SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy!! 🐶

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! Today's video is a vlog of our journey getting a new puppy and best friend for Finn! We've been thinking about it for months now and we finally found the right addition to the family. Enjoy and suggest us names down below!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Allison Larson
Allison Larson Prije 26 minuta
i had a lab she died today
travis apelu
travis apelu Prije 37 minuta
how manny dogs do you have?
mel Prije 38 minuta
Did anyone notice that the last time her got a dog he wore a black shirt and got and a white dog and this time he wore a white shirt and got a black dog?
Josie Cox
Josie Cox Prije 40 minuta
The dog is so CUTE
Morgan Lizzy
Morgan Lizzy Prije 59 minuta
ur such a good makeup artist.
Olivia Suarez
Olivia Suarez Prije sat
in the question you said having dogs the older adopts the puppy so when you even slightly nudged the puppy it was Finn protecting the puppy
Among us Girl
Among us Girl Prije sat
I love the name thoe
Neri Fly
Neri Fly Prije 5 sati
whait the damn minute... At 11:38 he says ,,Hello you GUYS,, but whait... not a sisters? ... Komment bellow what do you think about this!
Abbie Heuker
Abbie Heuker Prije 6 sati
I’ll tell you a story about my cousins lab so she is Scott’s aka my uncle lab she is no very old and she’s so overprotective of Scott
Jasmine Alozyan
Jasmine Alozyan Prije 8 sati
So cute
Cynara Wright
Cynara Wright Prije 9 sati
📀The hey queen part 💿
Marley Clark
Marley Clark Prije 9 sati
Lil leo should be the name
Marley Clark
Marley Clark Prije 9 sati
If you want you dog to like water you get him paddling then put him in the water carefully
Marley Clark
Marley Clark Prije 10 sati
As soon as I seen him I was 🥺
Amy Martinez
Amy Martinez Prije 11 sati
[VERY IMPORTANT TIP!] if dogs dont get along never try to let them connect bc itl get them more aggressive
Ellie Gilbert
Ellie Gilbert Prije 12 sati
To teach dogs how to swim is... you go in the pool, then put their front feet first then back then go step by step ,then they will get in the water and end up liking it
Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams Prije 12 sati
You need to put them in the water until they get tired then and you have to hold them if they get tired they won't drowned and then eventually he'll give up about trying to get out and just get used to the water
Abigail Bonar
Abigail Bonar Prije 12 sati
My Dogs name is scout but it’s a girl and I agree it is such a cute name I would call the puppy that because it is a really cute name esspecially for black dogs I don’t know why I think it just suits black dogs better
Sportycake11 Prije 13 sati
You can’t put him into the water until he is reddy
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Prije 13 sati
Cole / Coal, Shadow, Kris / Chris
Haylee Bassett
Haylee Bassett Prije 14 sati
We have 4 labs and they are everything we could ever ask for we love them so much and you will love your pup to 😍
Triniti Johnson
Triniti Johnson Prije 14 sati
to train him give him treats to do something and take him in shallow water in the pool and then use yur hand to help him float in the water and yes get him a diamond collar.
Tina Tovar
Tina Tovar Prije 14 sati
he is sooooo cute both of them are love your vids :)sister hood forever!!!
Kimberly Bucknell
Kimberly Bucknell Prije 15 sati
Zara Adriana Cadag
Zara Adriana Cadag Prije 15 sati
maybe the name should be leo or aaron
iltlebit Prije 15 sati
nice ramen noodle shirt
MR. SHADOW Prije 15 sati
Finn and jake is a good name I know it is pretty late
Jordyn Johnson
Jordyn Johnson Prije 16 sati
I know that the puppy is probably bigger and my dog bandit and I like to play fetch and my other dog Bella she likes to stand in front of me because she is overprotective and Bella thinks bandit will hurt me .... but he really won’t. So maybe fin is just trying to protect you .
OofmcArt Prije 16 sati
lol “we are in a ve hicle
Chloe Oliver
Chloe Oliver Prije 18 sati
Note on how to get them to like water, bring them to a river or lake or a natural body of water, my labs never get in the pool but love the lake and river anytime we go
Chloe Oliver
Chloe Oliver Prije 18 sati
Heads up, labs eat anything and everything! KEEP YOUR MAKEUP CLOSED AND OUT OF REACH
Coco Booth
Coco Booth Prije 18 sati
Coco Booth
Coco Booth Prije 18 sati
Aiden.A YT
Aiden.A YT Prije 19 sati
Did he just say 'Pupper' :( Poor dog
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline Prije 19 sati
The tidy sampan micrencephaly suspect because stock naively admit outside a happy reminder. ignorant, uneven cornet
naomi edwards
naomi edwards Prije 20 sati
i like leo xx he is so cute me jellyx
Naimah Webb
Naimah Webb Prije 20 sati
lol why was james looking at the puppies pipi at 8:19 \
Klára Kalavak
Klára Kalavak Prije 21 sat
Hes so cute and i have a dog
Taylor Manternach
Taylor Manternach Prije 22 sati
Hey james, I have two labs and at first they wernt sure about the water and like 3 days later they loved it.
Sarah Eckert
Sarah Eckert Prije 22 sati
Mabby you can put a toy in the water
Heather Aurand
Heather Aurand Prije 22 sati
I know this is a little late for the dog but keep him outside as much as posable.
Heather Aurand
Heather Aurand Prije 22 sati
and when he does good at training give hime treats.
SxunFlowerSki Prije 22 sati
Maybe you should name him Shanely or Shadow!
