I'm Filming My Own Reality Competition Show... & I Want YOU To Be In It!

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! I am SO excited to announce that I will be filming and executive producing my VERY OWN BEAUTY COMPETITION SHOW for HRpost Originals & Brian Graden Media. This has been one of my biggest dreams since I started making videos! We are casting the BEST of the BEST micro influencers to compete in real challenges that will test not only their makeup skills, but everything that it takes to be an influencer. 6 will compete, but only one will be crowned and take home an insane prize package, including $50,000. GOOD LUCK!
• You MUST be 18+, a legal resident of the US, and have an active HRpost channel (at least 6 videos in the last 3 months)
• Upload your self-taped & edited chit chat get ready with me no later than Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 11:59PM PST on your HRpost channel.
• Uploaders must demonstrate strong expertise in the beauty space and a passion for educating and inspiring others will be considered for participation in the show, and also must ensure their videos comply with the HRpost Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
• Tag your video in the description with #jamescharlescasting on HRpost to show the world you've got what it takes.
• Finally, visit jamescharlescasting.com, fill out the basic information INCLUDING YOUR HRpost VIDEO URL, and submit!
For beauty community fans, make sure you check out the hashtag #jamescharlescasting over the next week and tell us who YOU want to see on the show! Thumbs up your favorite videos, support your favorite artists, and let your voice be heard.

Edgar Duran
Edgar Duran Prije 14 sati
ello, can u hear me?
ello, can u hear me? Prije 8 dana
not this being 1 year ago today
Rose Addante
Rose Addante Prije mjesec
omg that is so cool
Active Chupsie
Active Chupsie Prije mjesec
Love the outfit
RUBY Castillo
RUBY Castillo Prije mjesec
im so proud of u in ever thing ps love u lol the back round music
NICK MOORE Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey James my name nicholas Moore my Instagram is La.Onik_ with the 20k giveaway i would pay off my grandmother insurance and with the rest of the money i would head for my dream to be a makeup artist and HRpostr i would be so grateful for the opportunity and my grandmother would too
Josh Werner
Josh Werner Prije 2 mjeseci
well it happend... and it's amazing
aniya simon
aniya simon Prije 3 mjeseci
I wanna be in it
* theslmy *
* theslmy * Prije 3 mjeseci
wow, come here after the Instant Influencer finale and literally every comment that was written 8 months ago talks about "Strashme" (and also about the other participants) like omg, everybody knew she has to be on the show and now...she win!!
Mikaylah Hueston
Mikaylah Hueston Prije 3 mjeseci
Who’s watching this like they haven’t already seen all the episodes already😭
Ameya Makkar
Ameya Makkar Prije 3 mjeseci
I think james should limit the age to 14 because there are many teenagers who want to be on the show and me myself want to be on the show but can't and he should also try and make it international..... Let's tell that to James dear teens....
Emily smith Beauty blog
Emily smith Beauty blog Prije 3 mjeseci
Faye Robinson
Faye Robinson Prije 4 mjeseci
all the comments say “choose strashme” and now she’s the winner ahah
Maighan Ariel
Maighan Ariel Prije 4 mjeseci
So did we all just forget about this?
Lexi Lemon
Lexi Lemon Prije 4 mjeseci
Anyone watching after Instant Influencer season 1 is out?
Denice Chriscelle
Denice Chriscelle Prije 5 mjeseci
the way this comment section picked two contestants who literally made it to the show
Let’s React
Let’s React Prije 5 mjeseci
Cough* cough * instant influencer cough*
Dominic Gillen
Dominic Gillen Prije 5 mjeseci
Spoiler: strashme
Wilma Nordanstig
Wilma Nordanstig Prije 5 mjeseci
Autumn Jeffers
Autumn Jeffers Prije 5 mjeseci
I am young but I LOVE makeup and in pretty good I would love to be on instant infuser even if I lose I would love to be on it
Reese Forbes
Reese Forbes Prije 5 mjeseci
Who’s here after instant influencer Season 1?
