James Charles Takes a Lie Detector Test!

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, my friends sat me down and hooked me up to a Lie Detector Test and asked me all sorts of scary, juicy questions about scandals, dating, the beauty community, and more... Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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Matthewvazzeli Parreno
Matthewvazzeli Parreno Prije 12 minuta
Not y'all judging john.He has emotion too.He's just doin' his job,he is serious.Leave him alone that's why he's called a professional.
Fa Oulad
Fa Oulad Prije sat
John is like EVERYWHERE
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Prije 5 sati
God bless y’all! God loves y’all and so do I! ❤️🙏🏽
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese Prije 8 sati
"did you subscribe fan Only? " Jame:Yes Me: wait im your fan bru
Aarushi Singh
Aarushi Singh Prije 8 sati
isn't the guy with the lie detector on carpool karaoke??
Joslyn Prije 11 sati
Larry would definitely win in a fight. Did you see what he did to the dolan twins on tik tok
Sadie Ashton
Sadie Ashton Prije 11 sati
They can use polygraphs on Criminals it’s just not 100% accurate so they can’t use it in court
Budgie family
Budgie family Prije 13 sati
Larry does not care a heck on what he said. He is really funny
Lavender Gaming
Lavender Gaming Prije 13 sati
0:26 the dude in the back ground looks like he gave up on life lmao
24munni Prije 14 sati
This guy sees so many HRpostrs for lie detector test he look very familiar ik he’s in other HRpostrs vids
Xxloser_boixX Prije 17 sati
Bethany Holland
Bethany Holland Prije 18 sati
I wonder if The lie detector guy has any emotions...... I love how they keep coming for him
Nora&Everything Prije 20 sati
This poor man knows all these people’s deepest secrets 😭😭
Allen Joseph
Allen Joseph Prije 20 sati
It was f****** awesome 😂😂😂
Bopo Mofo
Bopo Mofo Prije 20 sati
I wanna watch this video all day
banadi baloch
banadi baloch Prije dan
hellow sisters
Khloe Zuelke
Khloe Zuelke Prije dan
Every one is mumbling in this video. I can't understand a damn word any of these guys are saying
free spirit
free spirit Prije dan
i love james personality He looks like a good and mature person. It does not matter what others say. I like this video and Larry and it seems the detector is smiling more than the previous times that I saw him before.
Fatima Williams
Fatima Williams Prije dan
“So you’re telling me this is all just from make-up?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fatima Williams
Fatima Williams Prije dan
“Lawyers and like court, probably“ 😂😂 Larray is funnyyyyy
Fatima Williams
Fatima Williams Prije dan
“James just solved crime” 😂😂
p e w i o d
p e w i o d Prije dan
Port John y’all tortured him😂
Maddi Unger
Maddi Unger Prije dan
I feel bad for the lie detector guy and the editor lol
Nikki Cole
Nikki Cole Prije dan
hi Charles I do not know how to send you a pic but can you copy the skills and make up💋💋💋💋 this is going to be on each cheek two lipsticks prayers🧝🏽‍♀️ your whole final but that’s what you have to look like if you don’t have it here goes another one👯‍♀️ still one kitty cat if that’s OK now bye
Oyu Gantulga
Oyu Gantulga Prije dan
James like 😬😑🤫😝
Oyu Gantulga
Oyu Gantulga Prije dan
James like I’m a bad boy 😅😑
Aubrey Campbell
Aubrey Campbell Prije dan
I would like if they didn't bleep out a lot of the things
Noah Duncan
Noah Duncan Prije dan
Noelle Jackson
Noelle Jackson Prije dan
I have a feeling the blurred out name at 9:19 is Bryce 😳🤭🍵
Ashley Cable
Ashley Cable Prije dan
What is an only fan’s account?
Abigail Lino
Abigail Lino Prije dan
Love your vids ❤️
Pamela Rose
Pamela Rose Prije dan
I love him I did feel bad for james tho cause his Face got super red on some of those ?s that were asked and I dont know I just didnt think it was that cool to ask some of them. Poor James I love you James and I support you
Noelle Jackson
Noelle Jackson Prije dan
Me: Hi what's your name! 😊👋🏽 Lie detector guy: Uh...lie detetor gu- I mean John? Jake? something like that 😐
Faithe Adkins
Faithe Adkins Prije dan
When half of Larry’s answers are censored 😂😂😂✨
Vida Zariab
Vida Zariab Prije dan
I want one more video like this 😢❤️
Komal S
Komal S Prije dan
The lie detector guy winked at james when they ask james do you like someone in this room.
KaoriRose Whyte
KaoriRose Whyte Prije dan
Poor John hearing all these things
Ok Prije dan
When larrays face went like 👁👄👁 to James last name 10:54 I legit was dying
Daisy S
Daisy S Prije dan
At 10:49 I couldn't stop laughing Larry was so funny
Matt Perez
Matt Perez Prije dan
Hi sister james
Melanie Gramajo
Melanie Gramajo Prije dan
The man. That says if it's a lie or not be like 👁💧👄💧👁
Maria Canavarro
Maria Canavarro Prije dan
After this James and Larray will be married
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts Prije dan
I love Larray
epic games
epic games Prije dan
my mans called james out within the first minute damn
Stixrv Prije dan
omg john is bAcKk n
ashley gardner
ashley gardner Prije dan
i wish i knew what they said in the bleeps
Miricales_do_ come_true
Miricales_do_ come_true Prije dan
Larray need to be next!!!! Watch he not gone be so bold no more lmaoo
Afran Ismael
Afran Ismael Prije 2 dana
When he say that is lie at first James doesn't have any thing on her
Sethu Chandra
Sethu Chandra Prije 2 dana
I cant with the lie detectors dude face HAHAHAH
solo g
solo g Prije 2 dana
6:03 Charli D'Amelio SHOOK
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery Prije 2 dana
I wish we could hear what Larry was asking 😜🤣
Little Kid
Little Kid Prije 2 dana
james is a bad ass
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery Prije 2 dana
Are you planning on firing any of your workers ??? " it's better not be the editor "🤦‍♀️🤣
T Se
T Se Prije 2 dana
Are you the top? I diiiieeeeed!!!!!