Nate Carlson
Nate Carlson Prije 23 sati
i have a red lab
Sofia Parra
Sofia Parra Prije dan
cute pupy i lovee it
Sofia Parra
Sofia Parra Prije dan
im mom say i cant have one of my own
Trisha Rebullida
Trisha Rebullida Prije dan
Is James with Lewis? He always says “we”.
radja amira
radja amira Prije dan
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith Prije dan
If you put Finn on the leash and walk him all of the pool it might work we did t to my dog and it work he loves the pool
Ashley Desoto
Ashley Desoto Prije dan
Well I’m from the south, so our dogs don’t like the pool but they like the bayou. I think it’s the clear water and the reflection that Finn or your new puppy doesn’t like
Prisha Panchal
Prisha Panchal Prije dan
woww the puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute!
Eirinns unicorn squad
Eirinns unicorn squad Prije dan
This is not my profile picture
Eirinns unicorn squad
Eirinns unicorn squad Prije dan
Shout me out sister Jack
Lucy_Lives_Life Prije dan
I love your puppy James he is so cute! 💖💖💖
nia Rudra
nia Rudra Prije dan
Puppy name suggestion: Burgo OR Thor !!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Michelle Moody
Michelle Moody Prije dan
We’ve trained are dog to ring a bell when they want to go out so how we did it was any time they were show us that they wanted to go out we rang the bell for them for the first few days and gave them a treat when we rang the bell so they learned that the bell meant going outside and getting treats
mooluu furry
mooluu furry Prije dan
to make your dog like the water more hold but make sure it on its back in a relax state then just do that
Emily Carmen Arreaza
Emily Carmen Arreaza Prije dan
jaylen sanchez
jaylen sanchez Prije dan
jaylen sanchez
jaylen sanchez Prije dan
well you can hold them i guess and then they would feel more better
jaylen sanchez
jaylen sanchez Prije dan
# like my dogs
jaylen sanchez
jaylen sanchez Prije dan
HES SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sugercake :P
Sugercake :P Prije dan
What about ace? Idk
Meher Panchal
Meher Panchal Prije dan
1:56 see at the left
Pollett Esparza
Pollett Esparza Prije dan
you should name him theo
kit Tiwari
kit Tiwari Prije dan
too cute
Derrik Tyson
Derrik Tyson Prije dan
Sama Ali
Sama Ali Prije dan
“Maybe we’ll get u a diamond collar” I’m laughing so hard
Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham Prije dan
When was this
HEY JUD Prije dan
Louis having a freak out with Finn while James is like "Everything is OK! :D" *happy smiley noises* edit: BRUH HE WENT IN BOY
Tim Fleming
Tim Fleming Prije dan
Omar Dominguez
Omar Dominguez Prije dan
U should name the pup Coal
Nainoa Kamau
Nainoa Kamau Prije dan
🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 so cute
Rasleen Kaur
Rasleen Kaur Prije dan
We throw our dog in our pond and he's perfectly fine with it.
Ke Bell
Ke Bell Prije dan
name it scout my dogs name was scout so that might just be like feels but i like scout
Alice Rendell
Alice Rendell Prije dan
Give them treats while in the water
Kristen Vaughan
Kristen Vaughan Prije dan
You should probably use treats to get him used to the water
KaoriRose Whyte
KaoriRose Whyte Prije dan
Can you do a Theo picks my makeup?
KaoriRose Whyte
KaoriRose Whyte Prije dan
When Theo moved in front of Finn Finn was like “OH SHOOT HE CAN MOVE”
Chariece Wagner
Chariece Wagner Prije dan
👇🏾 this many people saw the truck with the dog on it while the were talking about dogs
Kathryn Costello
Kathryn Costello Prije dan
at 1:55 look next to James it is a dog truck with a dog on it
Alexis Drolet
Alexis Drolet Prije dan
anyone notice that James’ hair has been the same color as his new dog two times in a row. Like uhm alr
lexi land
lexi land Prije dan
i have a lab called goerge he is 10 years old and in dog years he is 70 years old but he's really fine
Jasmine Randazzo
Jasmine Randazzo Prije dan
8:16 go to that cause his hair
Mackenzie Herring
Mackenzie Herring Prije dan
If u want the dog to get use to water give he two bath a week
White wolf
White wolf Prije dan
How you make him drop things you drop a treat so he can learn how to drop it and then it might help with his training. Can i get a shout out
Yara Saade
Yara Saade Prije dan
RoDenisa 284
RoDenisa 284 Prije dan
Are you going to keep him
that dumb gay friend
that dumb gay friend Prije dan
Alexa Reno
Alexa Reno Prije dan
Ellen Vincent
Ellen Vincent Prije dan
you just keep putting him or her next to the water
Ellen Vincent
Ellen Vincent Prije dan
I do not know my pup loves the water
Ellen Vincent
Ellen Vincent Prije dan
sooo cute
Ellen Vincent
Ellen Vincent Prije dan
Madelyn Pykonen
Madelyn Pykonen Prije dan
I love it
LO LS Prije dan
Hi sisters
Summer Jones
Summer Jones Prije dan
Okay so my dog oscar HATES swimming but he started when I helped him. Try getting the dog a floater to go on and say come or something and he will probably just jump off and try swimming to you and if he doesn’t like it mount him back up to the float is and try again
name the doge jake because adventure time finn and then adventure time jake
Kimberly Smyth
Kimberly Smyth Prije dan
The baby is soooooooo CUTE OMG i want to meet you all OMG
Arianna Kaul
Arianna Kaul Prije dan
You have 2 dogs I have 3 dogs
Phoebe Gregory
Phoebe Gregory Prije 2 dana
whats his name????
Alayna Zook
Alayna Zook Prije 2 dana
James are you a girl
Alayna Zook
Alayna Zook Prije 2 dana
Joanna Carson
Joanna Carson Prije 2 dana
James is a boy
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