Full Face Using ONLY a Beauty Blender & Instant Influencer Tea! 👀☕️

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I tried a makeup challenge inspired by Episode 1 of #InstantInfluencer! I did my Full Face Of Makeup Using ONLY a Beauty Blender and talk all about episode 1 of my show, what happened behind the scenes, the elimination, and more tea. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

cryidayz Prije 11 sati
Em Gonzalez
Em Gonzalez Prije 14 sati
James make more episodes of instant influencer please ❤️🥳✅
PotatoQueer Power
PotatoQueer Power Prije 2 dana
2:06 Booty sponge? 😂
Kai And Aries
Kai And Aries Prije 3 dana
I like the eye-shadow you did because you look like a butterfly/pretty. You look sister fabulous with and without the makeup
Luthfa Ali
Luthfa Ali Prije 4 dana
Sorry but that eyeshadow looks really bad sorry
Luthfa Ali
Luthfa Ali Prije 4 dana
Roses are red violets are blue I know you came to the comments And so did I
Sage ßabe
Sage ßabe Prije 4 dana
"Step sisters" James says to all dose haters 😌😌😌
I really need it in school and actually my Phone is HTC And we don't have enough money to buy a new phone so i hope James Charles that you'll see my message cause i really need it😢😷 I hope you'll give me a phone its ok if it's used already🙏🙏
Blister r
Blister r Prije 5 dana
Try only doing it with a beauty brush.
EmmEH_ Prije 5 dana
Why do people hate? Honestly it ain't getting you anywhere. You dont like it, YOU FREAKING DONT WATCH IT.
Leapin Leah
Leapin Leah Prije 5 dana
James: “this looks HORRIBLE” Me: “it looks way better than my good makeup looks😂”
Zara Khan
Zara Khan Prije 6 dana
What makeup was used for the show specifically? ( for each major look that was created)
tammy9 Prije 7 dana
I was inspired by James to do make-up
Little pink unicorn
Little pink unicorn Prije 7 dana
Can you do a doing my makeup blindefoolded?
Alani Michelle
Alani Michelle Prije 7 dana
Does anyone else think that James should react to Brittney's reaction to her elimination? She talks about her grandma and how it effected her competition, yes or no?
Maire Solorio
Maire Solorio Prije 8 dana
as usual james slayed !!!!!!!!!!
Unique Marin
Unique Marin Prije 8 dana
Me omg ur eyeshadow is butiful James hOrAbLE Me yeah yeah hOrAbLE not good it’s sucks yeah yeah uh huh
Unique Marin
Unique Marin Prije 8 dana
James talks about his sun burn Me sister James I’ve had a sun burn worse then that where I could not get dressed I had huge water blisters and now I have a lot of freckles on my shoulders I cried and could not sleep
CHARLIX RAE Prije 8 dana
U don’t deserve all the sister hate 🥺
SS - 06BD 776042 Beryl Ford PS
SS - 06BD 776042 Beryl Ford PS Prije 8 dana
Call them haters brothers
Harlow Egland
Harlow Egland Prije 8 dana
James after applying the eyeshadow: THIS LOOKS SO BAD Me: At least it’s better then I could do
Tina Randolph
Tina Randolph Prije 9 dana
Can I pls have a shoutout 😚😚😚😚😚
Tina Randolph
Tina Randolph Prije 9 dana
Your pretty with and without makeup I want to be you
Shankar Aralapura
Shankar Aralapura Prije 9 dana
In Kannada language we can say you chaos😜😜😜😴
Nicson Estrada
Nicson Estrada Prije 10 dana
Jalia Gomez
Jalia Gomez Prije 10 dana
I love your vids😁
Åxel Prije 10 dana
I just ate a grilled cheese. Not really related to it but it was really fucking good.
gachastxr rose
gachastxr rose Prije 10 dana
The foundation *NEVER* fits.
Amelia Tisler
Amelia Tisler Prije 11 dana
You should do a 24 hour challenge
harper grounds
harper grounds Prije 11 dana
guess what
Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor Prije 11 dana
The beauty blender said im no longer pink help
xXSunFlxwerXx Prije 11 dana
Ereri Riren
Ereri Riren Prije 11 dana
me re-watching this yt video, and seeing that the comment by Oliver has the the BEST pfp, its Light Yagami from the anime Death Note
Ereri Riren
Ereri Riren Prije 11 dana
there is also another anime one a comment by Lia, she has Yashiro Nene from Toilet Bound Hanako Kun
mukhom Prije 12 dana
Can someone tell me what is Jame's pronouns? 🥺
Kirishimauwu Prije 12 dana
Can i say that Norvina really reminds me of my teacher back in vocational school? we always had teachers who weren't trying to give us criticism and how to improve things in a serious manner only teacher that learned us that stuff sadly she retired. Like telling us how we have to present a product and how we sell a product etc. it really brings me back honestly
Sophia Diamondgirl
Sophia Diamondgirl Prije 12 dana
Is it just me, or does James lowkey look like charli damelio in the intro of this video? Just me, ok
Aiza Swan
Aiza Swan Prije 13 dana
Hi idol🥰💪🏼😱😘👏🙏
Kiara Santiago
Kiara Santiago Prije 13 dana
Jamesss we need a season 2 when r we going to have a next seasonnnn?
