Puppy Picks My Makeup!

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to let my puppy, Finn, pick my makeup!!! 🐶He's seen me film a few beauty videos so I wanted to put him to the test and see what products he would pick... Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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MONA Prije sat
هذا الي باقي تسال كلب
Angelina Lopez
Angelina Lopez Prije 2 sati
James ❤❤❤❤❤ Puppy 💖💖💖💖💖
Water Bottle
Water Bottle Prije 4 sati
Water Bottle
Water Bottle Prije 4 sati
Hehe ty
Lia Land
Lia Land Prije 4 sati
Lol what? Also I love ur videos
Autumn Mcdowell
Autumn Mcdowell Prije 5 sati
When r u let your new puppy pick ur makeup !!???
Sylvester Youngblood
Sylvester Youngblood Prije 5 sati
He is so smart
Zoe Phend
Zoe Phend Prije 6 sati
lila k
lila k Prije 11 sati
"Ok Finniagan" idk if i spelled that right...
14538-Leen Ahmed I Naaman
14538-Leen Ahmed I Naaman Prije 11 sati
James puppies are color blind
Teagan Palmer
Teagan Palmer Prije 12 sati
It has the color of the pecock
GUNKY CHICKEN Prije 12 sati
I think it's beautiful
BLACK PENK Prije 12 sati
في بعض الناس مثلك متحولين مثلن ساهر منذر والثاني مثل ساهر منذر و الثالث مثل ساهر منذر اني اقصد ساهر منذر
Cielo Newton
Cielo Newton Prije 13 sati
omg i cant stop looking at the puppy
mid night
mid night Prije 14 sati
You speak too fast but not to much👍🏾
Riso Mesaros
Riso Mesaros Prije 15 sati
Help trat fucking dog
Reagan Riner
Reagan Riner Prije 16 sati
I think you should try BB cream it is not to thick but not too thin.
Daphne C
Daphne C Prije 16 sati
Why do you want make-up
CHARLI D Prije 17 sati
•_• °_° ○_○ ●_●
CHARLI D Prije 17 sati
Elizabeth Hamblen
Elizabeth Hamblen Prije 17 sati
I acully like the red lip with it! It looks good!
Naitha M
Naitha M Prije 20 sati
YOU A boy are a gill you are not good by
Heather Pigeau
Heather Pigeau Prije 20 sati
Dogo cam shy
Aimee plays
Aimee plays Prije 20 sati
At 0:39 I LAUGHED SO BAD 3 mellisa your baby is three
Aimee plays
Aimee plays Prije 20 sati
lol i love the red lip with that i think it looks great with that
Emily Carmen Arreaza
Emily Carmen Arreaza Prije 20 sati
Dumb Robloxian
Dumb Robloxian Prije 20 sati
I tried this.. And my dog just smugedd it on her nose and got the whole house dirty and my pallet
Natalia Grzegorska
Natalia Grzegorska Prije 21 sat
Iove you
That Roblox world
That Roblox world Prije dan
Kelly Spinney
Kelly Spinney Prije dan
You know that dogs are color-blind so they can't see the actual colors of your palette
Isis De Heus
Isis De Heus Prije dan
Your Dog so cute
RayquazapokemonYT AJ
RayquazapokemonYT AJ Prije dan
He is so beautiful even without makeup, love you James!
txt STAN
txt STAN Prije dan
wth the red looks good with the green in my opinion.
KeniaPlayz 1
KeniaPlayz 1 Prije dan
I agree James red does not really go with the eyeshadow colors blue would
Mariano Sandoval
Mariano Sandoval Prije dan
I like your makeup
Mariano Sandoval
Mariano Sandoval Prije dan
I lke v the name viniendo
isabella sypniewski
isabella sypniewski Prije dan
hey James Charles I'm a big fan im9 but I texted you you sent me a link and it said I'm too young I had to be 13yrs old
Trinidad Camacho
Trinidad Camacho Prije dan
Try to do a video of you putting on little kids makeup
María José
María José Prije dan
Was so wear😁💋❤
Willie Sprolls
Willie Sprolls Prije dan
How do you do a make up as a dog
short gurl
short gurl Prije dan
Finn was so confused
Chelsey Kaylor
Chelsey Kaylor Prije dan
I thought you knew how to do makeup lollllllllllllll
Omg he looked like malifiscent I hope I spelled that right 😂
Michael St.pierre
Michael St.pierre Prije dan
I love it. I think the red kinda just a little goes with it like the size of a pea is how much it goes with.
Mersais Moore
Mersais Moore Prije dan
The dislikes were people who missed the like button 🧚🏽‍♀️
Hanh Catherine Vo
Hanh Catherine Vo Prije dan
awwwww I want a puppy
Audriana Roach
Audriana Roach Prije dan
The look looks like a beautiful Ivy lake, it’s cute! Not bad for a curious doggy,
Damarya August
Damarya August Prije dan
Is not that bad.....?😶😐😑🤭🤭😕😳😳😳😮😮😊😊😅😅 At least you look like a peacock 🦚........
EK blogs
EK blogs Prije dan
James: i love u puppy:I HATE YOU
EK blogs
EK blogs Prije dan
Me wut the he*l
EK blogs
EK blogs Prije dan
PuPpY:mOrE tReRtS
EK blogs
EK blogs Prije dan
The puppy: help meh plz James: HI SISTER me: I’m not hating
EK blogs
EK blogs Prije dan
What the fu**
Natalie Jensen
Natalie Jensen Prije dan
Og jeg er en stoooooooooor fan
Rebecca Harrow
Rebecca Harrow Prije dan
Yas rain is I feel like the only one who thinks that thnx James now I'm subscribed.
