 18 December to this day only like 2 more weeks
Valo G TV
Valo G TV Prije 8 sati
James December 18 is coming
Isabella Knies
Isabella Knies Prije 11 sati
Me: Only 25 more days until December18....
Izzy Prije 11 sati
James:2020 is gonna be a good year for us! Me: oh sis 👁👄👁
Abbers Smiley
Abbers Smiley Prije 11 sati
Noone: James mentioning trish: Me watching after the drama went down: HAHAUY0BS0YUSBUYBS IM DIEING OF LAUGHTER
lily batista
lily batista Prije 13 sati
And James: "Oh it looks like 2020 is going to be a really good year for us!" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lily batista
lily batista Prije 13 sati
James Charles: " I don't believe in Horoscopes" Also James: "That is literally me in a paragraph!"
jayden medley
jayden medley Prije 15 sati
I’m Aries
Kelli Hawkins
Kelli Hawkins Prije 16 sati
Me; *reads my horoscope Horoscope; Your Aquarius you are a leader a risk taker and stay positive. Me; Trys James brat doll makeup My cat🐈;😣🙁 WHY JAMEs HeLP me!!!
Liseth Pacheco Hernandez
Liseth Pacheco Hernandez Prije 17 sati
I'm Gemini but I wanna be single as a pringle
Phyu Sin Arkar
Phyu Sin Arkar Prije 19 sati
Gemini gang ♊️
Emily Binuya
Emily Binuya Prije dan
Okay sooo I would love to explain the Gemini "two faced" issue. It doesn't mean that you are literally shady, it means that you have extreme conflicting sides to yourself. Which ties in with your energy. Plus I am looking forward to dec 18th, hope there is some new sister makeup!!
weird / cringy
weird / cringy Prije dan
I'm LIBRA ♎☺️
Ava Brooke
Ava Brooke Prije dan
I cant stop looking at his teeth. they are literally the whitest teeth ever. Im jelly lol. Love you james 💜💕♌️
Payton Foxxi
Payton Foxxi Prije dan
OMG you’re a Gemini to so am I sister we twins
avril borbon pe
avril borbon pe Prije dan
hopefully all.♥♥♥
Imran Osman
Imran Osman Prije dan
i think we should tell him about 2020??!!!!
Constanza Pascual
Constanza Pascual Prije dan
Super acertadoooo!Estoy impactada con todo lo que dijo,osea,me describio enteramente :0. Y el maquillaje le quedò hermoso (como siempre) 🤞🖤✨
Howdie Loveless
Howdie Loveless Prije dan
Me watching this during November 22 2020
my toe
my toe Prije dan
Aadrika ?
Aadrika ? Prije dan
I'm an ♈
I have Bacon and diamonds
I have Bacon and diamonds Prije dan
I'm a gemini we are all shallow whores not gonna lie
Aadrika ?
Aadrika ? Prije dan
Paola F
Paola F Prije dan
so it’s almost december 2020, did all of that come true james? 😗
BFFS All day everyday
BFFS All day everyday Prije dan
Me: scrolling through the comments Also me: hears the words butt heads Also me: laughing like I’m drunk
Zarian Iqbal
Zarian Iqbal Prije dan
Erin YT
Erin YT Prije dan
Im a gemini also :D gemini squad where you at ?
Bleh Bleh
Bleh Bleh Prije dan
Bleh Bleh
Bleh Bleh Prije dan
I'm a Leo ♌ what about you guys?
Ava Graver
Ava Graver Prije dan
I’m a Gemini :o
Samiha Hossain
Samiha Hossain Prije dan
Omg James I'm a big fan and I'm a gemini
Tamana Ali
Tamana Ali Prije dan
Kittie Kosmos
Kittie Kosmos Prije 2 dana
James: I always have friends at home Me: you don’t even know hunni
Natalie Zaruka
Natalie Zaruka Prije 2 dana
Saying 2020 is going to be a good year jinxed humanity
PuffkinVideos Prije 2 dana
im also a gemini and this mad me feel EXTREAMLY called out. why was all of that to true
Sophie Pavlicek
Sophie Pavlicek Prije 2 dana
I love watching James’s videos because he just makes beautiful art on his face and just TALKS. 👁👄👁
NOODLE 3000 Prije 2 dana
YESS ! My brain when i learned that James is the same astrological sign as meeee
Kendall’s Cats
Kendall’s Cats Prije 2 dana
December 18th is my birthday! Unimportant but go ya.
