Abby Lee Miller Teaches Me How To Dance

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James Charles

Prije godine

HI SISTERS! In today's video, Abby Lee Miller teaches me how to dance with the help of some of the girls from Dance Moms!! Will I learn the routine? Will we make nationals? Will I fight the moms?? Enjoy!!!
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cute girls
cute girls Prije 3 sati
I am a fan of dance moms ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Katerina Kaso
Katerina Kaso Prije 3 sati
Abby see you like:🙄
RASBERRY PINK Prije 7 sati
James charles fan and you sing so well
Ulises Villarreal
Ulises Villarreal Prije 7 sati
James Charles I love your makeup it’s so butiful omg
mags K
mags K Prije 12 sati
17:08 when lilly was sitting on abbys lap my heart melted 💓
Yasin Widjaja
Yasin Widjaja Prije 13 sati
Are you a girl
G_plazrblx Prije 14 sati
You trying
Marian Yousef Alazizi
Marian Yousef Alazizi Prije 19 sati
Are you a girl or a boy
VickyPlayz Prije dan
“This is the most pain ive ever ever been in” *shall we go back to your hair bleeching video?*
VickyPlayz Prije dan
I cant be the only one also trying to learn the dance
Alexis Stroup-S
Alexis Stroup-S Prije dan
I am a dancer and I have been dancing since I was either 4 or 5 years old and I love dancing so much and it will sometimes make you sore and it is the muscles that you where trying to wake up cause she of the muscles you use in dance are not used in every day life as much as you do in dance. (Sorry if reapeted a bunch of words)
Lara Cardoso
Lara Cardoso Prije dan
wow james wow
mysti Prije dan
such a big fan of you & Abby
mysti Prije dan
abby leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Brilee Mosiman
Brilee Mosiman Prije dan
It’s like when a baby takes their first steps
Surtees Kenzie
Surtees Kenzie Prije 2 dana
I have watched all abbys videos like I have watched all of James videos
AnnieTheGachaTuber Prije 2 dana
When a very awesome youtuber and a very awesome dance company with amazing dancers combined in a video.
Mia Smith Courval
Mia Smith Courval Prije 2 dana
I did a 100 squat change and um same i feel like the vain in my thise rubing on somthing like my bone
Lara Shamseddine
Lara Shamseddine Prije 2 dana
Krystle Zayas
Krystle Zayas Prije 2 dana
wait i saw ur paints and i look and i saw u did not have a dong ???- `-` ~-
Kamari Is lit
Kamari Is lit Prije 2 dana
Can someone tell me why Abby sit in that chair
Subhasis Patnaik
Subhasis Patnaik Prije 2 dana
Just for the sake of humanity. Just say "hi brothersss."
kyra hsu
kyra hsu Prije 3 dana
i think u should do Abby lee millers make for dance moms
IamJoeyGames Prije 3 dana
When people r a dancer watching this: omg he KNOWS ME HE FEELS MY PAIN James: I feel Abby’s dancers pain.
Mandy Loera
Mandy Loera Prije 3 dana
I love how you are so confident!
Kaci's Funny Life Hills
Kaci's Funny Life Hills Prije 3 dana
Who is linsing
Kaci's Funny Life Hills
Kaci's Funny Life Hills Prije 3 dana
Maggie Conatser
Maggie Conatser Prije 3 dana
Hi. I dance and that was really good for your first time.👍🏻
xAmbie N
xAmbie N Prije 3 dana
Cathy watching this like "man why didnt I think of this "
taylor-lillie bains
taylor-lillie bains Prije 3 dana
Omg I would llooooooovvveee to dance at Abby’s studio but I can’t which is so sad because I live in England and can’t really afford it which is really sad reply if you agree or don’t up to you
gabbi grace
gabbi grace Prije 4 dana
Lilly at 17:08 : Abby's little Angel.
