Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation... FINALLY a match?!

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I try out and review the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation! It's a medium coverage dewy finish which could look beautiful... or oily... the range also comes in 50 shades... will I find my perfect one?! Enjoy and let me know what you think!!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Hamad Anewer
Hamad Anewer Prije 4 dana
Ella’s Corner
Ella’s Corner Prije 8 dana
James I love you so much all of your make up looks that you done are amazing🥰🙂😀
Ella’s Corner
Ella’s Corner Prije 8 dana
James I love you so much all of your make up looks I have you Don are amazing🥰🙂😀
Erin Valenzuela
Erin Valenzuela Prije 28 dana
yall saying he has a pink undertone,,pale ppl just pinker in the face than body so we need neutral toned foundations to cancel it out lol but agree this was too yellow and dark..still decent tho
eleonora ferragni
eleonora ferragni Prije mjesec
unpopular opinion:he doesn’t have a pink undertone,his face is very pink (just like nikkitutorials) but the rest of his body looks neutral
Travel & Food
Travel & Food Prije mjesec
Adelina lien rexhaj
Adelina lien rexhaj Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayyyyyyyy off.
สําราญ แซ่ลี๊
สําราญ แซ่ลี๊ Prije 2 mjeseci
NICK MOORE Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey name my name is nicholas Moore my Instagram is La.Onik_ i would the opportunity to be one off the 100k giveaway winner's what i would i do with the 20k i would pay off my grandmother insurance and with the rest of the money i would follow my dream to be a makeup artist and HRpostr influencer i promise too you and you gonna be pound of me in the future
SHAHISTA PARVEEN Prije 2 mjeseci
You're girl
Mufassel Bapary
Mufassel Bapary Prije 2 mjeseci
Anam Zara
Anam Zara Prije 2 mjeseci
Romina Witschnig
Romina Witschnig Prije 2 mjeseci
I really can't relate to all those negativ comments....I think this foundation looks awesome and matches his skin tone really, really good💖
Amaija Grussing-Neitzel
Amaija Grussing-Neitzel Prije 2 mjeseci
what mascara are you using!?
Hayden Hyde
Hayden Hyde Prije 3 mjeseci
It looks great.
Murali Vasu
Murali Vasu Prije 3 mjeseci
Grace Jones
Grace Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
I love that one I feel like that one is the best!!!!!!!
Isabella C. Leon U.
Isabella C. Leon U. Prije 3 mjeseci
Everyone watching this in 2020 be like if you liked it so much then why didn’t you use it in your recent videos
Emily smith Beauty blog
Emily smith Beauty blog Prije 3 mjeseci
Phoebe Gardner
Phoebe Gardner Prije 4 mjeseci
i feel like although to us the foundation is WAY off bc of the lighting it may look very different on camera compared to in person
Janeth Prije 4 mjeseci
Love your brows!!!!!
Mills Prije 4 mjeseci
omg james your stunning
Lauren Bierly
Lauren Bierly Prije 4 mjeseci
I have never watched a video from you before and now I'm wondering where the heck I've been lol. You are absolutely freaken adorable! Totally loved this review!
Aen Zaelani
Aen Zaelani Prije 4 mjeseci
Pik ni mkou. M mo. M . . ,,, X,,, G KY H. M NN LMNGHJHBBBBHB BGJHEV
Kirit Kkk
Kirit Kkk Prije 4 mjeseci
Larkin Fricke
Larkin Fricke Prije 5 mjeseci
Ok, I really think that James should go in natural lighting. Cause we all know that he need to used pink undertones! Which for him would look really great, James has a great time finding yellow/neutral undertones! But it is his decision. But no matter what haters will find a way to hate on this beautiful man! I love James he always helps with make up!! I love you James! Thanks sister for giving us content to watch
Among tutoriais FF
Among tutoriais FF Prije 5 mjeseci
Nihan Ahames
Nihan Ahames Prije 5 mjeseci
I want dealership in Bangladesh . But how can i process
Mya Rae
Mya Rae Prije 5 mjeseci
James I know many people are saying to use a pink undertone foundation but it’s possible you might be neutral and that’s why it’s harder to find the right undertone. Neutral undertones are in the middle but you might lean one way more than the other. Go with a cooler neutral and it might work!
Sampath Ramunugonda
Sampath Ramunugonda Prije 5 mjeseci
J m8
harli Prije 5 mjeseci
to save you some time, this was basically flashback mary, the remix
Roxana Andrei
Roxana Andrei Prije 5 mjeseci
to be honest I know im late to comment but this foundation fits him perfectly. he can't do a pink undertone foundation because his chest and neck are different colors than his actual face. this foundation looked so gorgeous on him!!
cringy animations
cringy animations Prije 5 mjeseci
I like you but why u like girls? Im girl u can by girl ok...