ᒍᑌᑎGKOOKIE Prije 2 dana
yay! me and james are both gemini teehee where's my gemini squad at?!
mad• hatter
mad• hatter Prije 2 dana
I'm a gemini too!!!!
Arielle Arthur
Arielle Arthur Prije 2 dana
I’m a Gemini I was born May 27 2008
Nerves Emerald
Nerves Emerald Prije 2 dana
december 18 is my birthday so i-
Marium Jumana
Marium Jumana Prije 3 dana
Gemini's where ya at♊ I needed to see this vid
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Prije dan
Im Gemini!
leetvip gamer
leetvip gamer Prije 3 dana
Geminis are known for being very outgoing and creative
unicorn_poop23OO 23OO
unicorn_poop23OO 23OO Prije 3 dana
Hahhahahhahahahahahahahahhahahha2020 has been great 😃😃😃😃
L G Prije 3 dana
“2020 is going to be a very good year for us!” hate to break it to you James but heh heh, no.
Briana Cronmiller
Briana Cronmiller Prije 3 dana
but what is your moon and rising?
PieGirl 1234
PieGirl 1234 Prije 3 dana
He is a Gemini ♊️ ? I am a Taurus ♉️
cherry pastel pop!
cherry pastel pop! Prije 3 dana
When you realize 2020 sucks ha
Megan Grace
Megan Grace Prije 3 dana
james, you are so beautiful
gg jk
gg jk Prije 3 dana
use code JAMES
gg jk
gg jk Prije 3 dana
im a gemini too
Daisy Samuelson
Daisy Samuelson Prije 3 dana
Meghan Hayes
Meghan Hayes Prije 3 dana
sooo what's going to happen on December 18th, 2020? We'll need an update
Kennedy Duncan
Kennedy Duncan Prije 3 dana
14:30 oh honey...
Addi Goodwin
Addi Goodwin Prije 3 dana
The part of star signs that are 100% not real is the pert that say how hot or pretty you look that is bs everyone of you are beautiful no matter what
Brooklyn Marie
Brooklyn Marie Prije 3 dana
the gemini sign: 2020 is gonna be a great year me: Oh sweetie, you were so wrong
BAadbiichhh S
BAadbiichhh S Prije 3 dana
Yaaaayyyy I’m a gemini too☺️☺️♊️
- starlight -
- starlight - Prije 3 dana
“Omg so 2020 is gonna be a good year for us” sis listen Ik u THINK THAT but mrs.ROnA said no no sis ima come for u so like sadly 2020 is the worst year ever (except the amazing you tubers who made it better like u boo)
NotTooSalty Prije 3 dana
The comments do be Gemini Gand tho Where Pisces ♓️ at?
Jayden Tenold
Jayden Tenold Prije 3 dana
Bruh I’m a Gemini aswell- YASS SISTERRRR
Jewel Howser
Jewel Howser Prije 3 dana
Lmfao when u realize u and James have the same birthday, May 23
Zurie Prije 3 dana
James is a gemini! Me too
Laila Patel
Laila Patel Prije 3 dana
"That's me in a pArAgRaPh" - James Charles 2020 lol
Nina HL
Nina HL Prije 3 dana
Omg, at the end “ I think 2020 is gonna be a really good year for us” nope!!!!!!
Elise Jessamyn
Elise Jessamyn Prije 3 dana
I’m Aries ♈️
Gretchen Leach
Gretchen Leach Prije 4 dana
James I’m so glad you don’t believe in it it just doesn’t make sense 😅😬
Martha Turner
Martha Turner Prije 4 dana
"2020 is going to be a great year!" Little did he know that it was going to be a living train wreck!!