That'sDani Prije 6 mjeseci
literally didnt know he had a shirt on lol anddddd yea
Irene Ruhana
Irene Ruhana Prije 6 mjeseci
Y’all must be time travelers
I don’t want Subscribers
I don’t want Subscribers Prije 6 mjeseci
This was 6 months ago omg
beowyrt Prije 6 mjeseci
strashme won
Re Re
Re Re Prije 6 mjeseci
Josie Thomas
Josie Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
EVERYONE INDIGO MADE IT, from the future
Kellypixiegirl Prije 6 mjeseci
Any one here from 2020 when the series came out and reading the comments seeing them on and aaaa
Eimantas Prije 6 mjeseci
everyone: *choose strashme!!* strashme: **wins the show**
PauPau Vlogs
PauPau Vlogs Prije 6 mjeseci
Aishaaa Prije 6 mjeseci
who’s here after ashley (starshme) won ?
Avocado Forever
Avocado Forever Prije 6 mjeseci
who is after Instant Influencer
Sarah Longeway
Sarah Longeway Prije 6 mjeseci
I know about him because flamingo
Katherine Deegan
Katherine Deegan Prije 6 mjeseci
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo Prije 6 mjeseci
Who’s here after it was filmed and fully released??
hippielongg stockings
hippielongg stockings Prije 6 mjeseci
please do season 2 next year
hippielongg stockings
hippielongg stockings Prije 6 mjeseci
so awesome you did this
Laya kanafani
Laya kanafani Prije 6 mjeseci
Whos watching after watching the whole show of instant influencer and knowing that strashme is the winner?
labli Prije 6 mjeseci
and now, the competition ended successfully. we need a season 2 pleaseee!! btw, congratulations to ashley aka strashme 💗✨
You tea Tube
You tea Tube Prije 6 mjeseci
Well, CONGRATS to Asheley 😂❤️🇲🇦
Jandrex Bitun
Jandrex Bitun Prije 6 mjeseci
Who’s here after the finale🤧💕
Joelle Rivera
Joelle Rivera Prije 6 mjeseci
James, for the next season I feel like the requirement shouldn’t be a HRpostr, but can also be TikTok, Instagram, ect!
Jaylonrc Prije 6 mjeseci
mark my words .... I WILL BE ON SEASON 2
Aroosa Malik
Aroosa Malik Prije 6 mjeseci
I wish this was done for people from the UK as well 😭. It was an amazing show !!!!!
Rhea Sinha
Rhea Sinha Prije 6 mjeseci
Who is here after Strashme won!!!
Zaphax Prije 6 mjeseci
Ashley won. Periodt.
Yasmin Platková
Yasmin Platková Prije 6 mjeseci
Hi, I'm new here ✨ Can I ask why I the intro (2:07) is ,,Chares"??
ffion Lorraine
ffion Lorraine Prije 6 mjeseci
Can you do this next year when you come to the uk please!!♥️😘🥰😍☺️😚😁🤗
Simply dust
Simply dust Prije 6 mjeseci
Dang James ur nose looks snatched I am jelly I suck at makeup no matter what I do I am 12 :p
Vaneeza Sheikh
Vaneeza Sheikh Prije 6 mjeseci
lucy dunn
lucy dunn Prije 6 mjeseci
I really want to me an influencer and I am trying really hard and am loving instant influencer because it's really fun and exciting but it helps alot and was wondering if there was any other advice you could give someone who is just starting to get out there doing makeup
Gabrielle Manalo
Gabrielle Manalo Prije 6 mjeseci
When James' hat is whiter than his wall...
frances o'connor
frances o'connor Prije 6 mjeseci
Who's watching this after the show came out?
frances o'connor
frances o'connor Prije 6 mjeseci
Seeing all the comments about indigo when he just got eliminated makes me sad
Astha Jain
Astha Jain Prije 6 mjeseci
You brought a revolution 😍 , please if it happens in india 😍
ATAG vlogs
ATAG vlogs Prije 6 mjeseci
Who all are watching this after watching INSTANT INFLUENCER?! I AM.... epideode 2 (latest) ⭐️⭐️😊😊😊
Boiii Prije 6 mjeseci
Who is here after episode 1 and 2 of Instant Influencer? just me? ok lol
Reagan Smith
Reagan Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
you picked the right people
Jasmin B
Jasmin B Prije 6 mjeseci
My friend tried and got rejected 😭but I still love your channel❤️
C H Prije 6 mjeseci
I like strashme the most then kailyn then Benny.
