Reacting to Crazy Tik Toks About Me!

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's new video, I scrolled through Tik Tok to watch and react to some of the craziest videos about me. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Sashhkaam Varborovas
Sashhkaam Varborovas Prije 25 minuta
I like your yating your cute
GamerGirl09 Prije 2 sati
did anyone see his ring on his marrage finger bc i did or was it only me
Kim Velia
Kim Velia Prije 4 sati
Do part 3!
neveedah jafri
neveedah jafri Prije 5 sati
James i love youuu!!!!
Klemen Esber
Klemen Esber Prije 8 sati
i love the video editors.. omg they just make my day with the subtle jokes
• Neon Indie •
• Neon Indie • Prije 9 sati
Skip to 2:12 to see the first vid
Layla P
Layla P Prije 11 sati
Me:James do u have any brothers or sisters? James:I have 1 brother and 24.3M sisters Me:oof 😵
LillyGamer 123
LillyGamer 123 Prije 11 sati
But what if the bowl was plastic 😟
Emmery Beaumont
Emmery Beaumont Prije 11 sati
Hey James you are my 8dol you made me be inspired to do make up
Cloudy • Nightz
Cloudy • Nightz Prije 11 sati
5:02 shuper shishter 🦸🏻‍♂️
Marc Delvis
Marc Delvis Prije 12 sati
Lgunya dri indo dong
Chill_dude! Prije 13 sati
Hey sister
Johana Lasko
Johana Lasko Prije 14 sati
omg i love you so much and you are influencer and you made me do more makeup and I just love you.
Nigel Winans
Nigel Winans Prije 14 sati
Ngl the back of his neck looks like a tortilla🙈 James, sister I’m sorry but damn, you lookin like my lunch from Taco Bell.
Avocado Peeps
Avocado Peeps Prije 15 sati
How James talks:hey sisters! How I talk:HeY sIsTeRs...........LOL
Avocado Peeps
Avocado Peeps Prije 15 sati
Love you James!
low-key lexi
low-key lexi Prije 15 sati
Subscribe him
low-key lexi
low-key lexi Prije 15 sati
He mackes my day so much better
Isabella Is Awesome
Isabella Is Awesome Prije 15 sati
7:55 I knew it
Ta'Kori Phillips
Ta'Kori Phillips Prije 17 sati
make the prizes about 13 plz
X Little_lily X
X Little_lily X Prije 20 sati
You are marsh mello I know
Meggie Prije 20 sati
I have the lavender hoodie
Victoria Smyth
Victoria Smyth Prije 20 sati
90% of the comments: james should call his haters stepsisters 9% making joke about the video 1%saying the video was good
Aiza Aftab 4B
Aiza Aftab 4B Prije 22 sati
Oh god I was so scared when it was like “Hi SISTERS”
Bethel Assefa
Bethel Assefa Prije dan
Omg, why are they so BEAUTIFUL?!?❤️❤️❤️👉👈 👁️👄👁️
Meryll De Leon
Meryll De Leon Prije dan
the first tik tok GoT Me😜😜😜😜😜
Shiloh Owen
Shiloh Owen Prije dan
To James ❤️ I just wanted to thank you for everything. You mean the world to me and have helped me through a ton of heartbreaking situations. Every time i'm sad i always watch your videos and they cheer me up. you make my heart commence. it would be my dream to meet you in real life. don't let people drag you down just because of the way you are. you are beautiful in my eyes and God's eyes. god bless you. love you, James! From sister Shiloh. :') YOUR AMAZING and my IDLE 🤗✨
Jaxin _Gymnast
Jaxin _Gymnast Prije dan
@jamescharles I just love u omg
Kyleigh Graden
Kyleigh Graden Prije dan
James . IM NOT ..... Mickey mouse Me watching Tue scream . pissing my pants. Metaphorically speaking .
official JAY-DEE
official JAY-DEE Prije dan
roses are red violets are blue give me a shoutout and a date too from: upcoming kid rapper to : james charles aka wife
Genesis Alarcon
Genesis Alarcon Prije dan
This is so lol
Miley Upson
Miley Upson Prije dan
We need to start a petition to convince James to call his hater's stepsisters
almxnd milk
almxnd milk Prije dan
hey, I don’t wanna start any fights, but do y’all like James or Larray more?