Faray Siddiqui
Faray Siddiqui Prije 13 dana
James is really honest in these challenges like he sprayed setting spray on his face and he accepted that he cheated. James is so cute 😊
CrazyMe Prije 14 dana
It’s not bad
Gaming All the time
Gaming All the time Prije 14 dana
Sad times
sophia payne
sophia payne Prije 15 dana
what beauty blender are you using!?
Paisley Townsend
Paisley Townsend Prije 16 dana
🤓 I hate my self
Alice Godfrey
Alice Godfrey Prije 15 dana
Dont! I’m sure you are an awesome person and I hope can learn to love yourself 😘
Paisley Townsend
Paisley Townsend Prije 16 dana
James you are amazing
YessIts Kersten
YessIts Kersten Prije 16 dana
Me being black not having to where sunscreen🤪😜😌❤️❤️😇🤩 no offense💕
Todd Dude
Todd Dude Prije 12 dana
Lmso hell yah
Adelaide Burger
Adelaide Burger Prije 17 dana
Why do you use color corrector?
Xx BunNyxX
Xx BunNyxX Prije 17 dana
To whoever is reading: your awesome and Unique! Have a blessed day, and may all your dream come true! Mine is to grow my HRpost channel and make others happy with my content.
Ash & Madi Vlogz
Ash & Madi Vlogz Prije 17 dana
James: I was working with a team of professionals so I didn’t want to mess up Me: SIS YKU ARE A PROFESSIONAL
- bread Queen -
- bread Queen - Prije 17 dana
80`s went hello James:oh hell no
TrinityLeila_Minty Prije 18 dana
Indigo was my favorite :( sad he had to leave not too long into the season but respect your decisions .
Leyla Cisneros
Leyla Cisneros Prije 18 dana
Me: the eyes are actually really- James: TERRIBLE Me: um.. yea really terrible
Boo and Bubbles Gacha
Boo and Bubbles Gacha Prije 18 dana
I feel like James Doesn't need makeup but James you do you boo
thewillyhub Prije 18 dana
Sophia Boyden
Sophia Boyden Prije 19 dana
JBitzz Prije 19 dana
James was such an incredible host on the show. I was amazed by his professionalism, and even more shocked by his age! I'm a decade older than him but I have a lot I can learn from him. I'm excited for the next season 👏🏻
Landri Fergerson
Landri Fergerson Prije 20 dana
me:this should be a trendy makeup look james:this looks horible me IF THATS WHAT SHE SAID like if agree👍
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 21 dan
TheRagingSiren Prije 21 dan
His hair reminds me of a bloomi'n onion and that makes me hungry
Veronica Ndoro
Veronica Ndoro Prije 22 dana
He forgot to colour corret 3:33
What’s in Chimmys hand
What’s in Chimmys hand Prije 22 dana
I love watching make up videos, but I don’t wear makeup😂😂
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 21 dan
A lot of us are lol
Audrinna Camerino
Audrinna Camerino Prije 22 dana
ik this is late but when i watched it it got me into makeup and im 10
Crafty Mels
Crafty Mels Prije 22 dana
mak cun
mak cun Prije 22 dana
James should make a video where he follows a clowns makeup routine-
Cecelia Morrissey
Cecelia Morrissey Prije 22 dana
Faith Lucas
Faith Lucas Prije 23 dana
He’s sooo positive
Sr 123
Sr 123 Prije 23 dana
Full face using only your eyeshadow palette
Liliana Liendo
Liliana Liendo Prije 24 dana
Did u know that the name of the first episode on instant influencer is the first episode name on dance moms??😁
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez Prije 24 dana
Do a 5 minute crafts vids I would love that
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 21 dan
He did
Crafty Mels
Crafty Mels Prije 22 dana
He did
Lina Liza
Lina Liza Prije 25 dana
I feel like a really good challenge on instant influencer would be giving the contestants an very broad idea and then they have to make a thumbnail and a specific title and then have James choose one he would click on. Tehehe 😊
Megan Tucker
Megan Tucker Prije 26 dana
I don’t know if ur gonna see this James but I think u should do a video of saying yes to one of your friends all day btw love ur vids
Kate Lloyd
Kate Lloyd Prije 26 dana
James finally changed his pfp😂
Lyn Griffin
Lyn Griffin Prije 27 dana
Hi ..if you ever get burned again heres a tip from a sister-grandma....soak in an oatmeal bath. Yep..oatmeal. Put any oatmeal except instant in a zip lock bag ..seal it...poke holes in it several times with a fork on both sides then squeeze water through . Your bath water will look milky . You can leave the bag in water and if you need to take some out and apply the paste to your face, etc. The result is amazing! You will still be red BUT you will not hurt nor peel ! Works best if you do this within 24 hours of sunburn.
