DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup

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James Charles

Prije godine

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to DM 100 of my favorite celebrities and ask them to pick products for my makeup routine! Will anyone actually answer? Will the finished look come together? Enjoy as you watch and find out!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Sophie Beurklian
Sophie Beurklian Prije 2 sati
James u a celebrity
Superman 7477
Superman 7477 Prije 15 sati
How do you type and look at the camera HOW
Nicole Harper
Nicole Harper Prije dan
im only watching this again because i forgot what happened and because i seen shawn mendes on there 😂
Clare Vlogs!
Clare Vlogs! Prije dan
Who's watching this in 2020? 👇
RIDE nmrikirainy
RIDE nmrikirainy Prije dan
That was freaking that it's like it always happens with people when he saying "let's see what she suggests "hahaha literally great 😜
Tisha Arora
Tisha Arora Prije 2 dana
Who's watching this video in 2020 👇Like if u miss 2019
Mohammed Abdur raheem
Mohammed Abdur raheem Prije 2 dana
why james can't live without using buttt
Nabila Tabassum Aishy
Nabila Tabassum Aishy Prije 2 dana
Masha Allah...U look soooo beautiful & gorgeous.... Real gorgeous!!!!! U r my most favourite artist!!! U r my inspiration 😊... Love u❤️😘 * Just in case u didn’t know we say Masha Allah to those who we find the most beautiful & for them to not get jinxed by a evil eye...
Karsyn Borel
Karsyn Borel Prije 2 dana
“Imagine a video with me and Paris Hilton” me thinking about Instant Influencer
Nomuhle Muteweri
Nomuhle Muteweri Prije 2 dana
He talks so fast wtf
Luna Bailey
Luna Bailey Prije 2 dana
anyone who noticed that how FAST he talk is how FAST he type😳
Iyah Guevarra
Iyah Guevarra Prije 3 dana
can u do a vid dming Filipino celebrities and they will choose ur makeup
Anonymous Sushi
Anonymous Sushi Prije 3 dana
Imagine having cardi b on speed dial, love that.
Aida Abraham
Aida Abraham Prije 4 dana
James u are lit.....
Aida Abraham
Aida Abraham Prije 4 dana
Camila cabello
aishah _14
aishah _14 Prije 4 dana
Imagine he was dming lilnas x and yesterday he did his make up😧
Mr. Lucid
Mr. Lucid Prije 4 dana
Are you male or female ? 😕
ZAYNAB SYED Prije 5 dana
legit, when i think makeup, i think james charles
andrian fernandes
andrian fernandes Prije 6 dana
Kathryn borges
Kathryn borges Prije 6 dana
The Kim’s palate look hot 🔥 literally lol 😂!
The mix
The mix Prije 6 dana
you need Chapstick lol
Nazifa Tasnim
Nazifa Tasnim Prije 6 dana
19:58 to 20:05
Analee Dcosta
Analee Dcosta Prije 6 dana
Whoo James types so damn fast
Here .. A celebrity is dming a celebrity . 🤭
Cornelius Potato
Cornelius Potato Prije 7 dana
omg haha don't let children get a hold of Kim's pallet
Holly Broderick
Holly Broderick Prije 7 dana
I think james is the best at makup james plz respond😀
black_. bangtann
black_. bangtann Prije 7 dana
Everyone: reading what james is typing Meanwhile me: focusing on how his nails are giving a very satisfying sound while he is typing.... p.s. I LOVEEE YOUUUU JAMES💖🌍
paybae 4life
paybae 4life Prije 5 dana
@Swagger tf did i do b*tch
Swagger Prije 5 dana
@paybae 4life stfu
paybae 4life
paybae 4life Prije 7 dana
Mari Visses
Mari Visses Prije 8 dana
U have to do this with Brazilians celebs pleseeee
shyamolie parekh
shyamolie parekh Prije 8 dana
the sound of ur nails tapping ur phone is so darn satisfying love it!!
