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Chris whiteley
Chris whiteley Prije 9 minuta
James:spiders have 8 legs
dino bala
dino bala Prije 10 minuta
beautiful talented people!
Alina reyes
Alina reyes Prije 10 minuta
Åvakin Renee
Åvakin Renee Prije 10 minuta
Not with Madison...
aia the pimp
aia the pimp Prije 11 minuta
I don’t know a lot about her and I’m not a fan or anything but DANG she’s pretty
•Gloomy Rose•
•Gloomy Rose• Prije 11 minuta
James not just good at makeup hes also good at drawin on faces
Mateo Baker-Djele
Mateo Baker-Djele Prije 11 minuta
the frogs are in the basket
ela mika
ela mika Prije 11 minuta
sorry james but, ✨NO✨ NOT madiZONE 💋😍❤😘❣
Amanjot Toor
Amanjot Toor Prije 11 minuta
madison is so pretty 😍
Wendy Jerry
Wendy Jerry Prije 11 minuta
oh my God 😱😱😱
Faith Massamba
Faith Massamba Prije 11 minuta
Wait doesen't it look like the snapchat filter or is it just me bc😐
gamimg and cubing with mahabub
gamimg and cubing with mahabub Prije 12 minuta
My finger nail grew berey big and beautiful
Ariana's Queen Content
Ariana's Queen Content Prije 12 minuta
I have something to make ur day *"it's gonna look famous,cuz your famous"* 🙂
ᴠᴇᴅɪᴋᴀ ᴋᴀᴛᴏᴄʜ
ᴠᴇᴅɪᴋᴀ ᴋᴀᴛᴏᴄʜ Prije 12 minuta
Okay...but madison's jawline is more. FIYER then james!
olivia grande
olivia grande Prije 12 minuta
i would love to see ariana there
Mia MlMorais
Mia MlMorais Prije 12 minuta
😻😻 madisonnnn and James one of the best collabs ⚡️❤️😭😻✨
Tigercattt gacha
Tigercattt gacha Prije 13 minuta
3:35 mine is definetily hufflepuff or slytherin UwU
Brandy Burriss
Brandy Burriss Prije 13 minuta
Will you ever let kids on your show 👉👈🙏
Mxlis. Prije 13 minuta
Han pasado muc... Jajajjajajaja
mimi qamar
mimi qamar Prije 13 minuta
Oh and here is a tip you can sabotage electrical then wait tell a lot of people come to fix the lights you can kill then the crew mates will not know who it is because they was a lot of people:3
XCryingX Prije 13 minuta
James looks bald when he wore the working hat ? On
analynn; 11Stxrry_Night
analynn; 11Stxrry_Night Prije 14 minuta
the "hi sisters james charles here" made me traumatized ngl-
Joumana Omar
Joumana Omar Prije 14 minuta
Let's all agree that James rocks any makeup look no matter how orange is it😂❤️❤️❤️
SHIRELY JONG - Prije 14 minuta
Wow, she looks so gorgeous😍😍😍
Angela Xuereb
Angela Xuereb Prije 15 minuta
Holllllyyyyy at the end I swear to frickin god I was crying and all i wanted to do was reach through the screen and give u a hug love u sister
X__m Prije 15 minuta
Joumana Omar
Joumana Omar Prije 15 minuta
I'm in love with the Lipstick , but the whole look is gorgeous
Zoran Vaskovic
Zoran Vaskovic Prije 15 minuta
Wow🥵Nick is lucky😍😍😍😍😍😍🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸
SHADOWMAN 999 Prije 15 minuta
Plz Stop U Man Not Girl
XX_Serena435 Prije 16 minuta
why does james always wear a white t shirt while doing make up?
Nur lyana Suraya Abdul razzaq
Nur lyana Suraya Abdul razzaq Prije 17 minuta
James never got 2.5k viewrs. James always got 2.5M viewrs. (That awesome❤❤
Grahm Boi•3•
Grahm Boi•3• Prije 17 minuta
Hon, never do this again lol
Ayushman Sarkar
Ayushman Sarkar Prije 17 minuta
James is the perfect example of that boys can also do makeup if u want to do it u can It’s all about equality
Nandini dutta mandal
Nandini dutta mandal Prije 17 minuta
Two amazingly perfect people in a music video is not okay for me!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Nah I love you.♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘
דניאל שלי
דניאל שלי Prije 17 minuta
Claire Alexine
Claire Alexine Prije 17 minuta
yoooo his first "bad" makeup is like my good makeup
apryl jackson
apryl jackson Prije 17 minuta
Ilariavlogs Prije 18 minuta
Please collab with Ari one time! ❤️ love your videos btw omg
Darren Clements
Darren Clements Prije 18 minuta
This is funny
Zahid Mehmood
Zahid Mehmood Prije 18 minuta
out of all the ppl you chose madison beer to collab with
Khaleda Begum
Khaleda Begum Prije 18 minuta
He sounds lovely😭❤
Marley Hargreaves
Marley Hargreaves Prije 18 minuta
Do chav makeup
Marley Hargreaves
Marley Hargreaves Prije 18 minuta
Cassandra Paredes
Cassandra Paredes Prije 19 minuta
Am I the only one who feels like he’s not really *listening or putting the listening *effort it takes when she was opening up about herself personally in the beginning?