CaRoL& iSa_UwU
CaRoL& iSa_UwU Prije 4 dana
Me wearing headphones during the vide: my ears *dying*
Taylor Comner
Taylor Comner Prije 4 dana
Imagine Larry doing this omg-😭🖐🏻
Selena Torres
Selena Torres Prije 4 dana
James: Are you shore?
F R Ã P Ë LOVER Prije 4 dana
At least I’m not the only one who loves dance moms
Julia Rangel
Julia Rangel Prije 4 dana
I love Abbylee she is on Danes moms
Tinna Sif Þrastardóttir
Tinna Sif Þrastardóttir Prije 5 dana
Go James!!!!!
Sue B
Sue B Prije 5 dana
Mia Dip
Mia Dip Prije 5 dana
I think if James would have a dance class for how long those girls are, he would be pretty good at it.(also I love dance moms)
Sean Allen Carellasa
Sean Allen Carellasa Prije 5 dana
Hi sister char
Sean Allen Carellasa
Sean Allen Carellasa Prije 5 dana
Hi sister i like your video
ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ
ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ Prije 5 dana
Your dancings so nice
ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ
ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ Prije 5 dana
This video is so funny 😂 and I love it 🥰🥰
ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ
ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ ꪮꪜỉꪗꪖ Prije 5 dana
I can't control my laughing 😂
Damia Batrisya
Damia Batrisya Prije 5 dana
me lokking like a maniac.......
Loomy world lai
Loomy world lai Prije 6 dana
Are u watching this in 2020?
Peyton Fleig
Peyton Fleig Prije 7 dana
I love how Lilly is in there lol
Irdeena Insyirah
Irdeena Insyirah Prije 7 dana
im scared for james 😭 im leaving x
Noe Gonzalez
Noe Gonzalez Prije 7 dana
Omg 😱 you did amazing job
heather martin
heather martin Prije 7 dana
I love you you’re the best HRpost on earth
FatoomH Kalalah
FatoomH Kalalah Prije 7 dana
Itzleana_Gaming Prije 7 dana
OMG I love this!!! your so lucky for this she is like my number one idol of dance!! lol
How To Gym
How To Gym Prije 7 dana
Yas queen Mrs.Charls do that straddle jump!!!
Zeinab Raad
Zeinab Raad Prije 7 dana
Omg this is the funniest video ever love u jeffre star
Becky Mattison
Becky Mattison Prije 7 dana
How is he stiff from such little amount of dancing😂 He should see what we do😂 BTW this isn't a hate comment😂
Hiyaa Papaya
Hiyaa Papaya Prije 8 dana
Do I see Ann(Hannah’s mom) in the window at 5:29?!
Courtney Lavaty
Courtney Lavaty Prije 8 dana
Im a hip-hop dancer at Viva in Tucson and i was like you for my 1st time for dancing so you did amazing nice job and i feel the pain
Hana Hussain
Hana Hussain Prije 8 dana
I was so scares to watch this becuase I knew it would be cringy.Sorry James no hate it was hilarious
Sridevi's Vlog
Sridevi's Vlog Prije 8 dana
U are dancing so good sister ❣️ I'm ur biggest fan. !! Pls give a heart and one reply pls sister 🙏🥺
Zero UwUz Playz
Zero UwUz Playz Prije 8 dana
2:24 me: gurl wtf the girl at the back with white and black Outfit WTF are those ~ girl what in up with those shoeses
Alina Attique
Alina Attique Prije 9 dana
Ok. but what i am wondering is why is Pressleys hair down i thought we all knew that WE COME IN REHERSAL WITH OUR HAIR UP!!! Poor chloe got scolded for that
Angel Jones
Angel Jones Prije 9 dana
lol popcorn time
Maddey_da_savage Prije 10 dana
16:24 I seriously can’t that part oh my God 😂 😆
celia ross
celia ross Prije 10 dana
why would you want to meet her she SOOOOO RUDE
imara fernandes
imara fernandes Prije 11 dana
Isla Mare Cruz
Isla Mare Cruz Prije 11 dana
the girl with the blue shirt is gianina and yellow shirt is lily k
•Lilbean •
•Lilbean • Prije 11 dana
Abby: James did awesome:Jill BUT MY LITTLE KENDALL
Brianna Coelho
Brianna Coelho Prije 11 dana
I literally don't think he did that bad.