bastian salgado
bastian salgado Prije 9 dana
Pone los subtitulos en español po carlos👨🏿‍🦲
Purple_ Dog
Purple_ Dog Prije 9 dana
Like ur outfit
Huzaifa Zakiyudeen
Huzaifa Zakiyudeen Prije 9 dana
But you are a celebrity so are you going to DM yourself
Chloe Was An Impostor
Chloe Was An Impostor Prije 10 dana
James Charles: The most famous person on the planet right now Me: WhO's tHaT
Spongebob Circle pads
Spongebob Circle pads Prije 3 dana
loubna loubna
loubna loubna Prije 10 dana
Only generiaton of 90s and 2000s know who paris hilton is lmaoo genertion of now doesnt know
loubna loubna
loubna loubna Prije 10 dana
Tumbnails is fakr
Saanvi Parupudi
Saanvi Parupudi Prije 10 dana
James: just casually DMing celebrities and them replying Me:
149_Rakshita Ramaprasad
149_Rakshita Ramaprasad Prije 11 dana
wow, cant believe he was just 20/21 in this video. QMGFKSHIH. so proud. i'm here being left on seen //
mercedes lauv
mercedes lauv Prije 11 dana
I lovvveeeeee Camila and James💓❤️
Shailatul Ashraf
Shailatul Ashraf Prije 11 dana
Wow!! With WHITE background? You are just glowing!!!
Shailatul Ashraf
Shailatul Ashraf Prije 11 dana
I love you sooo much sister!!!!!!!!!!!
It’sJocelyn Kelly
It’sJocelyn Kelly Prije 12 dana
Ariana grande next🥳
sondos monder
sondos monder Prije 12 dana
Every time i watch sister’s video i need to check the speed 😂😂😂
Nigel Simpson
Nigel Simpson Prije 12 dana
So why james type so fast🤣🤣😭
Candela Rosalia
Candela Rosalia Prije 12 dana
Sister james is really pretty ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
yo yo
yo yo Prije 12 dana
He's literally talk and type the as fuck💀
Roseeilish Prije 13 dana
Should I do that? 🤣
Indon Pundi
Indon Pundi Prije 14 dana
23:24 he really be looking evil in that ONE sec. My boo really smashin the look tho x
Haizel Macwan
Haizel Macwan Prije 18 dana
Y is his face redd
R!ley Prije 18 dana
You can look beautiful while lighting a match, thanks to Kim
Kylie Wagoner
Kylie Wagoner Prije 19 dana
Shay Mitchell as in Emily from pretty little liars??
Hemily Oliveira
Hemily Oliveira Prije 19 dana
Só vim pelo shawn mendes
꧁༒EVELYN CAMPOS ROMERO༒꧂ Prije 19 dana
James imagine I am 15 years old and I am Mexican and it took me 7 years to learn English and see this is my result I am your biggest fan and of all your sisters greetings and bye
Jada Winter
Jada Winter Prije 20 dana
James you should of been dming yourself love you sister🥰
Anna Auer
Anna Auer Prije 20 dana
Could you do a tutorial on Where you go to get your make up and what you use
Nikku Kumar yadav
Nikku Kumar yadav Prije 21 dan
15:17.. What did he just say😂😂
Bhumika Dubey
Bhumika Dubey Prije 21 dan
You look soo gorgeous without make up James 😘😘
Carmen Martínez López
Carmen Martínez López Prije 21 dan
He writes very quickly
Supu Prije 21 dan
I watched this video on 2x speed 💀 try it then thank me later😂😂
Izzy The Donut
Izzy The Donut Prije 22 dana
James: *clicks tongue loud * Sisters: YASSSSSS
Silan Akdeniz
Silan Akdeniz Prije 22 dana
Did Shawn mendes answered?
Fizzah Nadeem
Fizzah Nadeem Prije 23 dana
James: Casually DMs celeb's like it'd normal af Me: can't even talk to my maths professor
Clarinha Prije 24 dana
But your a celebrity
m ee
m ee Prije 25 dana
Imagine that he will like my comment maybe I'll have a heart attack at that moment
Pop King
Pop King Prije 26 dana
Please don't get mad but when I first saw james charles,I thought He was sam smith
Ananya Kannan
Ananya Kannan Prije 28 dana
try doing Indian full coverage makeup
Justin Bobb
Justin Bobb Prije 28 dana
James Gives Everyone a Crown. Ain't That Sweet. He Has A Lot Of Respect I See.