Hunter Gentry
Hunter Gentry Prije 27 dana
Me: likes the eyshadow James: this is terriblie Me: yes, yes absolutely horrid.
Bella’s Beauty
Bella’s Beauty Prije 28 dana
I’m like obsessed with instant influencer periot
Mel Calderon
Mel Calderon Prije 29 dana
My fav word right now is Sponge
Ashlyn Hammett
Ashlyn Hammett Prije 29 dana
It would be "America's got talent" not "American idol"
Titiluvs Kpop
Titiluvs Kpop Prije 29 dana
am I the only one that loves James' freckles? I wish his foundation didn't cover them :((
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 21 dan
We mostly all do.
allie builds
allie builds Prije mjesec
James charles you should do more make up and do a morning routine for ne for i can see how you go with your morning routine
Kynzlea Lewis
Kynzlea Lewis Prije mjesec
Every time I walk in my classroom EVREYONE says HI SISTERS and I’m like omg
Chloe Strole
Chloe Strole Prije mjesec
(James)- talking Me-getting so satisfied with him doing makeup
iiiTxrtle Blss
iiiTxrtle Blss Prije mjesec
James! Boise- it is pronounced boy sea! It’s in Idaho! Ly!
Mercedez Sherry
Mercedez Sherry Prije mjesec
I love love love the cute little Beauty spunge he used or his eyes shadow
Serena -
Serena - Prije mjesec
Hi James, I am an 11 year old wanting to get better at makeup and I need some tips on what to buy, please can you tell me some things u use ( it has to be available in the uk, I live there) x 💞💞 love your makeup btw ☺️☺️
Mood Prije mjesec
Hi! I just wanna say something... just because your favorite person or contestant get eliminated doesn’t mean you can hate a certain show or vid. This is just a opinion comment of mine!
Layahna Wehner
Layahna Wehner Prije mjesec
I seen that show it was fun
Animal Lover
Animal Lover Prije mjesec
Harley Banging your so correct
Joy Young
Joy Young Prije mjesec
James did you apply the mascara with your beauty blender?
Bertha Richards
Bertha Richards Prije mjesec
Instant influencer was awesome can’t wait till season 2
PeachesCovers Prije mjesec
James should try to do make up with only using one brush
kasialab31 Prije mjesec
Can you please do a video we re you put all the products on first and then blend it all at the end haha
balitang paka
balitang paka Prije mjesec
More like Norvina: Michelle visage
Lara Martinez López
Lara Martinez López Prije mjesec
It’s just me, or James Charles is super cute even without makeup?🤯
Ife Alicia
Ife Alicia Prije 4 dana
@Cherilyn's Arts yass queen
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 21 dan
Natural beauty is the most beautiful thing in the planet.
LARRAY 2nd account. Tee hee
LARRAY 2nd account. Tee hee Prije mjesec
VIDEO IDEA:james could try and do his makeuo with only foundation,so he should buy different colours of foundation and do his makeup with ONLY foundation🥺🦋love u sister james🦋
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร Prije mjesec
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร Prije mjesec
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร Prije mjesec
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร Prije mjesec
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร Prije mjesec
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร
ประกาศิต วัฒนะสิมากร Prije mjesec
Norah Brooks
Norah Brooks Prije mjesec
James: *uses setting spray* did I just cheat. Later: I added mascara Also James: this is a full face of makeup using ONLY a beauty blender. I men’s no hate I love James just thought this was funny
وتين العنزي
وتين العنزي Prije mjesec
❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ Min-jay on Sarah's side.
BxstieRxblxx Prije mjesec
I am watching the intro and all I am thinking is Omg James you are so beautiful with and without makeup. You are an amazing person and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You are the one person I aspire to be and I love you so much 🥰🥰🥰
Salam Najjar
Salam Najjar Prije mjesec
Can u give me a shoutout plz
Gloria Soké
Gloria Soké Prije mjesec
hi brother..
My Flexibility Journey
My Flexibility Journey Prije mjesec
It’s the natural freckles for me
Olivia Lieb
Olivia Lieb Prije mjesec
You should do more makeup of purple shades and u should do a challenge where you choose one brush one color and do one of everything
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