ScarBee Prije 12 dana
also he said we are 16m strong...ik this is old and all but you have grown alot in 1 year LIKE A LOT
ScarBee Prije 12 dana
if James forgot this number on stage and just froze and started screaming OMG!!!! it would be horrible so james you will have to practice
Hailey Betts
Hailey Betts Prije 12 dana
i would be shy if i was james charles because i will meet Abby Lee Miler.
Ellie Valentines
Ellie Valentines Prije 12 dana
“You sound like our moms” I’m dieing BYE-
Shawntay Armstrong
Shawntay Armstrong Prije 12 dana
didnt know we like hanging out with problematic people from 2019-now but I love your videos tho
Mackenzie’s TV
Mackenzie’s TV Prije 12 dana
If I was James I would of been sooooooooo scared 😱 and where are they
Kamila Naranjo
Kamila Naranjo Prije 13 dana
Heyyy, sister yo sing girl soo good
Abigail Griswold
Abigail Griswold Prije 13 dana
I wonder what was going on in the girls heads right now
puppy gaca love
puppy gaca love Prije 13 dana
James Charles that siren is so rude 🤣
Abigail Griswold
Abigail Griswold Prije 13 dana
She is so nice is this compared to in dance moms
Abigail Griswold
Abigail Griswold Prije 13 dana
Abby is really nice when she is not on dance moms
Abigail Griswold
Abigail Griswold Prije 13 dana
I was sweating so much doing this I don’t know why
Abigail Griswold
Abigail Griswold Prije 13 dana
Omg I low how happy the girls are
Goldie Broudy
Goldie Broudy Prije 13 dana
can u react to this video?
Diana Petty
Diana Petty Prije 13 dana
Evry one : does split jump James : Im A sTaRfIsH
Diana Petty
Diana Petty Prije 13 dana
Jill: james is too old for these girls but my little kendal fits right in
Sistata Bajagain
Sistata Bajagain Prije 14 dana
OH my god!! its is so emberessing .... it happens to me at my dance class
Sergio Mendez-Reyna
Sergio Mendez-Reyna Prije 14 dana
yaassssss queen
Natalia Faria
Natalia Faria Prije 14 dana
Rachelle b
Rachelle b Prije 15 dana
hi sis new sister in the house
Nazia Ajmal
Nazia Ajmal Prije 15 dana
i hate james charles
Hind Aljanahi
Hind Aljanahi Prije 16 dana
My ears when they scream go like this🥳🥳🥳🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
Esmeralda Contreras
Esmeralda Contreras Prije 16 dana
Thank u for having went. Abee lee miller is a very good teacher doing all those steps in the way she instructed to do so is very effective way to get u to remember steps and build skill. Especially the way she taught u to do a jump split. I tried all of these things that u participated in the video I loved it and worked effectively to learn steps. 🤩
Justlovely Prije 16 dana
When I looked when this was made September 1 that was 3 months before 2020 happened...
lauren raymond
lauren raymond Prije 16 dana
y am i j now seeing this !
William Hipsky
William Hipsky Prije 16 dana
as a dancer I can tell you that the soreness is completely normal and you should be fine, the knees hurt like hell tho-
dla gaeming
dla gaeming Prije 16 dana
Caroline Creighton
Caroline Creighton Prije 16 dana
You are amazing YES 👍 ❤
Emily Fuerst
Emily Fuerst Prije 17 dana
nice job james
Hibiscus Happiness
Hibiscus Happiness Prije 17 dana
I love Abby she is the best
Bianca Oborne
Bianca Oborne Prije 17 dana
bro he just keeps screeching------ i love you James lol
Lena Konefal
Lena Konefal Prije 17 dana
James said in the outro that he was very sore and I never am when I dance because I dance everyday in dance class.
Theresa Eagle
Theresa Eagle Prije 18 dana
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