AlmxdiA Prije 19 minuta
They can hug?... in 2020? Wow....
Patrisha G.
Patrisha G. Prije 19 minuta
Why it still looks good? He was trying to make it horribe but its imposible for James!?
Rameen Waseem
Rameen Waseem Prije 19 minuta
Collab with Billie eilish plzzzzz
kang meen
kang meen Prije 19 minuta
*나는 할로윈 메이크업 튜토리얼에 열광한다! 나는 충분히 얻을 수 없다* ❤️❤️
Roblox Player
Roblox Player Prije 20 minuta
Cleo Enev
Cleo Enev Prije 20 minuta
Shes cool tbh
Athaya K.
Athaya K. Prije 20 minuta
Micah Bernal
Micah Bernal Prije 20 minuta
You'll know who pays attention and who doesn't 😅 I actually felt akward myself when one friend won't tell the truth hahaha
Parul Vengurlekar
Parul Vengurlekar Prije 20 minuta
why does she not look like Madison Beer at the end lmaoo..
Crazy1 dacoolguy
Crazy1 dacoolguy Prije 21 minute
Kasey UwU
Kasey UwU Prije 21 minute
the frogs are in the basket
Kyle Croudace
Kyle Croudace Prije 21 minute
i vote dixie
Crazy1 dacoolguy
Crazy1 dacoolguy Prije 21 minute
ginger_ninja_ jack
ginger_ninja_ jack Prije 22 minuta
Pop/Stars is the best Madison song....
mimi qamar
mimi qamar Prije 22 minuta
Oh and btw you can say GG means good game and you can also say BG means bad game k just a tip :3
Sylvia Hastenteufel
Sylvia Hastenteufel Prije 23 minuta
She looked better befor
Amia Frances
Amia Frances Prije 23 minuta
she looks like catriona gray
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia Prije 23 minuta
Jeffs sense of humor is unique, i wanna just sit like in a living room with him and go back and forth with sarcasm 😂
no name available
no name available Prije 23 minuta
James can colab with wanna be ariana but not the real Ari wow 😑
holly whitfield
holly whitfield Prije 24 minuta
james youve gotten exposed HAHAHAHAAHA
Raya Dragneva
Raya Dragneva Prije 24 minuta
\' '/
Avantika Hait
Avantika Hait Prije 24 minuta
am waiting for James to do Lisa Manoban's makeup!.and collab would be awesome !
Estelle Albarez
Estelle Albarez Prije 24 minuta
YAS THE “hi sisters!”
Claire Alexine
Claire Alexine Prije 24 minuta
I love how avani is just so calm while doing her makeup like<3
Anna Kiesowska
Anna Kiesowska Prije 24 minuta
the frogs are in the basket
Harry Bailey
Harry Bailey Prije 24 minuta
Madison: *collabs with james* Me : it’s hard to see other people living your dream 😔
Sunny Blesses
Sunny Blesses Prije 24 minuta
It looks so real 👀
Sara j. Gras Kó
Sara j. Gras Kó Prije 24 minuta
Literally 2 of the prettiest people ever
Irvin Manongsong
Irvin Manongsong Prije 24 minuta
Holly Coyle
Holly Coyle Prije 24 minuta
Obsessed ❤🥰👻
Lu Lu Edits Videos For You
Lu Lu Edits Videos For You Prije 25 minuta
James could do a talk show LITERALLY!
Paige Barnett
Paige Barnett Prije 25 minuta
basicllicy 2020 will be a graet year for us?????????????????????????????????????? no sis
Revelin Caryn
Revelin Caryn Prije 25 minuta
Wow, can't believe I got a tik tok ad
Sara j. Gras Kó
Sara j. Gras Kó Prije 25 minuta
When i saw this..........i thought i was like hallucinating or some shit
apryl jackson
apryl jackson Prije 25 minuta
The frogs are in the basket
maria al jalam
maria al jalam Prije 25 minuta
I love her so much she is my idol and you james