Chloe Ralston
Chloe Ralston Prije 5 mjeseci
cringy animations umm wtf are you trying to say?
BH Melody
BH Melody Prije 6 mjeseci
Okay I know a lot of people are hating on him but in my opinion the foundation that he chose today matched him quite perfectly as it goes with his natural skin much better than his usual foundation AND he has said MANY times that he likes to be a bit tanner than his regular skin! Which it was a bit tanner than his regular skin! In my person opinion, did good sister James 😌
HairlessFeline69 Prije 6 mjeseci
I find people cuter without makeup. Call me weird, call me a naturalist. I know what i like
lucy duncan
lucy duncan Prije 6 mjeseci
he clearly preferes how he looks with a warmer tone and i honestly think it looks alright thats his personal preferance i dont see whats so hard to grasp😔
Estela Navarro
Estela Navarro Prije 6 mjeseci
I loved it and you need to do more reviews
Isabella Dollar
Isabella Dollar Prije 6 mjeseci
It looks fantastic
Paola Montero
Paola Montero Prije 6 mjeseci
I always wonder what does he do with all the foundations that he has but doesn't use, like the darkest ones. Also the final look is beautiful.
QueMeVezWey Prije 6 mjeseci
S PinChe morrillo
Karli Karli
Karli Karli Prije 6 mjeseci
It looks so good!
Alex Fry
Alex Fry Prije 6 mjeseci
You need pink undertones
Alex Fry
Alex Fry Prije 6 mjeseci
Forget that
Aayushi Singh
Aayushi Singh Prije 6 mjeseci
Is it for dry skin??
sachi patwardhan
sachi patwardhan Prije 6 mjeseci
Me knowing NOTHING about makeup: ...what's a pink undertone?... ...I think you look good?...
Satu Rajak
Satu Rajak Prije 6 mjeseci
The bank
Shookkxxkie Prije 6 mjeseci
yall rlly said *Ⓒ︎Ⓞ︎Ⓟ︎Ⓨ︎ Ⓐ︎Ⓝ︎Ⓓ︎ Ⓟ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓢ︎Ⓣ︎Ⓔ︎* in these comments🥱
Sravanthi Raju
Sravanthi Raju Prije 6 mjeseci
Ada Prije 6 mjeseci
12:12 ok but sis has already facetuned that pic so what do we know
Ada Prije 6 mjeseci
**still can’t find his shade match**
Ada Prije 6 mjeseci
”wow it looks really really pretty” everyone in the comments: are you sure about that
Ada Prije 6 mjeseci
*Still didn’t find his match* 😂
megan mccollum
megan mccollum Prije 6 mjeseci
James: “This is a perfect match for me” HUNTYYYY YOU ARE ORANGEEEE. 😩😩😩😩
amber trow
amber trow Prije 6 mjeseci
If u guys this this is orange u will faint if u see me lols
Pari Mahi
Pari Mahi Prije 6 mjeseci
Chloe De Nys
Chloe De Nys Prije 6 mjeseci
Why is everyone yelling in the comments..? 😓 I’m scared halp
Victoria Alessandri
Victoria Alessandri Prije 7 mjeseci
hi James would you like to do my makeup?
frances kay
frances kay Prije 7 mjeseci
And here I am getting my 5 $ foundation at rite aid! Hahhaa lovveee u James!
Breanna Bell
Breanna Bell Prije 7 mjeseci
This video helped me pick out mine! I love when you do foundation reviews 💋
Ava Miller
Ava Miller Prije 7 mjeseci
This is my favorite foundation 😍😍😍
mr amaz ing
mr amaz ing Prije 7 mjeseci
how the duck did i get here and i am guy
Fahrin Aftavi
Fahrin Aftavi Prije 7 mjeseci
Ohh wow what a match 😑😑
Evee Hopper
Evee Hopper Prije 7 mjeseci
I like the foundation
Shanta Haque Rojoni
Shanta Haque Rojoni Prije 7 mjeseci
He is dam cute
sujit kumar mandi
sujit kumar mandi Prije 7 mjeseci
Makayla Hyslop
Makayla Hyslop Prije 7 mjeseci
SIS U ARE PINK!!! XDD u have gotta get a diff one!