Moo Chicken
Moo Chicken Prije 4 dana
I’m a Gemini who’s a twin
tiajah tucker
tiajah tucker Prije 4 dana
14:30 you spoke wrong sister
aoki williams
aoki williams Prije 4 dana
James the thing about December 18, 2020 is true you ended up meeting so many good people and TikTokers who are actually real friends. In short James you found your people
Saira Thani
Saira Thani Prije 4 dana
Me waiting for December 18th which is almost exactly a month from now......
Julia H
Julia H Prije 4 dana
"It seems like 2020 is gonna be a really good year for us" This did make ma laugh.
Leiling Rankin
Leiling Rankin Prije 5 dana
he posted this on mi bday
Majorie Prije 5 dana
I listening to the videos bc ima Gemini and this is so TRUEE TEA--
Majorie Prije 5 dana
I’m a Gemini 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I so happy
E J Prije 5 dana
One month until the mysterious December 18th 2020 date. Grab your popcorn sisters 🤷‍♀️
ItsAnya Playz
ItsAnya Playz Prije 5 dana
Islande Barton
Islande Barton Prije 5 dana
Imagine James Charles having an Only Fans 😂🤣
MaRaya Gilbert
MaRaya Gilbert Prije 5 dana
if you dont believe in GOD than I can't follow sorry
strawberry. flowers
strawberry. flowers Prije 5 dana
me in clas: talks fast teacher:w-what can u repeat that? me: O n O SRSLYY ok.. 2 + 4 = 6 times 4 = 24 so its 2 4 my mind: GOD
strawberry. flowers
strawberry. flowers Prije 5 dana
james: O-O. also him: O-o_oMAH god T-t-T-THats i mean that that's true 10 seconds later ... DriViNg!? litallery about 20 or how much seconds later: oH t-thats like rhs is like very accurate!? 0 o 0
strawberry. flowers
strawberry. flowers Prije 5 dana
strawberry. flowers
strawberry. flowers Prije 5 dana
Unicorn Mads
Unicorn Mads Prije 5 dana
I'm a gemini too yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy
Kendal Shuff
Kendal Shuff Prije 5 dana
I’m a Gemini too
Emma Allen-Ryan
Emma Allen-Ryan Prije 5 dana
Omg I am a Gemini ♊️
Yara Maya Andraos
Yara Maya Andraos Prije 5 dana
Indeed it is a terrible year James
iiwxnterwonderii Prije 5 dana
♉️taurus squad--------->
Ruby Macleod
Ruby Macleod Prije 5 dana
Me: Gemini also me:loving a routine
X x. Charlie .x X
X x. Charlie .x X Prije 5 dana
Yay ur a Gemini like me!
Preyasi does stuff
Preyasi does stuff Prije 5 dana
Hello Omg
Zoe-Selene Norris
Zoe-Selene Norris Prije 5 dana
pls do tarus u stay here??? wow thx
Cassandra Gils
Cassandra Gils Prije 5 dana
Every Gemini person shall like this comment
Tierra Littlejohn
Tierra Littlejohn Prije 5 dana
I ain't going to lie James but I never knew you was a Gemini
SiJo And
SiJo And Prije 5 dana
james: 2020 is going to be a great year! 2020: NOPE
Celine Yang
Celine Yang Prije 5 dana
Who's watching in Quarantine- I promise 2020 is SO NOT GOOD..
Kronos The Warrior
Kronos The Warrior Prije 5 dana
13:08 Bruh I’m a Gemini and it’s currently November 2020 and let me tell you this prediction is so accurate it’s kinda crazy. I have never been this depressed in my life and I’m learning who I am in the inside during this time in quarantine. Hopefully I will love who I’ll become at the end of this dark phase in my life cause I’ve been crying everyday multiple times a day so yeah. Maybe I’ll be a charming and happy Gemini by 2021.
Savannah Heldenbrand
Savannah Heldenbrand Prije 5 dana
James saying that 2020 is gonna be a good year is the funniest joke I've heard in a while, I'm laughing thru my mask😂😵
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