Gods Girl
Gods Girl Prije 2 dana
4:34 i’ve never shipped this more than I do right now❤️❤️
Ella Barrier
Ella Barrier Prije 2 dana
He said it was a lie but he wasn’t connected
Merry Almost Christmas
Merry Almost Christmas Prije 2 dana
OMG that was crazy! 😂 Lmao
ii_willow_ii Prije 2 dana
Me : 😓 My anxiety : 🤢😓
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Prije 2 dana
When the lie detector guy passes away WTH ARE HRpostS GONNA TO TO GET VEIWS ????
iiixNancy Prije 2 dana
The whole video: *bleeeeeeeeeeppp*
Nicolas Galloway
Nicolas Galloway Prije 2 dana
So i looked up James question on why this isnt used on criminals but apparently polygraphs aren’t accurate enough to be used in a courtroom and would be deemed as “inadmissible evidence” in case anyone was curious 😘
Norellies Molina
Norellies Molina Prije 2 dana
James you are the best singer ever love you James ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️
Julia Church
Julia Church Prije 2 dana
Larry is not afraid to speak
Abby Prije 2 dana
I like how at the beginning the guy said james was lying, but no wires were on him😂
DJ McKenna
DJ McKenna Prije 2 dana
Lets hook larry upto the lie detector test 👌
Ryder Carson
Ryder Carson Prije 2 dana
Has anyone ever seen this man smile...
notibusba teehee
notibusba teehee Prije 2 dana
Oof glamandgore
notibusba teehee
notibusba teehee Prije 2 dana
It's not always 100% right
Ariana Sheikh
Ariana Sheikh Prije 2 dana
Sandra Alayo
Sandra Alayo Prije 2 dana
Sandra Alayo
Sandra Alayo Prije 2 dana
Sophie Playz
Sophie Playz Prije 2 dana
James:I have done it with people that you don’t like the sisters:it’s Jeffry
Danil Майнкрафтерб
Danil Майнкрафтерб Prije 2 dana
Do you think Dixie stinks
MarMar C
MarMar C Prije 2 dana
John through the whole video: 😐
Erin McGuigan
Erin McGuigan Prije 2 dana
can u lie ? I'm bored ..
Tasdiq Ahmed
Tasdiq Ahmed Prije 2 dana
Need more!!!!!
Keziah Nicholas
Keziah Nicholas Prije 2 dana
Larray was the star
Gourab Mukherjee
Gourab Mukherjee Prije 2 dana
Yui- Chan
Yui- Chan Prije 3 dana
Damn this lie detector man knows all the tea
Alessandro Riccio
Alessandro Riccio Prije 3 dana
What you mean "with that been said" you cut the las 5 minutes hahahaha
Emmanuella Samson
Emmanuella Samson Prije 3 dana
Yajaira Melena
Yajaira Melena Prije 3 dana
Are u into black guys? James:yes i ship lil nas x and james♥︎♥︎ 👀
Winner Squad
Winner Squad Prije 3 dana
I wish I was there I want to l so what Larray said
Jonnay Porras
Jonnay Porras Prije 3 dana
Lily Clark
Lily Clark Prije 3 dana
bleep” bleep”
kunta sharma
kunta sharma Prije 3 dana
Wait the part where james was asked if he has ever hooked up w someone...he said yes but he also said that he has been single forever NOR he has had sex... doesn't make sense......
Laura Rivera
Laura Rivera Prije 3 dana
That guys filmed a vid with rebecca zamolo
Aries _
Aries _ Prije 3 dana
love his camera crew, they are so funny and amazing friends to James
olimaej Prije 3 dana
The lie detector person the whole time😐👍😐👎🏻
*SARAH* Megs
*SARAH* Megs Prije 3 dana
Ok go off I love John yes
Eva Gibbs
Eva Gibbs Prije 3 dana
I swear every HRpostr has the exact same man with his lie detector like how is he not famous famous
Bryson Hollis
Bryson Hollis Prije 3 dana
I wanna see the un-censored version owo
Lydia Rutherford
Lydia Rutherford Prije 3 dana
larray and james friendship is so interesting lmao
Mishal Mustafa
Mishal Mustafa Prije 3 dana
I ship Larry and james
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Prije 3 dana
I havent subs to james yet, and I wanted to but i had too much to do and I came onto youtube today and on my subs list there was james charles and i was like, BITCH even the universe wanted me to subscribe
cocos life
cocos life Prije 3 dana
somebody:james do you have sisters? james:yes somebody:how many ? james:25.5million somebody:turns to james's mum
Alexander Heilman
Alexander Heilman Prije 3 dana
I wonder if James gets bothered by negative reviews... and then looks at it in a statistical manner and sees that less two percent of his viewer do so. Although sure some is constructive and make him stronger and content better.
Daisy Francesca
Daisy Francesca Prije 3 dana
HRpost is getting real comfortable with these double non skip ads -_-
Whîte Røse
Whîte Røse Prije 4 dana
I now have the answer to the question I’ve been asking myself for months now....Sylvie never Brong the water (sorry for the grammar :/)
Mary Chuol
Mary Chuol Prije 4 dana
I love the way u r honest.
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