Rebecca Harrow
Rebecca Harrow Prije dan
Finn is
Rebecca Harrow
Rebecca Harrow Prije dan
Thanx typo
Rebecca Harrow
Rebecca Harrow Prije dan
The doggy is sooooo cute
Natalie Jensen
Natalie Jensen Prije dan
Fint hus
Rebecca Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence Prije dan
The makeup can be a peacock design
Sara Crever
Sara Crever Prije dan
Nora Johnson
Nora Johnson Prije dan
Big Brain
jacen harms
jacen harms Prije dan
I now you love doing your make up but you pretty just the way you are😙❤
Florida Demiraj
Florida Demiraj Prije dan
My dogs name is Finn - That’s crazy!
Isabel Alvarez
Isabel Alvarez Prije dan
Hi your dog is so cute do you mean telling me back hi
Clowntivites Prije dan
i feel like your foundation match for this video is ON POINT it matches your face PERFECTLY
Madeleine Sebastian
Madeleine Sebastian Prije dan
Finnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Etta Nguyen
Etta Nguyen Prije dan
Sister your dog is so cute 😍
Tiffany Montgomery
Tiffany Montgomery Prije dan
You are so wrong your makeup looks amazing if I were you I think the red lipstick matches so good Even now I barely know about make up and I'm only 7I want you everyday I love you James bye
Jamie Foos
Jamie Foos Prije dan
I think the eyelashes and I stuff is way better than your lipstick👄💄💋👁👅👁
Tashiry Maldonado
Tashiry Maldonado Prije dan
He talks so fast I love it
Yoselin Maldonado
Yoselin Maldonado Prije dan
Te pintas bonito
Araz Muhammed
Araz Muhammed Prije dan
aww when he was crying i felt so bad 🥺
Julian Kesia
Julian Kesia Prije dan
Ágúst Halldórsson
Ágúst Halldórsson Prije dan
Szwercel Playz
Szwercel Playz Prije dan
nice hairstyle!
Shreya Gupta
Shreya Gupta Prije dan
James why dont you recommend the products???...
Brynn McKenzie
Brynn McKenzie Prije 2 dana
It looks good cool but the red gives a pop
Rockafire Explosion Forever
Rockafire Explosion Forever Prije 2 dana
I like how the dog just sits down like nope not doing this today
Lele Capri and Jesse Baron
Lele Capri and Jesse Baron Prije 2 dana
Ur puppy is super cute!!!!
Samantha Neuens
Samantha Neuens Prije 2 dana
before typing this i read so many of the comments and laughed so hard at a lot of them
Haikyuu!! Fan
Haikyuu!! Fan Prije 2 dana
Oooh peacock color!
Mia M
Mia M Prije 2 dana
I mean the red isn’t that bad but it is also really bad at the same time
Brandy Hale
Brandy Hale Prije 2 dana
I love your dog
david vercoe
david vercoe Prije 2 dana
I don’t where my makeup anymore because my face is braking out .🤣🤣😒😒😒😆😆😆💋💄💋💋💋💋💋
DDDestinyFlower Prije 2 dana
James really said: *greenpoop*👄*greenpoop*
Joyce Lau
Joyce Lau Prije 2 dana
Hi James! I know you might never see this comment but just letting you know, I bought your palette just before Halloween and used it for my makeup on Halloween. It was amazing! I love the palette so much, the names, and shade! Have a good day! Bye sister! ❤️
Julianah Cena
Julianah Cena Prije 2 dana
The dog looks sad 😐 idk
Wheat_beat_careet_patite _37
Wheat_beat_careet_patite _37 Prije 2 dana
XD amazing pup is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
Lily Tate
Lily Tate Prije 2 dana
i loved how finnagon just like fell asleep on James’ shoulder!! he was like giving him a hug :))
Maisie REES
Maisie REES Prije 2 dana
James:And then ah…tune Me: *sees James face* *laughs* Me:randomly *stops laughing*
Misaki Ayuawa
Misaki Ayuawa Prije 2 dana
Thats cute
Stefania Dimoula
Stefania Dimoula Prije 2 dana
Awwww sooo... Cute Dog🐶💖💖
Jeanaleh Sumalnap
Jeanaleh Sumalnap Prije 2 dana
Can you use SIRI pls 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Joongi bOizzz
Joongi bOizzz Prije 2 dana
I've never seen anyone that talks that fast-
Tom and Jeri Frislie
Tom and Jeri Frislie Prije 2 dana
just for funsys lol
Louie Garcia
Louie Garcia Prije 2 dana
I love our makeup
ColeGlassner♎️♎️ Prije 2 dana
I can’t be the only one who loves the lip with this look so much.
ColeGlassner♎️♎️ Prije 2 dana
James should make a video where he uses all the shades in his palate in one eye look.
Joury Alshraifat
Joury Alshraifat Prije 2 dana
I like the look WITHOUT the red lips
TALIA Prije 2 dana
“what that was funny! ...?” HAHAHAHA i love james
Henley Hutchison
Henley Hutchison Prije 2 dana
*James talking to Finn as if he’s a human* *Finn walks away* James: He’s bored Also James * dieing inside*
Samantha Neuens
Samantha Neuens Prije 2 dana
you should have entered when you were typing that ngl
Bite Dughnut
Bite Dughnut Prije 2 dana
11 months 11m views
Olivia MacBride
Olivia MacBride Prije 2 dana
Your dog is so cute
Kayla Sheldon
Kayla Sheldon Prije 2 dana
Finn looks like the best calmest dog 😍
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