Esther Ghaly
Esther Ghaly Prije 28 dana
Emersyn Morris
Emersyn Morris Prije mjesec
Just wanted to say your the best and deserve so much more than you already do! Love you so much😘
MarleyMar1399 Prije mjesec
how much coffee did he drink before this?
Alessandra Yrala
Alessandra Yrala Prije mjesec
James, write to 100 fans now
Giovanna Souza
Giovanna Souza Prije mjesec
Kyla Coley
Kyla Coley Prije mjesec
james is an icon and when he dms cardi i went👁👄👁i love this sh*t
DeepRoblox Official
DeepRoblox Official Prije mjesec
Spanish You are so close to getting 23million subscribers! congts! ¡Estás tan cerca de conseguir 23 millones de suscriptores! congts!
DeepRoblox Official
DeepRoblox Official Prije mjesec
Noob en Among Us Y estoy bromeando ahahaahahahahahhahah ¿Puedes responder por favor por favor ????? Por favor
best time
best time Prije mjesec
Swaglilya D'msp
Swaglilya D'msp Prije mjesec
charlie magne corias
charlie magne corias Prije mjesec
Plxbzy Prije mjesec
I think its fast forwarded
Aayushi Singh
Aayushi Singh Prije mjesec
Dm Ariana grande for eyeliner
Miya ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ
Miya ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ Prije mjesec
Me:Dm-ing my favorite celebrity's Them:Ignore delete or block. James doing it. Everyone:YES 🤗
Arya Ramteke
Arya Ramteke Prije mjesec
the way he talks makes me nauseous.....idk i dont hate him but.............i cant imagine how much energy he is puting in his talk...
Am I the only one so happy that mbb was part of this vid ah love it
rehan razi
rehan razi Prije mjesec
i am not your sister
liza lovely
liza lovely Prije mjesec
Watch you're mouth when you can't watch mine jelous
Ajwad Alhussin
Ajwad Alhussin Prije mjesec
Why he talking so fast
MinMeowMii Prije 26 dana
@liza lovely the only said why he was talking so fast but go off
liza lovely
liza lovely Prije mjesec
Watch you're mouth when you can't watch mine jealous 😂
[ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ]
[ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ] Prije mjesec
As soon as he said i will be right back for something i got an add-
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee Prije mjesec
I did not he had sooooooo many famous connections wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww unexpected
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee Prije mjesec
I did not know (forget to type know)
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee Prije mjesec
The typing is ASMR
Roksan Shallal
Roksan Shallal Prije mjesec
You should make a video styling a bruh girl!!! It would be so cool
Natalia Grace
Natalia Grace Prije mjesec
Is it just me or do his eyes look gray? They look REALLY cool like that though
:3 hey cutiee you're beautiful
:3 hey cutiee you're beautiful Prije 5 dana
i think they re lenses
Kia Prije mjesec
his nails on the keyboard are how i'd imagine spiders to sound if u could hear them...
Angelia and Moon
Angelia and Moon Prije mjesec
Rihanna is literal my queen to sister
anna tck
anna tck Prije mjesec
i just hear his nails all the time on the phone that makes me crazyy ahahaha love this vid sister!
Mimi star
Mimi star Prije mjesec
as he talk so fast he also type so fast :0
Omatheentertainer Prije mjesec
Celebrites gasing up celebrities
أزو ام فهد
أزو ام فهد Prije mjesec
I Love you James
أزو ام فهد
أزو ام فهد Prije mjesec
I love you Jalame
Inchara S.P
Inchara S.P Prije mjesec
I still wanna know shawn reply....
Sehar Firdous
Sehar Firdous Prije mjesec
Collab with Ariana grande that will be so great I mean you both are same by nature I mean sweetest
Danely Chinchilla
Danely Chinchilla Prije mjesec
El comentario en español que buscas
Rachel K.
Rachel K. Prije mjesec
His nails tapping on his phone is literally its own ASMR
Hayley Colson
Hayley Colson Prije mjesec
Ok so James can text celebrities and they answer. and I text my mom and she leaves me on Read😹 Not cool mom Love you James ❤️❤️
Plxbzy Prije mjesec
You copied the top comment I-
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