C H Prije 6 mjeseci
sneha shrestha
sneha shrestha Prije 6 mjeseci
Strash me❤️
Raquelle Prije 6 mjeseci
whos here after the first two episodes
Leah Cavie
Leah Cavie Prije 6 mjeseci
Instant influencer is so amazing
peachy chills
peachy chills Prije 6 mjeseci
You need to see that “strashme” girl she’s stunning
bella Prije 6 mjeseci
she’s literally in the show
marwaosm Prije 6 mjeseci
'Strashme' deserves the spot. She's well-spoken, charismatic and INCREDIBLY talented. She's the best
bella Prije 6 mjeseci
the show was filmed months ago
Anna Blink
Anna Blink Prije 7 mjeseci
Strashme, Indigotohell and Kailin Chase are my top 3
Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia Prije 7 mjeseci
Alicia Spotted Eagle
Alicia Spotted Eagle Prije 7 mjeseci
Love you Sis ❤️
Zaria Gavins
Zaria Gavins Prije 7 mjeseci
At 0:09 you can hear how excited James is
iiDarlixy Prije 7 mjeseci
Am I the only one watching this when instant influencer is screening tomorrow!?
Jennifer Vita
Jennifer Vita Prije 7 mjeseci
U need to have Blue Proctor! He has all that you need, BIG PERSONALITY, VIBE, STYLE AND TALENT AFF.
Ciara williams
Ciara williams Prije 7 mjeseci
Will it. Be on Netflix
Savanna Jo
Savanna Jo Prije 7 mjeseci
Anyone else here during quarantine???
Alan Cantu
Alan Cantu Prije 7 mjeseci
The happiness in his eyes aww
Vanessa Lott
Vanessa Lott Prije 7 mjeseci
James I hope the sister bring it be ready for anything don't be afraid to say bye sisters😈
shrekscrumptiousthighs Prije 7 mjeseci
What’s the show gonna be called
sallu kamara
sallu kamara Prije 7 mjeseci
But sister can the people that are younger than 18 can they do
sallu kamara
sallu kamara Prije 7 mjeseci
But I am not 18 or older
Jean paul Xd
Jean paul Xd Prije 7 mjeseci
We are 7 days for it to come out
Aracely Tapia
Aracely Tapia Prije 7 mjeseci
Aracely Tapia
Aracely Tapia Prije 7 mjeseci
Strashme!!!! pleaseee
King Bunny Goldmen
King Bunny Goldmen Prije 7 mjeseci
Thanks for making it free
sallu kamara
sallu kamara Prije 7 mjeseci
How do you get in your competitions
siimplycarrie Prije 7 mjeseci
No one James: *excited about a tv show* Me: excited that I got robux ;-;
luke k
luke k Prije 7 mjeseci
you see the thing is, i would love to do this. but i am twelve and live in the uk. soooooooo yeah. maybe next season?
Rin Adashi
Rin Adashi Prije 7 mjeseci
Shelby Jensen
Shelby Jensen Prije 7 mjeseci
Like your video james charles and your hot
Camila Zarate
Camila Zarate Prije 7 mjeseci
U should have Jeffrey star
Lena art plastique
Lena art plastique Prije 7 mjeseci
What date does the show start
Mmvg Xhncd
Mmvg Xhncd Prije 7 mjeseci
Evelyn Boron
Evelyn Boron Prije 7 mjeseci
Not 1 million views
bunny craft
bunny craft Prije 7 mjeseci
James I am so mad at this youtuber named Sloan he came at me and your influencer Benny UGHHHHHHHH
makeupbylewis Prije 7 mjeseci
Why 18 mehhhhhhh
sub me for a cookie
sub me for a cookie Prije 7 mjeseci
Strashme and indigo to hell is on his show
Nathanial Brown
Nathanial Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
Anybody here after the trailer came out
Bickley’s time C
Bickley’s time C Prije 7 mjeseci
Where can I watch this
Bickley’s time C
Bickley’s time C Prije 7 mjeseci
Sorry just found it
Hailey Benstine
Hailey Benstine Prije 7 mjeseci
alfie dodman
alfie dodman Prije 7 mjeseci
Ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo excited
bbrinell Prije 7 mjeseci
dang it james...im 13 ughhh im so mad
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