Berivan Gencheva
Berivan Gencheva Prije 7 mjeseci
Biestu junge oder Madchen
Amanda Prije 7 mjeseci
This is the best foundation you have ever worn you should ONLY use this it makes you look BOMB
Marissa Riggs
Marissa Riggs Prije 7 mjeseci
James just because we’re watching you through a camera doesn’t mean we can’t tell that YOU HAVE PINK UNDERTONES NOT WARM!!!! AND YOU ARE LIGHTER THAN YOU THINK!!!!
ƬψƬΩiiXinnex Prije 8 mjeseci
You look better without makeup. No offence.
Lena Lou
Lena Lou Prije 8 mjeseci
You are literally pink haha find a foundation with pink undertones!
Hayaann N Roy
Hayaann N Roy Prije 8 mjeseci
Hayaann N Roy
Hayaann N Roy Prije 8 mjeseci
Hayaann N Roy
Hayaann N Roy Prije 8 mjeseci
toni trovato
toni trovato Prije 8 mjeseci
I think he has neutral undertones and has some redness he’s trying to cancel out by going a little too far to the warm side. I really don’t think he has predominantly cool undertones to his skin like everyone is saying.
toni trovato
toni trovato Prije 8 mjeseci
Ps. This foundation is beautiful
Laura Starbrooks
Laura Starbrooks Prije 8 mjeseci
Looks one shade too dark
DiseasedToes Prije 8 mjeseci
4:56 "light weight" and he puts Mariah Carey 😂😂😂
Desire Amaraz
Desire Amaraz Prije 8 mjeseci
Shit looks good idk why everyone’s being so harsh
alivia breanne
alivia breanne Prije 9 mjeseci
Everyone is saying you need pink undertones but it blends in and matches the color of your hand, neck and chest so I think it looks really pretty. Just keeping it positive sis!
Chanel van Os
Chanel van Os Prije 9 mjeseci
You talk Sooooo fast...
Karlie Lucente
Karlie Lucente Prije 9 mjeseci
Can you please do a review on Becca light shifter concealerplease please please please I just bought it and I want to see what you think because I have not used it yet
JL2805 Prije 9 mjeseci
James: Release your inner artist Me: Release your outer beauty
screeuich Prije 9 mjeseci
boy, just take some tomato sauce. nothing's gonna match your pink undertone.
seem ugale22
seem ugale22 Prije 9 mjeseci
It tu
Mariam Revia
Mariam Revia Prije 9 mjeseci
James: Fingers cross Also James: ✌
Cherry xx
Cherry xx Prije 9 mjeseci
i dont think that color is matching to your original skin at all , its way to yellow but u just like it.
Liss Alexandra
Liss Alexandra Prije 9 mjeseci
James you can Atleast tan your body if you do want your face to be a little bit warmer
Alessandra Oliveira das Neves
Alessandra Oliveira das Neves Prije 9 mjeseci
Você é muito lindo🇧🇷
Даша Павук
Даша Павук Prije 9 mjeseci
почему он так похож на моего краша?
Даша Павук
Даша Павук Prije 9 mjeseci
я имею ввиду когда Джеймс Чарльз без макияжа,то он похож немного на моего краша
Sage Bennett
Sage Bennett Prije 9 mjeseci
It looks amazing James don’t let the comments get to you! ❤️
callie johnson
callie johnson Prije 10 mjeseci
oop 6:16
Nabi입니다 Prije 10 mjeseci
He has kind of a mixed type of skin. I see both pink and warm undertones in his skin. I think the foundation looks great! If he's going for cancelling de redness of his skin, I think it's a great choice
M Prije 10 mjeseci
Everyone: JAMES YOU NEED PINK FOUNDATION Me: 6:14 that finger...
Evelyn Prije 10 mjeseci
Please James. Your undertone is PINK not YELLOW.
Camila D`Aquila
Camila D`Aquila Prije 10 mjeseci
Your skin looks beautiful!!
Moon Star
Moon Star Prije 10 mjeseci
أين العرب
Kãtÿ Łęśłęÿ
Kãtÿ Łęśłęÿ Prije 10 mjeseci
I’m a beauty blender person to, your not the only one sister lol 😂
Оксана Николаева
Оксана Николаева Prije 10 mjeseci
что-то опухший
Ornela Xhindole
Ornela Xhindole Prije 10 mjeseci
You love mekaup video super looks James you mekaup so beautiful color super look the best new year 2020 Happy James you love mekaup Artist yyyooouuu lllooovvveee ♡♡♡♡☆☆♡♡♡♡
layla meek
layla meek Prije 11 mjeseci
“This is good!” James every 3 seconds
peter sksk
peter sksk Prije 11 mjeseci
6:14 james rlly be flipping us off huh
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