Charlie Star
Charlie Star Prije dan
I just bought the classroom edition merch and my teacher asked me if I was a fan of James Charles i said YES
gamer god
gamer god Prije dan
London Leon
London Leon Prije dan
lol I like the first one
Naiela Riaz
Naiela Riaz Prije dan
My fav one was the last one. Also I love how James Charles doesn't let the hate get to him, he is such a amazing and positive person.
Quaraq Pitseolak
Quaraq Pitseolak Prije dan
The Wwe match it's called(sorry mom for the words)hell in a cell it's about the first person getting out of that and who ever went out first goes to wrestlemania
tumpa rupa
tumpa rupa Prije dan
I love how James is so positive and nice and cares about his fans. And he’s so pretty and perfect. Tehe
Tessa Prije dan
"How many sister do you want?" James: *"Y E S"*
Katie Banana
Katie Banana Prije dan
honesty i laugh so hard at hate comments on youtube bc girl this aint tiktok he not on your for page you clicked on his video
Purple Leaf
Purple Leaf Prije dan
Guys imagine if James Charles was striaght. That would be terrible.
NTTANOKO musics Prije 2 dana
Sorry james but i have to laugh this
Cari - Roblox
Cari - Roblox Prije 2 dana
*Hi sisters!* I'm James Charles! ♡
GAY GAY Prije 2 dana
Hi Sissy's
Elijah Scott
Elijah Scott Prije 2 dana
This is how many people wanna see you do mrbeasts makeup
xochitl garza
xochitl garza Prije 2 dana
Sister, explosiv direa is ne every day to (●’◡’●)ノ
S J Prije 2 dana
You funny when you upset😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😂😂😂
Snk ill
Snk ill Prije 2 dana
I feel like James is a girl cause he does so many makeover things
em burdett
em burdett Prije 2 dana
Cate Angel
Cate Angel Prije 2 dana
James charles should enter christie in the instant influencer if she would accept (I’m not forcing) but if she did she it will really impress the judges especially James:) remember: I’m not forcing :)
Alysah Hannaman
Alysah Hannaman Prije 2 dana
Toast Toast
Toast Toast Prije 2 dana
I love hating- I mean being honest. But people shouldn't hate on James: He's honest, funny, and talented! Keep up the amazing work James!! 🏳️‍🌈🤘✨
Elijah Pryor
Elijah Pryor Prije 2 dana
VlogErs Prije 2 dana
CAn you make James Charles dress up like a playboy
jamie tappenden
jamie tappenden Prije 2 dana
Junes my birthday
꧁•blq̸x̸k saturx̸n•꧂
꧁•blq̸x̸k saturx̸n•꧂ Prije 2 dana
“I’M NOT-..........................MICKEY MOUSE!” I died😂💀
Maria Leon
Maria Leon Prije 2 dana
Ty Fleming
Ty Fleming Prije 2 dana
Still waiting for that WWE match!
Isaiah Dillard
Isaiah Dillard Prije 2 dana
9:36 to 9:43 is iconic
Offical Jayyyla
Offical Jayyyla Prije 2 dana
That is what wwe does
Pepper mint
Pepper mint Prije 2 dana
Imagine being in his video
Unus Annus Will Be Missed
Unus Annus Will Be Missed Prije 2 dana
Just wanna tell you James that on TikTok, some kid that I swear is ten years old says your his cousin and how he will fight anyone who laughs at him.
Lemon. Char
Lemon. Char Prije 3 dana
Am I late?
Chloy Elena Leal
Chloy Elena Leal Prije 3 dana
Hey Sister!!!!!!
Technically Taylor
Technically Taylor Prije 3 dana
Petitioning for James to watch the flashback Mary criminal minds TikTok
Violet Gacha
Violet Gacha Prije 3 dana
On the sisters online shopping thing cam you add some like sports stuff cause I do dance and I want to wear a sister like sports bra and stuff
Maggie Fulton
Maggie Fulton Prije 3 dana
Hey James can you DIY a white switcher with makeup
Sarah Rotheker
Sarah Rotheker Prije 3 dana
I think James is the only HRpostr that I’ve seen, that gets almost the same amount of views as subs on a lot of their videos.
WolfyfoxB Jessica lam
WolfyfoxB Jessica lam Prije 3 dana
Good thing that I watch part 1
WolfyfoxB Jessica lam
WolfyfoxB Jessica lam Prije 3 dana
Btw this is how many times James tappp on her phone
Lindsay Stokes
Lindsay Stokes Prije 3 dana
James Charles does the best impression of James Charles 😂😂
Isabella Ezraeellian
Isabella Ezraeellian Prije 3 dana
James are you talking to me or your 24.2 MILLION other fans!?
Marina Prochmann
Marina Prochmann Prije 3 dana
he’s such a sweetheart, i wish i was friends w him
Sophia Jenks
Sophia Jenks Prije 3 dana
So, James I heard you had a brother? James: yasss So, any sisters? James: Hmmm... About 24 million? Uhhhh-
ac978 cifric
ac978 cifric Prije 3 dana
POV: you are scrolling through the comments while James is talking
CupgirlGamer Prije dan
Stop copying people's comments for likes
Milkaholic Prije 2 dana
Well someone copied a comment..
Niomi Prije 3 dana
James you uninspired me to be a makeup artist when I am older 😊
Kha'Niyah Figgins
Kha'Niyah Figgins Prije 3 dana
i dont have insta im only young but god bless you idc if i get ifluncer i hope someone how get it is happy :)
Danika Goodale
Danika Goodale Prije 3 dana
I love LOVE your intro
Giselle Torres
Giselle Torres Prije 3 dana
It's the dance moves for me👯‍♂👯💃🏽🕺🏽
Mia Moo
Mia Moo Prije 3 dana
I just sister subscribed! I used to watch you and now u found you again! See ya sister! I've been watching for 10 hours cya sisters xxx
Iliana Leah Farzam
Iliana Leah Farzam Prije 3 dana
are we not talking about the guy's username 'explosive dirrhea'
Maisie_wolfgirl gacha
Maisie_wolfgirl gacha Prije 3 dana
My friend said she hated you I punched her in the face and got detention 😞
miar banisalman
miar banisalman Prije 3 dana
OMG UR TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO POSITIVE btw ( thats why i freakin love you)
Anaczi Rivera-Fuerte
Anaczi Rivera-Fuerte Prije 3 dana
susan lindstrom
susan lindstrom Prije 3 dana
I feel like James is a girl cause he does so many makeover things
emily fanta
emily fanta Prije 3 dana
Jessica Clark
Jessica Clark Prije 3 dana
I love your content
Bella and Katelyn’s Accessories
Bella and Katelyn’s Accessories Prije 3 dana
I just wish these were more kid friendly :( for me I’m only 12 and yeah but love you channel
David Zamora
David Zamora Prije 3 dana
James I will be glad to commentate your match I know a lot about wreslting
Teo God_Yt
Teo God_Yt Prije 3 dana
Brooke Hoskins
Brooke Hoskins Prije 3 dana
The +10 excitement kills me every time 🤣🤣🤣
Chill Softi
Chill Softi Prije 3 dana
9:57 can someone tell me how to not wheeze at this and not wake my mom right beside me at 4am??
Hiba Almomen
Hiba Almomen Prije 4 dana
yaaaaas i wnat u and larray to fight duh🙄
Sanjana Syam
Sanjana Syam Prije 4 dana
not james charles vibing to singapore’s shopee 9.9 ad song in the first tik tok💀
Jackson Borden
Jackson Borden Prije 4 dana
Jackson Borden
Jackson Borden Prije 4 dana
The reason I’m like this is cause I’m southern ye haw
Jokey Quinn
Jokey Quinn Prije 4 dana
I really love how James aka sister , is being so calm than all the other youtubers no hate for others (youtubers) but James is the ultimate sister fr
Toad Lover64
Toad Lover64 Prije 4 dana
Bro I didn’t know James Charles was a Nintendo fan because I heard a Luigi mansion nosie
GachaMaddie L
GachaMaddie L Prije 4 dana
Tbh who the fk punch like ✊🏻(but tilted)
ProDevin Channel
ProDevin Channel Prije 4 dana
Why do you look like Charli d'amelio in the thumpnail?
Bunny Prije 4 dana
8:11 scared me 😂
ProDevin Channel
ProDevin Channel Prije 4 dana
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